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Best Organic Buckwheat Pillow Reviews

Among organic stuffing materials in pillow production, buckwheat is of the most popular one and the reason for this best buckwheat pillow reviews.

In recent years people are trying to live as “organic” as they can. A organic buckwheat pillow becomes an alternative form for bedding pillow, instead of latex or a memory foam pillow. 

Although bearing certain environmental friendly and healthy features, the buckwheat pillow also has its own limitations, which we will discuss fairly in detail here so you can make the best decision.

We have done the homework for you in order to help you find the best buckwheat pillow. Read our Japanese buckwheat pillow reviews to find out more.


Advantages we will cover in detail below include improved air circulation, adjustable firmness, available in organic and environmentally friendly.

You will see our top picks and some pros and cons for each pillow.  We researched thoroughly, interviewed people from our user groups, and will share with our readers my personal pick and why. 

For those readers who require more information around buckwheat please see end of this page.

So sit back and harvest the facts about these best buckwheat pillow reviews.

The Best Organic Buckwheat Pillows (2020 Picks)

#1 ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow

ComfyComfy Buckwheat Hull Pillow ReviewAmazon

Based on traditional Japanese design, this pillow from ComfyComfy is the best buckwheat pillow available in the market.

The buckwheat hulls used for filling are of high-quality and USA-grown that are cleaned without the use of any kind of chemicals or fumigants.

Best thing about this pillow is that it’s handmade by a USA based family owned business who have been doing it for years.

This buckwheat hull pillow is perfect for children and smaller adults as well.

Due to it’s light weight, you can also use it during travel to give yourself a restful sleep.

This pillow is a perfect choice to give yourself a perfect support for a good night’s sleep. 

Highly recommended if you suffer neck pain during sleep. 

The organically grown hulls continue to allow the air flow through the pillow, hence keeping pillow dry and fresh. 

Key Features

  • Made of durable organic cotton twill that is grown and woven in the USA
  • USA grown buckwheat hulls filling
  • Invisible Zipper
  • Easily customize your pillow by adding/removing hulls
  • Available in 4 sizes

#2 Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

Hullo Buckwheat PillowAmazon

Priced at a higher end, this buckwheat pillow contours to your sleeping posture and gives your neck the perfect support all night long.

From the pillow to the hulls used for filling, Hullo pillows are carefully manufactured in the USA so you can be sure about the quality.

The buckwheat hulls filling ensures that your pillow is adjustable as well as breathable keeping your head cool while you sleep.

Despite bearing a high price tag, people still love it because of the quality and comfort it delivers. 

This pillow offers great relief if you are suffering neck or shoulder pain. 

You are never going to regret your hard-earned money spent on Hullo pillows

Key Features

  • Made in USA
  • Stimulates Airflow keeping your head cool during sleep
  • Organic cotton twill pillow case
  • High quality invisible zipper
  • Standard Size 20x26"

#3 Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

organic buckwheat pillowAmazon

While most of organic buckwheat pillow brands are imported, this Beans72 buckwheat pillow is 100% made in the USA.

Both the buckwheat hulls and the cotton cover are made locally, ensuring the pillow to reach and controlled by the US standards.

Therefore, you will never need to worry about the origin and authenticity of the pillow and its materials.

Bearing all the great features, you will find this pillow as one of the best buckwheat pillows to relieve sleeping aches, such as muscle pain, stiff neck, headache and tension.

It’s firmness requires you to adjust the loft when you use it for the first time. 

It has also got more air circulation, so it won’t build up the heat during the night.

Key Features

  • 100% unbleached cotton and 100% US-grown hulls filling
  • Weights only 10-12 lbs.
  • Comes in 5 sizes Travel size, Japanese size, Queen size, Twin size, King size

#4 Zen Chi Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Zen Chi Organic Queen Size Buckwheat ReviewAmazon

Not as pricey as other similar products from different brands.

This is made of 100% organic natural hulls (Queen size) and is moderately priced.

Other than the fact that this is an affordable item, users find it very durable, supportive and report that it helps relieve the neck pain effectively.

