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Best Down Pillows Reviews

The Best Down Feather Pillows Reviews

What do you miss about your hotel stay the most once you’re back home? The best down pillows of course.  It is the supreme comfort and luxury with which you sleep and wake up refreshed and relaxed.

The most glaring difference between home and hotel bedding are the pillows used. Hotels provide you the luxury of a castle with their handpicked goose/duck down pillows.  In today’s fast paced world, a good night’s sleep has become all the more crucial for your health.

And if you’re wondering who makes the best down pillows, we have got you covered.  Our handpicked pillows will make your life better by improving your quality of sleep.

Best Down Pillow Reviews:

The Original Queen Anne Pillow

East coast bedding, with their smooth feel and soft texture are sure to make it to your list of the best feather pillows.

These velvety pillows are made of 100% white down only so you will be spared the feather mix that compromises quality and gives out bad odor.

Its filling weight is 29 oz and has a filling power of 550. The higher the fill power, the higher it will loft and the longer it retains its firmness.

The stitching is worth appreciating and the cotton used is high quality.

Advertised Features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Premium quality - 650 fill power 100% down. NO crunchy feathers
  • Velvet soft 330 thread count all-cotton ticking
  • Durable long-lasting double-stitched thread and shape-extending purple piped edges. Choose soft, medium, or firm fill in the Standard Size 20x26, the Queen Size 20x30, or the King Size 20x36.
  • Sleep positions - Stomach sleepers and back sleepers should consider a soft to medium fill pillow. Side sleepers should consider a medium fill pillow. If you need extra support and loft, choose one of our firm fill pillows for sleeping.

The 300 thread count will give you an adequately cozy sleep experience. This pillow is recommended for back and side sleepers looking for something slightly firm.

The pillows are filled quite full.  You wouldn’t need to readjust the filling during the night as the loft stays intact.

They distribute the pressure evenly once you lay your head on it. Once the pillows arrive, they’ll appear flat. You need to put them in the dryer and set it at low to fill them just right.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, this might not be the right choice for you because of its stuffed filling.

Buying advice for best goose down pillow:

The Queen Anne pillow is know throughout the world for it high quality, luxury and comfort.  It's used by some of the finest hotels in the world.

If you have never slept on a 100% goose pillow then you will be in a treat with this pillow.  This pillow sleeps cool, provides excellent comfort, support and alignment.

Free returns are offered so this is risk free opportunity to test drive this pillow for yourself and get the best night sleep ever.


#1 Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow

Royal Hotel is a household name when it comes to luxury bedding. With a 750 fill power and 45 oz fill, sensitive sleepers are in for a treat. 

The Royal Hotel goose down pillows are 75% down and 25% feather. If you want a real down pillow, you would want 100% with no feathers which is a rare produce.

This pillow sleeps cool and offers a great deal of support while keeping your spine aligned during sleep.

But with a thread count of 500, you’re sure to get a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience.

A thread count above 300 marks a genuinely soft velvety pillow.

The pillow comprises of bacteria free down filling for a good night sleep. Compared to other feather pillows, you might find these firmer.

However they are softer than the firm pillows of the memory foam categories. 

They flatten a little when laid down upon, but hold their loft and the filling doesn’t shift to the sides at night hence no clumping.

The pillows are designed for dry cleaning only.  But they are a good buy for their price providing an overall sumptuous experience.

Advertised Features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • 500 TC Cotton Cover - luxury hotel quality
  • 750 Fill Power and 41 oz fill
  • Allergy Free. 
  • Standard/Queen Size Down Pillows 20 x 28 Inches. Dry Clean Only


Buy advice on the best down pillow:

This is a high quality set of luxury hotel pillows that comes in a set of two pillows.  It comes in standard, queen and king sizes.

You also can select different firmness levels and they even have an adjustable one where you can customize your desired firmness level.

I recommend this pillow all the time and you will not be disappointment.  I would recommend getting the adjustable model.

