Best Eye Mask for Sleeping

Best Eye Mask for Sleeping

Sleep can be an elusive prey that you try to catch nightly.  Ever so stealthily trying to sneak up on it sometimes even using pills, noise machines, special pillows, weighted blankets and even sleeping masks as each of us has unique physical and mental difficulties to overcome to capture this creature we call sleep.

Your research has led you here to this article to find out what is the best eye mask for sleeping.

  The importance of sleep is underrated and is a key element we must have to maintain our bodies.  The American Sleep Association reports between 50-70 million people have a sleeping disorder of some kind.

Sleep Cycles:

Each night your body goes through the three stages of sleep. 

Based on your heart rate and getting the correct time in each cycle is what allows you to get up feeling refreshed.

Deep sleep enables physical healing of our bodies, light sleep strengthens learning and memory while REM sleep helps with creativity and strategic thinking.

What does wearing an eye mask do?

One of the most beneficial elements of wearing a eye mask to sleep is the fact that it blocks out light. 

Sleeping mask function by covering the light receptors within the eyes.

Giving the brain the signal that darkness has begun causing your body to produce serotonin the hormone that produces melatonin.

Sleeps comes when your body temperature lowers and the rise in the production of melatonin occurs. 

Melatonin strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms, which reduces the changes of health issues. 

Better than room darkening shades:

If you are a sensitive to light sleeper wearing a sleeping mask is a much lower cost option than buying darkening shades for your bedroom. 

I have found in my research that this method is preferred among people who must work the night shift and then sleep during the day. 

Additionally it is extremely difficult even with shades to achieve total darkness in a room during daylight hours.

Better starting place than Medications:

Most people that routinely have trouble sleeping reach for over the counter sleeping pills to give them a little help.

All too often taking these medications to get sleep become a nightly occurrence.

Who knows what long-term effects these sleeping aids has on your health.

Eye Mask May Prevent dry Eyes

In my research, I didn’t find any clinical studies to support this claim.

However there are some experts that feel covering your eyes at night might protect your eyes from drying out. 

Air circulating around the house from heating and cooling may cause dry eyes.

This air movement also stirs up dust and pet hair that can end up in your eyes.

Kinds of mask to choose from:

You may have tried on sleep mask before.  Feeling that is was to restrictive, to hot on your face, put too much pressure on your eyes.  Maybe even was touching your eye lashes. 

It might have been as simple as you didn’t like the Velcro straps.  There are a numerous choices out there and we are going to look at the best eye masks for sleeping.

Author Top Pick: The best Eye mask for Sleeping - Look no Further

The MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men or Women is my top pick providing the best light blockage. 

While allowing your eyes to blink as when you are in a dark room and opened your eyes.

This is accomplished with the 3D contoured cup design.   

The mask is made of memory foam, is comfortable to wear, and has an adjustable strap to fit different size heads. 

This is an amazing product and one that I recommend to all my friends and family.  It also comes in Black, Blue and Purple.

Need Total Darkness to Sleep?

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Summary of key features:

  • 3D Design – Allows you to open eyes while wearing mask
  • Memory Foam design – comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable strap
  • Fits well on bridge of your nose
  • Great for sleep at home or while traveling
  • Comes in different colors

Sleep Hygiene Tips:

  • First Maintain a routine sleep routine (go to bed and wake at the same time)
  • Avoids naps if possible
  • Don’t stay in bed while your mind is racing get out of bed and sit in chair until you are tired / no watching TV or internet surfing
  • Smoking and alcohol can cause fragmented sleep
  • Don’t exercise before bed – exercise promotes good sleep – try and exercise before 2:00 PM
  • Bedroom should be dark – turn off lights
  • Hot baths or showers before bedtime can help

Conclusion: The Best Eye mask for Sleeping

I found a couple behaviors on the list above that helped me get a better night sleep. 

When I first started researching sleep, I had no idea just how important sleep was to my health. 

I have done several things that have helped my sleep habits.  First bought the right mattress, second buying the right pillow, third the sleeping mask helps in the summer hours when light pours into your room early. 

I even bought the best Fitbit for tracking sleeping in order to see if the changes I made helped.

  I have spent over a year researching and learning how important sleep is to our bodies and want to help you get a better night sleep as well. 

Remember a good night’s rest starts with the right Mattress & Pillow as well.

Read this important update!

I finally convinced my wife to try this mask after getting other family members.  She has trouble sleeping past daylight.

When she tried it on when it arrived and was amazed at the comfort and fit.

She wore it the first night and was able to sleep in past the the break of dawn.

It has been two weeks and now she is talking this mask up to friends and family as well.

She is now making the claim this is the best eye mask for sleeping. 

This is an incredible product order one now you won’t be disappointed.