Bed Sheets Cleaning Tips

A good night sleep is a combination of a clean room and a neat bed. To make sure you have a restful night, you must clean your bed sheets and air your beddings regularly. Here are some essential tips when cleaning bed sheets.

Follow Cleaning Instructions

Different materials require different cleaning methods. For example, percale sheets are washed differently than bamboo sheets. If you don’t follow the cleaning instructions, your bed sheets will not last long, and therefore it is important that you follow the instructions. The labels will mostly be included in the package, and you should always open the bed sheets carefully and keep the instructions well for future reference.

Separate Bed Sheets from Other Garments

It`s always advisable that you separate the bed sheets from other garments. This is because all garments have varying dirt and are of different sizes and colors. Therefore, you need to separate them accordingly. Make sure that you don’t wash them at the same time or in the same water. If you bed sheets are of different colors, you must sort them accordingly and follow the instructions given.

Clean Bed Sheets At Least Once in a Week

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For a clean bed, make sure you change and clean your bed sheets at least once in a week. This will help in making sure that you have fresh bed sheets and that your bed is clean. If possible, do it mid-week or end of the week. You need to buy at least three pairs or more if possible so that you have clean bedding throughout. If you have visitors who you accommodate in your house, make sure you change bed sheets more often and after they leave. You should avoid sharing bed sheets unless you are a couple.

Use Warm Water

To clean bed sheets, it is advisable you use warm water so that it is easier and more thorough. The bed sheets are likely to have sweat and oil from the body and therefore it is good to use warm water so that they are clean.

Always Hang Them in an Open Area

To ensure that bed sheets dry properly after cleaning, hang them freely in an open, airy place so that they can dry properly and evenly. It is advisable that you hang them separately, and not as a pair for faster even drying. The cloth line should be high enough and strong to support the bed sheets.

Iron Bed Sheets before Spreading them on Your Bed

After cleaning your bed sheets, it’s good you iron them well before spreading them back in your bed. You can consider ironing them after cleaning before returning them to your wardrobe. It is good to iron bed sheets because it makes them tender and removes creases hence you have a comfortable bed, and you sleep well. After ironing them, match them together and store them in a clean place where you can easily access them when you need to change next time.

Buy bed sheets made from a material that is easy to clean, and that is comfortable to sleep on. You should change bed sheets at least once a week and if possible daily.

Here are some more cleaning tips for bed sheets:

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