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Best Contour Pillow

A good night’s rest starts with the best contour pillow. Use the wrong pillow and you may wake up feeling as tired as you did when you crawled into bed, not to mention the higher risk of developing neck pain.

The perfect pillow will have so many benefits that, once you have found it, you will question why you never bought one before.

It will help relieve the pain of people who already suffer from neck injuries and other discomforts.  Another benefit is to aid in reducing the intensity of snoring.

A comfortable pillow will also aid people who have trouble sleeping and will improve the quality of your rest.  This allows you to live a more active life than you would have otherwise.

Finding that perfect pillow can be a daunting task.  But for your convenience, we compiled the list for you to make it easier to get the rest you deserve.

The following pillows are the healthiest and most comfortable options available on the market.

Best Contour Pillow Reviews


1 - EPABO Pillow

best contour pillowAmazon

From the foam insert to the pillow casing, the EPABO contour pillow is constructed using the highest-grade quality materials.

In addition the casing consists of a proprietary blend of polyester and rayon. Unlike other ordinary foam pillows, it eliminates all the problems that occur with using the wrong kind of pillow.

However, the fiber is both hypoallergenic and breathable any high quality best contour pillow should be.

Lastly this is friendly on your skin and reduces the heat build-up that occurs with non-breathable pillows.

Air Flow

By providing the perfect airflow, you not only gain better comfort but also a cooler experience.  Leaving you feeling more refreshed than with an outdated pillow.

The foam insert is made of the highest quality memory foam and may be removed if needed.

If you feel that the pillow might be too high and would cause you some strain, simply remove the insert to reduce the height.

This luxurious pillow is ideal for any kind of sleeper, from back to stomach to side sleepers.  This may eliminate neck pain in some people.

The casing is machine washable, but do not wash the insert.

The pillow also has dust mite protection features and contains no harmful chemicals.

However, when buying this pillow, keep in mind that it may require a two-week adjustment period to gain the best comfort of the pillow.

In conclusion, it is also not the best suited for people who may require a softer pillow because of orthopedic complications.

best contour pillow

  • Improved air-flow provides a cooler sleeping experience
  • Removable insert allows you to adjust to your individual needs
  • Perfect pillow for any kind of sleeper
  • Hypoallergenic features that include safe material, odor elimination, and dust mite protection
  • Pillow casing is machine washable
  • Requires a period of two weeks to get used to
  • Not suitable for patients who have orthopedic complications

2 - Bedsure Contour Pillow

best contour pillowAmazon

The unique shape that the Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow offers adds much versatility as it does comfort.

Packed with plenty of features and designed to be among the most comfortable and healthiest choices in pillows currently available. 

Manufactured from premium-grade materials this memory foam pillow provides you with the best product quality


The Bedsure Memory Foam Pillow’s ergonomic design features a unique shape that allows you to choose between two heights by simply adjusting the placement of your pillow. 

However, the shape resembles two rising waves, one slightly lower than the other, and it is designed to possess cloud-like comfort that is unparalleled.

Secondly, both sides of this pillow are contoured to fit the shape of your neck and is further enhanced by the premium-grade memory foam that is used to make the pillow. 


The memory foam is neither too hard nor too soft, providing the perfect amount of support to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, the pillow comes with two covers, one inner cotton cover and an outer microfiber cover. The outer cover features air-mesh to provide the perfect airflow and reduce heat concentration and odor build-up. 

Washing the outer cover is recommended, but it is recommended to never wash the inner pillow. 

It is suitable for anyone who favors sleeping on their back or side and is comfortable enough to provide the best relief for orthopedic patients.

However, this pillow is not suited for people who prefer sleeping on their stomachs.

Guaranteed to be free of any harmful chemicals makes this pillow a comfortable a choice for best contour pillow as it is safe and hypoallergenic.

best contour pillow

  • Dual height design is easily achieved by simply switching the pillow around
  • Hypoallergenic and free of any harmful materials and chemicals
  • Reduces odor build-up and provides comforting airflow to keep you cool all night long
  • Outer cover can be easily taken off for washing
  • Conforms to the unique shape of your neck to provide lasting comfort
  • Not the best option for people who sleep on their stomach

3 - Core Products Cervical Support Pillow

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The Core Products Tri-Core Pillow features a unique design created to treat spinal complications.  While helping correct the spinal posture of the neck.

Firstly, this uniquely designed pillow is made of high quality materials to provide comfort and refreshing sleep. 

This makes it a top contender in the best contour pillow reviews.

Secondly, the distinctive design offer versatility for a great variety of people and comes in three different sizes.


The Tri-Core’s unique design, with its concave center, provides the pillow with the ability to align the neck and spine perfectly.

While the concave center cradles the head, the cervical role supports the neck, providing perfect comfort and the best possible spinal alignment.

Two cervical rolls allow you to adjust to your size making it to our top five best contour pillow reviews.

Available in three pillow sizes, from full to petite, it is possible to find the perfect pillow for just about anybody.

In addition, the cover, constructed from blend of cotton and polyester, while the inner stuffing consists of virgin polyester fiber.