Lincove Luxury Down Pillow - Author's Personal Favorite

Meet the Lincove:
I consider myself an expert on pillows, but I am truly a down pillow enthusiast.  There is nothing in the world of pillows, which compares to a luxury down pillow. Now this review consists of my personal preferences, not from interviews with others, or testing and comparing. I have important features that I consider critical in the selection of the pillow that I will use to get the best night sleep.  Below are my criteria for the best down pillow for me.  
My Criteria
Again, these features are in order of importance to me.  You will decide for yourself which features you must have to get the best night sleep.  

For me the pillow needs to keep me cool at night.  I am a hot sleeper and this is a deal breaker if the pillow doesn’t keep me cool.


The pillow must offer great support for my head and neck.  Suffering from neck pain for years I require just the right pillow to relive pain and align my spine.


When I switch from back to side sleeping with the majority being on back.  I require a pillow to work for me in both positions.


I look closely at the materials used in the construction of the pillow.  Toxin free and non-allergenic materials offer more protection.  Extra points awarded for organic as well.


I respect and admire companies that believe in and stand behind their products with no risk trials, great warranty, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This is especially important with the age of online shopping.   In addition I love supporting socially responsible companies.

My Choice In The Best Down Pillow Reviews

My personal choice for the best down pillow is the Lincove Down Luxury Pillow.  This by far is the best pillow I have every owned.

We gave you a brief summary at the top of this page and we will cover some basic terms about down pillow now as well.

What Is Fill Power?

Fill power is the measurement used to gauge the loft or fluff of a down pillow.

Fill power is determined by measuring the amount of space that 1-ounce of down takes up. The more space it takes up the higher the fill power.

The higher fill power number the lighter more fluffy and comfortable the pillow will be and the insulator factor is increased.

The criteria to judge down products are as follows, 600- fill power is considered luxury quality, and 700 is a great balanced between feel and durability.  Well 800 is considered heaven on earth, but seriously it is the best.

Remember these numbers as your read the features below.

The Lincove Review:

When describing this pillow imagine lying down with you head on a fluffy white cloud.  This is how soft and luxurious this pillow feels when it cradles your head.

This pillow screams luxury the moment your heads hits this pillow.  With its super, smooth 100% cotton sateen 600-thread count outer shell.

Stuff with 800-fill (yes I said 800-fill) power goose down.  A reminder from above that 800-fill is the highest quality in a down pillow.

This pillow advertised by Lincove as the gold standard of down pillows hit the bulls eye on that remark.

Crafted with the best goose down that provides the best support for the head and neck while aligning my spine. 

Lincove offers standard, queen and king sizes.  In addition, they offer soft, medium and firm in all sizes.

I prefer my pillows on the soft thin side, so I went with the king soft and love the support and soft feel.

Cool Sleeping & Support

This down Lincove pillow provided me the best cool night sleep on a hot summer night, while supporting my head and neck.

It worked well for me while lying on my back and times when I shifted to sleeping on my side.  I am mostly a back sleeper and this pillow (soft version) aligns my neck and spine.

I cannot put into words what an awesome night sleep this pillow provided.  I highly recommend you try this pillow out.

After all it’s easy to do with Lincove’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and no risk purchase policy.

Cleaning The Pillow:

A luxury pillow is an investment and with the proper care will last for years.  Be sure to follow the instructions for cleaning provided with the pillow carefully as not to damage the pillow.

You can place the entire pillow in the washing machine and machine dry.  There are specific instructions included with this pillow for washing and drying.

This is a great feature of the down pillows as I regularly like to clean my pillows as I suffer from allergies.

About Lincove:

Lincove the company stands behind their product with an excellent guarantee, in addition to the following other great benefits.

In researching this company, I found they follow the “RDS – responsible down standard”.

This standard ensures that the down doesn’t come from animals subjected to unnecessary harm, live plucking or force feeding.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS) ensures that traceability of materials in the supply chain and validates the down products used in the manufacturing process.