After years, the hull can loose its shape a bit and you need to fill the pillow with more hulls. 

Zen Chi has a small hull package that you can order just a few dollars to fill in the pillow. 

Having this option will save you from buying a new one, and this one can be easily used for a decade

Key Features

  • Hulls are more breathable than synthetic material
  • Case is cotton made, which is machine washable
  • The zip allows you to adjust the loft when you use it for the first time
  • Comes in 4 sizes: Japanese size, Queen size, Twin size, King size

#5 Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Pillow

best pillow for side sleepersAmazon

Authors Personal Favorite:

best buckwheat pillowAmazon
My Personal Pick:

My personal pick isn’t any of the exact models above, but made the Comfy Comfy the #1 review above.  So what is different about my personal favorite in the contest for best organic buckwheat pillow?

Well it is the size and what came with it that I used to really get the best value for my money.

I picked the queen size pillow because of the full 20 x 30 inches design and filled with 10 pounds of organic buckwheat hulls.  In addition to that they give you an extra 2 pounds for adjustments.

My Criteria:

Before I give you my full review on this pillow it is important to fill you in on my personal criteria I look for any type of pillow that I use.

I have a short list of critical features that any pillow I use is required to meet in order for me to get the best night’s sleep.


The pillow must be able to stay cool at night.  I am a hot sleeper and I cannot get good rest on a pillow that I am always turning over to find that cool spot. 

Okay if you are one of those hot sleepers raise your hand, I know I am not alone here on this point.


The pillow must be able to provide great support to my head and neck.  However, I like my pillows on the thin side, just tall enough to align my spine and neck correctly.

I have been in a couple of car accidents over the years that I have left me with some neck issues.  This is a super critical feature for me.


I prefer a pillow to be made of toxin free materials.  Pillows made from organic materials bare the most weight when I am looking at the construction.


I look at the company itself and make sure they stand behind their products.  So how can you tell if the company is trust worthy?

Look at the warranty, return policy and any risk free trial period.  The return policy should be your top concern.

If they offer free return for at least the first 30 days then that is plenty of time to tell if the pillow works for you.

The Queen Comfy Comfy Review:
Keeping Me Cool:

So why did I put this as my favorite pick for the best organic buckwheat pillow?  Let start with did this pillow keep me cool at night?

Yes, it did, and here is the science behind to support that claim.  The great thing about using the buckwheat hulls is that the air circulates around those hulls.

Keeping good air movement takes away body heat leaving you with a cool feeling.  Ok I know you are going to ask so go ahead.  How many times did I have to turn my pillow over to find a cool spot.

Well, that first couple of nights I did it out of habit I think more than anything.  After that first few nights, I found myself sleeping longer without waking up hot.

Now being a little OCD and older, I do have to get up and use the restroom a couple of times a night.  Thus my return to bed I often still rotate the pillow to get a fresh spot. 

However, I am no longer waking up because I am hot and flipping it over.

I am going to put a check-mark in the win column for keeping me cool.


Okay, you know from above I require just the right support for my head and neck.  You will also remember from above that I prefer a much thinner pillow.

This Comfy Comfy Queen pillow comes packed with 10 pounds of organic buckwheat hulls.  With an additional 2 pounds of extra if you require a more firm pillow.

I actually took nearly 3 pounds of buckwheat hulls out of this pillow to make it a thin version that I wanted.  This was easy to do and makes this pillow totally adjustable to any firmness. 

In addition to this incredible feature, I discovered a real nugget of gold.  Okay, it wasn’t actual gold but it did provide me with additional value as you will see.

Tip For Extra Value:

I wished I could tell you that I had planned the following from the moment I ordered this pillow.  But, that would be an untruth.  I discovered this by accident and wanted to share it with you as an additional benefit.

When I got the pillow down to the correct firmness (very thin) I had 3 pounds I removed from the pillow and the 2 extra pounds they sent with it for more firmness if needed.

I seen this 5 pounds and thought wow that is such a waste what will I do with this extra?  My first thought was to save it and use it when the pillow wears out.

Well I found in my research that these pillows last an incredible long time.  Therefore, that thought died out and I just put this extra in a bag and saved.

