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Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain for various reasons.  We have done the research for you to determine our top 5 picks for  best body pillow for back pain.

Do you have a chronic or ongoing back pain? Maybe you just tweaked your back bending over to pick something up awkwardly.

Perhaps you’re pregnant and have a few months of back pain ahead of you until the baby arrives.

No matter what the cause of your back pain, it can be very difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

The tossing and turning accompanied by lack of pillow support leads to long nights and an aggravated back when you get up.

Finding a pillow to help solve these nighttime back issues should be at the top of your list. 

The right body pillow will let get a better night sleep.  Also getting the correct amount of sleep in each sleep cycle is vital to our health.

There are some great standard pillows out there that can help.  If you really want to get solid support, a body pillow may be the way to go.

A body pillow provides comfort and complete body support while helping to relax your back, hips, and shoulders.  This is especially true if you are a side sleeper with back pain.

While body pillows are not at the top of everyone’s list.  They should seriously be considered for those with either short term or long term back issues.

Needing A Body Pillow

u shaped pillow

While most people use a standard size pillow when they sleep.  More people are turning to body pillows for various reasons.

We spend on average 9500 days of our lives sleeping, not accounting for those times when we’re sick and bedridden.

That’s a lot of time to be in bed and without complete comfort. Here are a few reasons you should look into getting a body pillow for the most comfortable sleep possible:

Choosing The Right Body Pillow For A Good Night’s Sleep

When you choose a full body pillow, look for three main features; shape, size, and material.

Find the one that fits your body shape best and provides the most comfort. Not everyone will find the same body pillow helpful.

Do your research and talk to your doctor if the back pain is chronic so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Comfort U Body Support Pillow

Comfort U Body Support PillowAmazon

This pillow is perfect for relieving back pain and helping you sleep through the night.

While it is often marketed as a maternity pillow, it works well for everyone, including athletes, seniors, or those recovering from surgery.

The pillows are 20.0 x 16.9 x 12.7” in size and weigh approximately 10 pounds, a great size for full-body comfort.

This U-shaped pillow aligns your body from the top down so your neck, shoulders, back, and pelvis are comfortable and there is no stress on your joints or back.

This pillow also helps regulate body temperature, which is great for those who are warm sleepers or pregnant.  Additionally it improves blood circulation for a more comfortable sleep. 

The organic cotton pillow cover is natural and organic plus it’s hypoallergenic and repels dust mites.

While this won’t help with back pain, it can prevent allergy flare-ups.

This U-shaped pillow is made from fusion fiberfill, a top of the line synthetic down fill that is an extended polymer. It allows air to flow easily through while maintaining its shape.

The whole pillow, including the cover, can be washed easily in a regular washing machine.

The fill won’t clump even after numerous washings. The product has been thoroughly tested and meets all fire retardant requirements.

It does not pollute indoor air and contains no chemicals that are harmful to the user.

  • SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. Finally get the rest you need with the Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow. The Comfort-U helps align your hips, neck, shoulders and back all while helping to regulate body temperature and enhancing circulation for a deep, restful sleep
  • PREMIUM SYNTHETIC DOWN. Cradle yourself in complete comfort with the Comfort-U. Made of premium synthetic down, it is hypoallergenic, odorless, and offers relief from dust mites with its machine washable construction, giving you one less thing to worry about
  • FUSION FIBER-FILL. The synthetic down stuffing is a revolutionary material known to scientists as an extended polymer, which allows air to freely flow through the material while upholding its shape
  • CLEANS EASILY. Simply throw this pillow into a standard washing machine and dryer for an easy to clean, hassle-free body pillow. It will never clump, even after repeated washing, so you can look forward to long lasting clean comfort
  • MADE IN THE USA. Moonlight Slumber procures the safest quality materials, so you can rest assured that the superiority you expect is delivered. The Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow will give you the support you need

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Original Contoured Body Pillow

body pillowAmazon

Like many other body pillows.  This one is marketed to pregnant women but is also ideal for others who are experiencing various forms of back pain.

This pillow was designed with curves that support your spine as well as your front.  Which works for those who need stomach and back support at the same time.

It is 33 x 23 x 12” and weighs in at 8.4 pounds, a little lighter than some of the other options.

It’s the perfect size to keep your spine aligned and comfortable. Placing the pillow between your knees helps reduce the pressure on your lower back.

This is accomplished by making sure your hips and pelvis are properly positioned.  Relieving pressure points and avoiding pain.