The pillow I ordered from them came with a carrying case for the pillow for traveling or storage.

Lincove Summary Of Features:
  • Real down (not feathers)
  • 600 thread count cotton cover
  • 800 fill power
  • Provides unparalleled support for head & neck support
  • Standard, Queen & Kings sizes
  • Offered in (Soft, Medium or Firm)
  • RDS certified (responsible down standard)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – A no risk purchase
Buying Advice for the best goose down pillow - The Lincove

In the search for the best down pillow you will not find a more comfortable, cool, and supportive pillow. 

This is the pillow that I recommend the most and I personally use, when I travel I take this pillow with me because its that good and I can't sleep without my Lincove.

Compared to others this is the best goose down pillow that you can own in my opinion, buy one today you won't be disappointed.

With the 100% guarantee this is a no risk purchase so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, like the best night sleep ever.

FineFeather 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

This Fine Feather Hungarian goose down pillow is made with the highest quality material. With a thread count of 330, these pillows will provide you with gentle support and a smooth feel.

This hypoallergenic pillow offers support and is not confined to softness only because of its 700 fill power, allowing you a luxurious sleeping experience.

It is sure to provide better comfort and support than other pillows with similar filling weight and power.

What gives these pillows edge over others is its 100% down composition with absolutely no feathers and a beautiful scent.

Advertised Features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Premium cotton - 330 thread count, 100% cotton damask pillow shell.
  • Hypoallergenic - filled with 33 ounces of the highest quality, hypoallergenic goose down
  • Completely fragrance free.
  • Provides unparalleled head and neck support, ensuring complete relaxation in all sleeping positions.
  • KING SIZE: Plush pillows measure 20 x 36 inches, providing the coziness you need for a blissful night’s sleep.

These are portable, and you can take it with you anywhere you travel if you have trouble adjusting with other pillows. 

One issue with this pillow is that it flatness out and compresses once you lay your head on it.

Although it is not specifically designed for a single sleeping position, but if you’re a back or side sleeper, you would want to purchase this pillow. 

This the best down pillow for side sleepers.

These pillows easily fluff up owing to their high fill power and are the right buy for someone facing breathing problems because of the pillow height.

Buying Advice for the best down pillow reviews:

This is a high quality pillow that you won't go wrong in purchasing.  The luxurious pillow comes in standard, queen and king sizes.

This pillow provides excellent support, comfort and alignment while keeping you cool at night.  Nothing compares to sleeping on a high quality down pillow.

This is a no risk opportunity to try this pillow out as this company offers free returns which give you a chance to test drive this pillow.   

East Coast Bedding 100% White Down Pillow

East coast bedding, with their smooth feel and soft texture are sure to make it to your list of the best feather pillows.

These velvety pillows are made of 100% white down only so you will be spared the feather mix that compromises quality and gives out bad odor.

Its filling weight is 29 oz and has a filling power of 550. The higher the fill power, the higher it will loft and the longer it retains its firmness.

The stitching is worth appreciating and the cotton used is high quality.

Advertised Features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Excellent comfort - premium 100% down filled pillows
  • Perfect for all sleeping position
  • Unlike feather pillows, there’s no crunching or crackling sound, and you won't need to worry about feathers poking out.
  • Pillow has a 550-fill power, which makes them extra lofty and fluffy
  • Shell is 100% cotton with a 300-thread count
  • Sterilized down filling
  • Standard size is 20” x 26” with 21 oz of fill. Also available in Queen and King sizes.
  • Designed to cushion your head and neck with gentle support, "Perfect" Medium Density - Great for Back and Side Sleepers.

The 300 thread count will give you an adequately cozy sleep experience and is recommended for back and side sleepers looking for something slightly firm.

The pillows are filled quite full and you wouldn’t need to readjust the filling during the night as the loft stays intact.

