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Best Cooling Pillow Reviews


If you are in a rush and don’t have time to go through our in-depth reviews, here is my personal honest recommendations.  If you are looking for the best cooling pillow your search is over.

PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Pillow is the best cooling pillow on Amazon. It is made by non-allergenic memory foam with microscopic phase changed beads.

Pillows that stay cool have recently appeared in the market and become a favorite choice of many households worldwide.

Unlike the traditional pillows, the cooling pillow, also known as a chillow, is often a memory foam based slab combined with a heat-resistant silica gel pack to absorb the constant body heat from the body, therefore, keeping you cool for the whole night.

Now you must be wondering what is the best cooling pillow?

Lets find one that is best for you.

Our Reviews Of The Best Cooling Pillow

#1 PharMeDoc Contour Pillow

best cooling pillow reviewAmazon

This pillow with cooling gel from PharMedoc gives soft, squishy and extreme comfort to the head and neck and is highly recommended for side sleepers.

The pillow is made by Aloe vera technology cover which gives softness and plushness sensation, and the memory foam is also certified by Certipur so you will never worry about the pillow quality.

With the contour design, the pillow helps in pain relief, especially people who suffer neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain.

Consumers claimed this chillow is an ideal contour pillow that could allow them to sleep restfully and wake up energetically.

People with night sweats have benefited from this pillow.

This pillow is also lightweight which makes it the best cooling pillow on Amazon.

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#2 Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Pillow

Comfort Revolution Cooling Hydraluxe PillowAmazon

Are you looking for cold pillows for hot flashes? This is another best temperature regulating pillow layered with Hyrdaluxe gel offered by Comfort Revolution.

The advanced gel technology offers a perfect position for your head that keeps your muscles relaxed. The revolutionary pillow ensures that you get a comfortable sleep for the whole night long.

The hydraluxe pillow with cooling gel technology and breathable mesh cover makes it the best cooling pillow for hot flashes.

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#3 SensorPEDIC Luxury Pillow

SensorPEDIC Luxury PillowAmazon

Unlike other cooling pillows that use silica gel pack to provide cooling effect, SensorPEDIC pillow uses the latest ventilated iCool technology to give you a peaceful sleep.

The odor-free sensor-foam memory foam offers an excellent support during sleep and disperses your weight evenly and in a better way as compared to traditional pillows.

When the outside temperature rises, it will absorb the heat and stay cool, but when the temperature goes down, it will release the heat so you will never feel cold (suitable for use in winters as well).

The unique selling point of this forever cold pillow is that it is made by luxurious materials in gusseted design, which guarantee a comfortable long-lasting sleep.


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#4 Classic Brands Reversible Double-Sided Pillow

best cooling pillowAmazon

This Reversible Cool Gel Memory Pillow is made by a layer of cooling gel pack on side of a traditional memory foam pillow.

The cooling gel pack will absorb the body temperature and regulate itself for the whole night and the memory foam will mold and conform to head shape and give you the support.

This Reversible Chill Pillow uses open cell technology to promote air circulation to improve the breath-ability. The foam is non-allergenic so you will never worry of being irritated with this pillow.

Another selling point of this gel cooling pillow is that you can either choose to sleep on the memory foam side (which is medium-soft) or the gel cooling side (medium-firm), that makes it the best pillow to keep head cool.

One downside of this pillow is the initial odor. Some users comment that the odor may be strong but it can be removed by letting the it sit alone for 2-3 days.

Afterwards, the odor will go away (this is a casual phenomenon of gel packed pillow). Apart from the odor part, there is no doubt that this is another best stay cool pillow on budget.

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#5 Ghostbed Memory Foam Pillow

ghost bed pillow best cooling pillow reviewAmazon

The Ghost Pillow employs the most advanced patent-pending thermos sensitivity technology that allows the pillow to sense heat and adjust temperature accordingly to keep your head cool.

This real time cooling pillow makes sure you stay comfortable all night long and don’t experience any night sweats. Read this review of Ghost Pillow to explore further.

Some people might not be comfortable with the weight of the pillow. It’s a bit heavy. You might also experience some strong lavender smell but that goes away within few days of usage.

If the strong smell is your only complain, I would recommend you use it for at-least 2 weeks.

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#6 Comfort & Relax Contour Pillow

Comfort & Relax Contour PillowAmazon

This is not your ordinary pillow that stays cool. Cr Sleep chillow puts all other cooling pillows to shame.

If you sweat and wake up at night, this is a must-have for you. It’s a medium firm pillow with memory foam that is perfect for almost all sleeping positions. You can get either a contoured one of a square standard.

I personally prefer contoured design over the square standard because it offers better support for your head and neck.

You might experience the new memory foam smell for the first of couple of days but don’t worry. It will vanish after the first couple of night.