Extra Hulls:

After the first week I truly was loving this pillow, so much in fact one day I was sitting on the couch with my lumbar support pillow behind me.

I mentioned to my wife as we talked, I wished this lumbar pillow provided the same support as my buckwheat pillow.

My wife is incredibly talented and creative as she told me you have the extra buckwheat hulls why not use them.

I said to her, “that is a great idea, could you make me a cylinder type pillow like this one but with the buckwheat hulls”?

This is where her genius came out, she said “why don’t you just unzip that one and pull the foam out and fill with the buckwheat hulls”.

I grabbed my lumbar support pulled off the zippered cover and filled with my buckwheat hulls.  Presto, I had a buckwheat hull lumbar support as well.

Extra Hulls Part 2:

I still had buckwheat hulls left even after creating the new lumbar support pillow.  To make this long story a bit shorter for you, I bought cheap neck support travel pillow that had a zippered cover, pulled the foam out, and filled it with buckwheat hulls.

I now have a buckwheat travel pillow that I use in the car and planes when traveling.

Head & Neck Support:

I am making another check-mark as a clear winner in support. Not only did this amazing pillow support my head and neck. 

It also supported my wallet; by allowing me to get 3 pillows out of this one purchase.  Now this will not work for everyone. However, for people who requiring a softer feeling thin pillow you will remove some hulls.

If you choose to make extra pillows like myself, you will see the value of buying this queen-size pillow, which supplies an additional 2 pounds of organic hulls with purchase of pillow.

That is why I considered this an exceptional value in the list of best buckwheat pillows.

Comfy Comfy The Company:

A company that stands behind their products is the final thing I considered.  But, there are some interesting things about this company.

First, this small company if family owned and operated employing around 10 people.  I do enjoy supporting small businesses and love to see family business excel.

All of their products are handmade with high quality workmanship displayed in each pillow.

Comfy uses only organic buckwheat grown in the United States.  The hulls are air cleaned only without the use of any fumigants.  This is just another reason why this pillow ended up on the best buckwheat pillow review.

There are free returns offered so this company stands behind their products, which is one of my final criteria.  This makes this purchase risk free. 

The advice I always give is always check the current return policy before you place the order.


If you were keeping score along the way on my personal experience with the Comfy Queen size pillow with extra organic buckwheat hulls then you know I am highly satisfied.

This pillow provided excellent support for my head and neck and aligned my spine perfect.  I did enjoy getting the pillow to just the right softness by removing the necessary amount of hulls.

Being able to adjust the firmness this easy is a big plus for this pillow.  Just as reminder, if you prefer a more firm pillow then adding the hulls will be necessary.  In addition, this pillow comes with an extra 2 pounds of hulls.

Lastly, this pillow sleeps so cool as I mentioned above.  I am very pleased with the way in which this pillow allows air to circulate.  It is a pleasure sleeping on this pillow.

It’s time to reap the benefits of this luxury pillow.  Try this for yourself and see the benefits of the best buckwheat pillow, you won’t be disappointed.

Best Buckwheat Pillow Education:

ComfySleep Traditional Backs

Buckwheat Education:

ComfySleep Traditional Backs

The buckwheat pillow is mostly suitable to a side sleeper, due to its ability to remain the support (does not go flat during the whole night) and to contour accordingly.

For a back sleeper, the users often need to find the suitable loft and adjust the amount of hulls at first using time, but this is not a big deal at all.

The buckwheat pillow is not ideal for a stomach sleeper.

Since the hull is firm, the stomach sleepers won’t find it as comfortable as the synthetic material stuffed pillows.

Buckwheat Pillow Benefits
Buckwheat Pillow Inside

The buckwheat pillow is a cotton bag, containing buckwheat hulls as main stuffing material.

The loft of this pillow can be adjusted based on your personal preference.

You can add more hulls, or remove to have the best support you want.

The buckwheat hulls are well known for their durable shape, the pillow therefore will not be flattened out over time, which is the case of polyester pillow.

As it is organic, you will not need to suffer from allergies, which a memory foam pillow can be the case to some people.