They distribute the pressure evenly once you lay your head on it. Once the pillows arrive, they’ll appear flat. You need to put them in the dryer and set it at low to fill them just right.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, this might not be the right choice for you because of its stuffed filling.

But then again, it entirely depends on how soft or firm you like your pillow to be.

Buying advice for best goose down pillow reviews:

These East Coast Down pillows are a good pick for someone that is wanting to get a great down pillow but is working with a budget.

This best down pillow will not disappoint you and best of all come in a set of two which make this a great value for the money you will spend.

If you have the extra cash and want the very best down pillow then take a look at the Lincove as they are simply the best.

ELuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow

This extra soft down pillow is sure to provide you crazy comfort with its T230 thread count. It is a 525 fill power pillow made up of white duck down. 

The cotton layer prevents the feathers from poking out of the fabric, giving you a soft dense feel.  Its ultra-plush down feature prevents heat from being trapped, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Without having to switch pillow sides multiple times.

The pillow is composed of 80% down and 20% feather with slightly lesser fill, allowing your neck to rest in a comfortable position. 

That in no way compromises on its fluffiness, which makes it the best down pillow for stomach sleepers. It retains its fluff once you lift the weight up. 

The double sewn seams and rolled up edges give a fine finishing and helps the filling stay intact when squashed or compressed. 

This adds to the overall luxurious experience of a down pillow.

The pillow cover noise can be a nuisance when it comes to delivering a comfortable experience. 

It is recommended to everyone searching for a pillow with relatively lesser fill but an overall comfortable experience.

Pillowtex White Duck

These reasonably prices Pillowtex pillows are composed of 75% duck feather and 25% duck down. 

Sealed in a cotton layer with a double stitched edge for a fine finishing once placed on the bed.

The king-size is sure to live up to your expectation of a majestic hotel-like appearance.

The pillows consist of a T230 thread count that gives you an adequately soft feel.  Though you would want a pillow with a higher thread count if looking for something extraordinarily soft and velvety.

Advertised Features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Non Live-Plucked Products Guarantee and Certification – Feathers and down are sterilized and certified by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX
  • Soft white duck down combined with the support of white goose feathers makes for an incredible sleep.
  • Down and Feather Proof Cotton Cover
  • Dual layers of 100% cotton prevent the painful pokes
  • Support & Fill Weight – Standard Size 28 oz, Queen Size 32 oz, King Size 39 oz.
  • This blend of 25% white duck down and 75% white duck feather is used in hotels worldwide for its softness and support. 
  • Pillowtex stands behind their products with a 30 day sleep better guarantee!
  • 3 year manufacture warranty from manufacture defects

Since the pillows are composed of 75% duck feather, you might have to deal with the feather stench.

The good news is that you can get rid of it by exposing it to sunlight and wind for a few hours.

Although the pillow is designed to provide support alongside comfort.  It may flatten out once you lay your head on it.

The pillows fluff up to their original shape in no time and come up with a 39 oz fill.  Great for support needs for the neck and back.

It is a good buy for its price but definitely lags behind the comfort 100% down pillows promise.

Then again, it’s a pricey affair, but you do get the comfort you pay for.

Down & Feather Original Soft Feather Pillow

This original soft feather pillow comes in a 20” x 26” standard size.  The pillow is composed of 18 oz of 100 % Hungarian goose feather filling of superior quality.

It has a thread count of T220 and is entirely made up of feather.  So these pillows will be lacking the smooth and luxurious sleeping experience feather pillows have to offer.

The filling is enclosed in striped cotton with knife edge stitches.  What this pillow aims to provide is filling the comfort gap zone, i.e. the area between the head and shoulder.

With the correct density, this soft feather pillow is designed to keep your posture right.

Its small and premium quality raw material are eco-friendly.  They do not involve animal hurting in any of the manufacturing procedures.

Since the feathers go through thorough cleaning and are manufactured under strictly monitored hygienic conditions, the bad odor won’t be a problem.