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#7 Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

Sleep Restoration Gel PillowAmazon

This pillow from Sleep Restoration offers you the comfort of hotel quality bedding in a ridiculously low price tag.

The No-Shift construction of this pillow allows you to comfortable rest your neck and head while you sleep. These pillows are dust mite resistant and totally free of any kind of chemicals and allergens.

Not only they are fade resistant and stain resistant but you can wash these pillows in machine as well, so cleaning is not a problem.

Sleeping on this pillow feels like sleeping on the cloud. You may not like the packaging but the product inside is totally worth the money.

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Advantages Of A Chillow

The Cooling Effect


Unlike traditional foam pillows, the Chillow is able to regulate the body temperature and give you a more relaxing sleep, which will help you to fall asleep faster and longer and you will not get bothered by the heat build-up during the night.

Save The Bill

Because you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner for the whole night and particularly if you have snoring issues, then the cool pillow will ultimately save your body from getting worse.

Sleep Long, Sleep Easy

Scientists indicate that sleeping at lower temperature will help us to fall asleep faster and reduce the number of sleeping interruptions during the sleeping time which ensures that you stay comfortable for a long time.

What To Consider Before Buying A Cooling Pillow

Sleeping girl

Before buying any cooling, there are several factors that you need to consider because choosing a pillow that stays cool may be more complex than choosing a traditional pillow.

To help you identify the best cooling pillow that will fit with your needs, make sure you have considered the following:

Materials Of The Cooling Pillow

The materials of a cooling pillow is more sophisticated than traditional pillow because the manufactures will employ different type of material mixes to give the better cooling effect but still maintain the support and firmness needed.

Therefore, a cool pillow may be filled with full slab memory foam with hollows (referred as ventilated gel foam) for more air circulation. This type of pillow normally firmer and can’t be washed by machine.

The advantage of this pillow type is the cheap price. But more often, the cooling gel packed is used on the top of memory foam in cooling pillow design.

The gel pack will be able to absorb more heat and keep the pillow cool, and it is universally applied by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide.

However, this type of pillow may have initial odor that you need to let them for air-out in a while before using. If you need a pillow for instant use, you will suffer the odor in a few days.

Surprisingly, there are cooling mats that you can put on the top of the pillow before covering it with pillow case which also gives cooling effect too. The cooling mat is cheaper and but you need a freezer to cold the mat before using.

Quality Of The Materials

There is an International association, Certipur, that analyses and verifies the materials used in pillow and bedding industry.

If a pillow is certified by Certipur, you can be pretty sure about the quality of the pillow that it is of high-standard, free of solvents and heavy metals.

Design Of A Cooling Pillow

The design of each pillow will tailor different people needs. Some people love gusseted style but others only want a classic pillow.

Therefore, you also need to aware of the design to avoid ordering unwanted pillow.

Washability And Warranty Period

Often, a cooling gel pillow isn’t machine-washable. They can only be spot-cleaned and this maybe cumbersome to some users.

The lifespan of a cooling pillow is also an important factor too. You should check for pillows with 3+ years of warranty time.

Track Record And Buyer Reviews

There is valuable information that you can use to judge if a particular pillow is fit for you when buying online. When a pillow is universally rated with high stars, it is a good product and you can rely on it.

Also, stick to famous brands such as Coop home goods, PharMeDoc, Classic Brand, Iso-Cool, etc. so you can avoid the junk.

Final Words

Choosing a cooling pillow may sound complex at first sight, but after reading our buying guide, we hope you can have sufficient information that will help you to choose the best cooling pillow.

If you keep my words, PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Pillow is the one you can rely on to give yourself a resounding night, no matter what sleeping style you may have.

Other Factors:

Don’t forget there are other factors that will make you sleep cooler other than the best cooling pillow.

Here is another article we researched on “why is my room so hot“.  This article give you tips on how to get your room cooler.

Getting your room at the proper temperature is critical to getting your body in the right zone for the perfect night sleep.

Your ideal room temperature according to the experts should be between 65-72 degree Fahrenheit.

You might need to supplement the best cooling pillow with a look at your environment.

Other Sleeping Products That Will Keep You Cool:

Let’s not forget the biggest item you are sleeping on, the mattress.  Most older mattresses are not designed to keep you cool.

Modern technology has made some advances in cooling properties in mattresses.

At VJ Pillow we have done thorough research into “The Top 5 Mattresses that Keep You Cool.”

These top 5 mattresses are the best at providing you with the coolest night sleep possible.  Combine with the best cooling pillow and you have the ingredients for the best night sleep ever.

Here at VJ Pillow we are dedicated to introducing the best sleep products for our readers.  

We spend one third of our lives sleeping.  You body needs the proper sleep to rejuvenate and heal.

Get yourself the best sleeping products and invest in your health.

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Robert Frontier

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