Advertised Features:
  • The first and true original Back 'N Belly
  • Can help provide equal support for back and belly at the same time
  • No repositioning pillows during the night, simply turn from side to side
  • Can help provide support for neutral positioning
  • Sham-style cover is removable and washable. Hourglass inner curve

Holy Lamb Organic Body Pillow

Holy Lamb Organic Body PillowAmazon

This product from Holy Lamb is a high-quality full-length body pillow that supports your whole body.

This is a good choice if you prefer one that is not U-shaped. It is specially designed not only to support your body but also to be environmentally healthy and chemical-free and a great addition to any bedroom.

It’s great for side sleepers and allows you to hold the body pillow between your legs and arms giving you not only support but also comfort. 

As the name suggests, the Holy Lamb contains wool. It comes from the Pacific Northwest of the US and is obtained through farmers who take part in the Sustainable Wool Program.

This program produces high-end very clean wool from flocks of sheep that are taken care of humanely and ethically in a chemical-free environment.

The wool filling is held in a sturdy, certified organic cotton cover that holds up against extended use. 

This also naturally repels dust mites, helping to relieve allergies. It is 17”x 53” and weighs only 3.2 pounds.


Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow

Leachco All Nighter Total Body PillowAmazon

This pillow’s unique design supports the shape of the whole body from top to bottom.

It features two pillow shapes that work together to offer the support, proper lift, and comfort that those with back pain need.

This pillow stretches the full length of the sleeper’s body and can be put between the knees for neutral alignment positioning.

The shorter curved pillow is used for either stomach or back support while the head is wide with a good length that accommodates various sleeping styles and movement.

The removable cover allows for easy cleaning and washing. Just toss it in a regular washing machine, dry it, and put back on the pillow in no time.

The design helps with back and neck pain along with leg swelling and digestive issues.

Such as acid reflux. It is 36 x 22 x 13” and 6.4 pounds so falls in the middle when it comes to weight and size. 


Advertised Features:
  • The first and true original Back 'N Belly
  • Can help provide equal support for back and belly at the same time
  • No repositioning pillows during the night, simply turn from side to side
  • Can help provide support for neutral positioning
  • Sham-style cover is removable and washable. Hourglass inner curve


Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

Naomi Home Cozy Body PillowAmazon

This body pillow is one of the best for alleviating back pain. It has improved lumbar support along with a design that helps both the upper and lower body.

Additionally, it lets you put your shoulder comfortably into the curve to help with neck pain.

Special frontal support helps those who are overweight or perhaps nearing the latter part of pregnancy.

The head area adds comfort and has enough fill to so it’s the perfect height when help between your knees.

This is a good option for people recovering from surgery, nursing, or simply trying to get a more relaxed sleep to alleviate back pain.

The long zipper makes it easy to remove the machine washable cover plus it’s hypoallergenic with polyester fiberfill to avoid allergies and irritants.

This pillow is a little on the larger size. It is 24 x 16 x 15” and weighs in at 9.6 pounds. 



Final Thoughts

While many full-length body pillows are designated for women who are pregnant.  Most can also be used for people who suffer from back pain whether it is acute or chronic.

It is the long design of a body pillow that makes them a great choice for full-body support.

Being able to put the pillow between your knees to support not only your back but also your whole body.

This makes them a great choice for people who suffer from various ailments, including back pain.

These full-length pillows can help other sleep issues as well.

It is important to find a pillow with the right shape, size, material, and fill that works for your needs. 

Whether you’re pregnant, have an occasional back twinge, or are living with a serious medical issue.

These body pillows are often a little pricier than standard pillows but are worth it considering you spend so much in bed. 

Look for a body pillow that is firm yet flexible, hypoallergenic, and allows you to move easily throughout the night.

If you are having back issues for whatever reason, you want a pillow that not only eases nighttime pain. 

The other benefit is it lets you get up and out of bed in the morning feeling better than when you went to bed.

Alleviating back pain means you sleep better and feel more long term comfort so you can heal faster.

Finding the best body pillow for back pain depends on your preferred sleeping position and pillow preferences.

Finding the perfect body pillow among this top five picks should be easy now that you have all the facts.  I hope you sleep pain free.

Advertised Features:
  • High Quality Filling material keeps pillow comfort unlike other pillows; Upper or lower body can be elevated by the reverse and overlap
  • Machine washable cover
  • Perfect nursing pillow - keeps baby supported and elevated while mom's back cushioned; 300 Thread count 100% Cotton percale; Hypoallergenic 100% Polyester fiberfill; Hygiene Item - Non-Returnable; Silky smooth fabric cover, soft to the touch; Pillow dimensions are approximate; Pregnancy pillow includes gusseted neck and shoulder area
  • Mom's back and belly supported by inner curve
  • Designed to caress the natural curves of the body
  • Cradles entire body and keeps it in constant comfort
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Robert Frontier

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