What gives them an edge over the others is the Perfect Pillow Policy, to get your pillow customized to your specific needs.

If a soft pillow is what you’re looking for, at a reasonable price, then your work here is done, but mind the fluff readjustment that you’ll have to do a couple of times.

Cuddledown Duck Medium Pillow

The Cuddle down medium duck pillow offers you a luxurious sleeping experience.  Which in no way lags behind that of hotel bedding.

Made up of 100% cotton cambric and European duck down.  The chances of discomfort are minimized, since the feathers are completely absent.

Its 600 fill power provides higher loft than other alternatives and an ability to retain its firmness.

The pillows are made up of a thread count of 245, giving an overall smooth texture and a cozy sleep experience.

This wide variety and versatility when it comes to sizes and firmness levels.  Giving you an opportunity to select a pillow that suits your needs best

Made in sterilized environment, it is hypoallergenic and also saves you the stench that comes with duck/goose feather pillows.  The pillow molds to your neck and head, giving you the perfect support for a cloud like sleeping experience.

Being rated as the best natural stomach sleeping pillow by Health Magazine definitely adds a feather in the cap.  A bit pricey, but worth every penny, this pillow suits needs of almost all of its buyers but is best for stomach sleepers.

Puredown 75% White Down Pillows

These PureDown Pillows comprise of 75% down and 25% feather but are reasonably priced.

Compared to other brands, their products are filled with luxury white down which provide a smoother feel to the sleeper, back and stomach alike.

The fine quality pillow protector is made up of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count that further adds to the velvety finish of the pillow, providing you the comfort of hotel pillows.

The puredown pillows are manufactured with a high fill power of 600 that retains the loft height and firmness you require for neck and shoulder support.

The 18 oz filling weight is slightly lesser than others, which flattens the pillow out once you lay your head on it. They are perfectly sized, neither too big nor too tiny, and let you sleep like a baby.

The firmness is in balance, not making it too hard to squish or compress the pillow.

A reasonably priced pillow suitable for sleepers of all positions, definitely not the comfort of 100% down pillows but a well-balanced combination of firmness and softness.

Pillows Superior 100% Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

Continental Bedding gives you an exceptionally luxurious sleeping experience with its 100% goose down Hungarian white pillows.

With a fill power as high as 700 FP, the pillows provide lightweight insulation suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

The T300 thread count is sure to give you premium comfort and warmth which matches none. This striped pillow consists of the most down-proof fabric commercially available.

It is filled with 22 oz, lying between 21 oz and 25 oz, adding just the right feel to the incredible comfort this pillow has to provide. The 100% down filling provides the comfort and support you need, not only while resting but when working in your bed or reading a book.

A pillow with the right balance of firmness and support, this is the product you want to add to your list if you do not want to compromise on the down composition in your pillow.

The pillow composition is definitely your focal point when purchasing a down pillow, however, accessory quality, including that of pillow protector and pillow cover can sure add or take from your experience of a restorative and comfortable sleep.


Why are down pillows the best?

The best down pillows are the 100% goose down pillows that we have talked about in the reviews above.  They are super soft, comfortable, and provides the best support for your head and neck.

A luxury goose down pillow will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, they are great for sleeping cool and hypoallergenic when you buy the right goose down pillow.

My personal favorite as mentioned in the above review is the Lincove goose down pillow, which I recommend to all my family, friends and readers all the time.  Follow this link to the review above on the Lincove.

What is the difference between a regular goose down and a luxury goose down pillow?

You will have to look closely at the description to tell when the pillow should be considered luxury as there are no standards on this subject and companies want to use words that will sell their product.

When I see a down pillow that is advertised with the word luxury in the title I look for some key features that will support this claim.

Look for fill that is at least 600 fill power or above, my personal preference is 800 fill power.  Also I think Canadian Goose Down is the best so I look for that as well along with 100% cotton cover with at least a 600 thread count.

If the pillow has those main features then I would consider it a luxury goose down pillow.


Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.

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