The built-up heat during the night is also very limited.

A worthy pillow to buy if you are into buying a durable pillow for over years.

Normally, a synthetic material stuffing pillow can last for 2-5 years whereas a buckwheat pillow can easily last a decade, which turns out into a very valuable investment, even if its price is higher than others.

What’s Bad?

Using buckwheat hulls as the main stuffing material, the pillow can be firm to some people, even they tried to adjust the loft.

Besides, it can be a noisy pillow, comparable to styroballs pillow.

When you shift your position, the hulls can cause unpleasant noise.

When buying an organic pillow, the size of pillow matters.

You should notice that normal pillows have 2 sizes: Queen and King, but a buckwheat may have Tiny, Small Standard, Queen and King size.

Therefore, be sure of what you need and order the correct size.

As mentioned above, this pillow generally costs higher than memory foam, latex and polyester pillows, yet it is durable.

In case your are price conscious, a memory foam pillow or a polyester pillow will be your best bet.

Cleaning A Buckwheat Pillow

It is advised not to clean the hulls, but instead you can clean the case.

Just open the zip, store the buckwheat hulls in another bag and the pillow case will be ready for machine cleaning.



Outer Case:

There are not a lot of differences between buckwheat pillows themselves due to the fact they all use hulls.  What will make a difference is the construction of the case surrounding the pillow. 

So pay close attention to the material used in the construction of the case itself.  They range from simple cotton to a poly blend, organic cotton, and even bamboo.

This will be a personal preference of what feature is most important to you, as you read the above I look for organic and toxin free materials.

Firmness & Height:

There is no standard for measuring firmness of a pillow.  Most of that comes from the user’s personal preferences.  I might feel that a pillow is soft, while the person next to me things it’s a medium firm pillow.

I have a personal passion for helping people get the best night’s sleep.  VJ Pillow exists, to aid our readers in finding products that will offer them the best night’s sleep.

With that said, a buckwheat pillow even when adjusted to a more soft feeling pillow by removing hulls in my opinion is still not as soft feeling as a down pillow of the same thickness.

This is why it’s important as I mentioned above that you buy quality pillows from companies that offer a risk free trial period or free returns.

A pillow is an individual experience and preference and what works for one person may not work for the next.  That is why there are hundreds different pillows and companies that make them.


 Buckwheat pillows come in the standard sizes available like most pillows, even smaller neck pillows, travel size pillows and even for the ear.  Although, buckwheat body pillows are a rare find.

But, standard, queen, king, travel, and neck pillows are readily available.


The hull being small allows the pillow to contour to the shape of your head and neck.  These hulls provide amazing support.  I personally like the way it cradles my head and neck.

This gives the pillow a feel that it’s shaping itself to fit your body for that custom sleep you deserve.

Life Span:

This is an interesting question, as I have been unable through my interviews with users and some companies able to predict the lifespan of these pillows.

The hulls extremely durable and will last a long time.  Of some users I interview some have had the pillow for years.  Now of those some have added small amounts of hulls over that time period.

Overall, I would say these pillows would give you a few years of use based on the users interviewed.


The airflow through the hulls allows this pillow to hold a temperature better than most pillows.  Now this is where a quality case comes into play.

If you don’t have a breathable case on the pillow then you will hinder air flow and affect the pillows ability to regulate temperature. 

Please pay close attention to the material the case is made out of when purchasing the best buckwheat pillow.

Odor When New:

Some people say that the new pillows emit an earthly smell for the first few days after un-boxing.  This is temporary and I advice people sensitive to smells like myself to place in another room for the first few days.

This will allow the smell to dissipate and you will be ready for a great night sleep.


Like any new pillow you should give it a couple of weeks use before making your decision, unless it is causing you extreme discomfort then certainly stop use immediately.

We sleep one third of our lives.  Science proved that sleep is important to maintaining and healing our bodies and mind.

Knowing that should drive all of us to get the best night sleep possible.  Here at VJ Pillows we are committed in providing our readers the most updated and researched articles on sleep products.

Let me know which one did you choose.

Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.

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