All materials are free from any chemicals and are hypoallergenic.

A firm pillow will provide the correct support that will reduce neck pain and strain, as well as alleviate headaches.

The pillow fits a standard pillowcase and is washable.   A perfect pillow for people with cervical complications, and recommended for patients diagnosed with arthritis.

In conclusion, it is suitable for back sleepers, and when using the raised sides, you can comfortably sleep on your side.

This may not be a great option if you prefer sleeping on your stomach.  This pillow includes an recommended adjustment routine.


  • Unique design with a concave center that comfortably cradles the head
  • Offers diverse use by allowing you to switch between the use of two cervical rolls for the best neck support
  • Recommended for the relief of headaches, neck pain, and the discomfort of arthritis
  • Made from a blend of polyester and cotton and is filled with polyester fiber
  • Completely washable and designed to be hypoallergenic
  • Not suitable for sleeping in a face-down position
  • Recommended to first adjust to the pillow before prolonged use can commence

4 - Power Of Nature Pillow

best contour pillowAmazon

Specially designed to improve sleep and naturally support the spine by contouring to the shape of the neck and head. The Memory Foam Pillow from Power of Nature makes in our top list of best contour pillow reviews.


Made from high-grade materials and loaded with health-oriented benefits. Its ergonomic design is suitable for all sleeping positions and provides maximum comfort no matter how you prefer to sleep.


Made from the highest quality memory foam the Power of Nature Memory Foam Pillow contours to your unique shape.  This provides each individual with a comfortable sleeping experience possible.

Most importantly it also offers two different height positions, depending on whichever is best suited for your desired level of comfort.  Simply by switching between the two sides of the pillow’s wave shape make this possible.

Firstly, made with a removable outer cover that is machine washable makes for easy care.

This soft design is kind to your skin and creates a pleasing experience.

Secondly, the materials are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals. 

This ensures that it is as hypoallergenic as it is ergonomic.

Thirdly, both the inner cover and outer cover are breathable, providing you with cooler airflow and a pillow naturally guarded against dust mites and odors.

Lastly, the inner cover also features benefits that will ensure that the memory foam core will endure for years to come. In addition, this pillow supports all sleeping positions.

In conclusion, an absolutely brilliant product, and the only fault that can be found with the Power Of Nature Memory Foam Pillow is that it may possess an odor that will dissipate within two to three weeks.

The fresh foam odor produced during the manufacturing process will be present in all new products. It is not harmful but may cause some discomfort and will clear up after a few days.

  • Made from quality materials and high-grade memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic, chemical-free, and friendly on your skin
  • Adjustable heights that are integrated into the design shape
  • Extremely comfortable and suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Outer cover is machine washable
  • May possess a fresh foam odor fresh out of the box

5 - Sepoveda Contour Pillow

best contour pillowAmazon

SEPOVEDA designed its Memory Foam Pillow with a one-of-a-kind shape that is designed to offer the best support in both side and back sleeping positions.

Manufactured with unique features the Sepoveda includes improvements for both comfort and hypoallergenic purposes.


The SEPOVEDA Memory Foam Pillow’s outer cover is made from a 75% cotton and 25% polyester blend.

It features a unique honeycomb pattern that is optimized to provide you with a skin-friendly, hypoallergenic sleeping surface.

The airflow circulation design is flexible so that it does not cause any discomfort while sleeping.

The special contour shape of this pillow will provide superior feeling and comfort while supporting the neck.

It has a left and right airway system that aids in the relaxation of the neck, spine, and shoulders. This benefit will provide anyone suffering from sleep deprivation with the most comfortable cure and will allow the user to fall asleep effortlessly.

The central cavity is designed to also improve breathing, allowing for easier and smoother breaths that will reduce the prominence of your snoring.

This pillow’s inner cover features a dust cover to eliminate dust and mites.  This also provides breathability to improve the airflow and provide you with a cool experience.

The material does not contain any harmful chemicals. The design is best suited for back and side sleeping positions but not the good option if you prefer to sleep on your stomach.

It only offers a single height that can’t be adjusted, but it is designed to fit every unique shape imaginable.

  • One-of-a-kind design that offers superior comfort
  • Designed with a unique shape that provides excellent contouring to align the neck and spine perfectly
  • Improves breathing and reduces snoring
  • Outer cover is machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic choice that is free from any harmful chemicals
  • Not suitable for stomach sleeping position
  • Height of the pillow can not be adjusted


Are you having sleeping problems because of having a sore neck?  Maybe you suffer from headaches when waking up each morning. Perhaps you are looking to put an end to snoring, and then consider any of these pillows.

There isn’t one best pillow that will work for everyone.  You must take into account your pain and discomfort areas, sleeping positions, and even if you want to sleep cooler.

Other factors that may be important for you to consider such as what kind of materials are used and details about the warranty.

These are the top five best contour pillows on the market so you can’t go wrong in choosing one of them.  You are on your way to the best night of sleep you have had in a long time.

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Robert Frontier

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