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Pillows used at five star luxury hotels

Best Hotel Pillow Reviews And Buying Guide For 2023: Marriott, Hilton, Ritz Carlton & More

Have you ever wondered what kind of pillows hotels use? Look no further I've done the work for you to come up with the best hotel pillow reviews. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling across the world, and during my stay at different hotels,  I have come across all types of luxury hotel pillows. Some were great and some did not meet a 5-star hotel pillow standard. Below is my review of our top choices.

Some were okay, others were so-so and a few were really quite good. The really good pillows made it feel like I was sleeping on a luxury  5-star hotel pillow.

The good news? Most of them are sold online and you can purchase them from Amazon.

We have carefully selected the best hotel pillows available in the market. We have researched each product thoroughly and then come up with unbiased reviews of the 7 best hotel collection pillows.

Before diving down into our in-depth luxury hotel pillow reviews, let’s take a quick look at top of the charts. Here’s the list of our best hotel pillows of 2022.

Update For 2022: Best Hotel Pillow Reviews


1 – Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow – Top Pick 2022

During my stay at the Royal Hotel I had a chance to try out these hotel pillows, and I must say I’m happy with it.

It’s just between soft and medium in the firmness department which is just right for me.

It’s not the softest pillow I’ve tried, but it’s actually a good thing because overly soft pillows don’t give my neck any support.

With the Royal Hotel down pillows, it’s just right.

If you feel some neck pain or on your back, the Royal Hotel pillows will provide the support you need.

I also have to add, the down fill is high quality and really comfortable. I’ve slept on other pillows before, but they’re just not as comfy as these.

Why is thread count important? Thread count is the total number of threads per square inch and an important feature to look for in high products, but not the only thing you should consider in fabrics.

If you’re looking for the softest pillow available, then the Royal Hotel pillow isn’t for you.

But if you’re searching for a pillow that offers support for your head and neck while still being comfortable, then I would recommend the Royal Hotel in this best hotel pillow review. With these, you get the right balance of softness and firmness making this a luxury hotel pillow.

This review answers the question “what kind of pillows do hotels use?”.  The Royal is a 5-star hotel and they use this quality down pillow.

Best Hotel Pillow Key Features

  • 500 thread count
  • 100% down
  • 10% small feather, 90% down ratio
  • 35 oz. fill
  • 750 fill power
  • soft, firm, extra firm pillows
  • Set of 2 -  excellent value

Buying Advice for Luxury Hotel Pillow:

If you are looking for the best night's sleep ever then you have found the right pillow with this luxury hotel pillow.  This is a high quality down pillow that offers great support and comfort.

It comes in soft, firm, and extra firm that will please any sleeper.  This is one of the best values of down pillows as it comes in a set of two.


Author's favorite  2022 - The Lincove Luxury Hotel Pillow

I wanted to add to this article of best hotel pillow reviews as I returned home recently from a cross-country road trip.

My wife and I stayed at small boutique inns on this trip instead of well known & rated hotels.

During this trip, we stayed at some amazing places with fine amenities.

I slept on some truly nice pillows that I want to share with you my experiences. First, let me tell you I am always delighted to try any down pillow. Now, just like most pillows, not all down pillows are great.

The most expensive pillow aren’t always the best and the cheapest pillows are not always the worst.

You have to judge a pillow from your perspective as to what features are most important for you.

For instance with me a pillow needs to keep me cool, offer support for my head, neck, and keep my spine aligned while I am sleeping on my side or back.

I prefer that pillow be constructed from toxin free materials and non allergenic as well.


I admire companies that stand behind their products with a solid warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or even a no risk trial period.

That makes it easy to lay out the cash for a nice pillow if you know the company is standing behind their products.

I always look to see if companies are being socially responsible as well. As you can see there are a number of factors that go into choosing the best hotel pillow.

My Favorite Luxury Hotel Pillow "The Lincove"

First, let’s start with this question “What is down”?

Here is brief summary about down for those who may not be familiar. Down is not feathers. Feathers have hard quills.

Feathers are more economical than down, but their insulating property is not as good nor do they provide the amazing cloud like feel of down.

Down on the other hand is actually the layer of insulation that geese and ducks have underneath their feathers to keep them warm and dry.

Chosen for its luxurious warmth, super resilience, cloud like softness and insulating properties makes goose down perfect for pillows. Synthetic fills cannot even come close to matching the quality and feel of down.

This aids in keeping our body temperature controlled while providing the support you need to align the head, neck and spine during sleep.

Fill Power:

Fill power measures the loft or fluff of a down pillow. This is a truest measure of the luxury of a down pillow.

Fill power is determined by measuring the amount of space that 1-ounce of down takes up. The more space it takes up the higher the fill power.

The higher fill power number the lighter more fluffy and comfortable the pillow will be and the insulator factor is increased.

The criteria to judge down products are as follows, 600- fill power is considered luxury quality, and 700 is a great balanced between feel and durability. Well 800 is considered heaven on earth, but seriously it makes the best luxury hotel pillow.

Remember these numbers as your read the features below.

The Lincove Pillow Review:

I have never slept on a cloud before, but when I put my head on this pillow, I imagined that this is what a cloud must fell like.

This pillow screams luxury from the moment you lay down. It is ultra smooth 100% cotton sateen with a 600-thread count shell and stuffed with 800-fill power goose down (remember this is the best quality).

Lincove advertises this pillow as the gold standard and they are not kidding around with that statement. This pillow lives up to that remark and then some making this a solid choice for best hotel pillow.

Naturally crafted with goose down to provide superior support for the head, neck and back. I have neck pain caused by arthritis (from a couple of car wrecks) so getting the right support from a pillow is critical.

The Lincove down pillow gave me the best four nights sleep that I needed on this road trip. It made me forget I wasn’t in my own bed.

This Inn actually had the king firm and king soft on the bed. Lincove actually offers standard, queen and king sizes. In addition, they offer soft, medium and firm in all sizes.

I do tend to like my pillows on the soft thin side. I absolutely loved the king soft feeling and support. This is a five star luxury hotel pillow without a doubt.

Cool Sleeping:

The Lincove provided me a cool night sleep on the hot summer night. It supported my head and neck while properly aligning my spine.

It worked well for me while lying on my back and times when I shifted to sleeping on my side.

I cannot put into words what an awesome night sleep this pillow provided. I highly recommend you try this pillow out.

After all it’s easy to do with Lincove’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and no risk purchase policy.

Cleaning The Pillow:

This pillow is an investment and with proper care can last years. With that said please, follow the cleaning instructions carefully as not to damage or shorten the life of the luxury pillow.

You can place the entire pillow in the washing machine and machine dry. There are specific instructions included with this pillow for washing and drying.

This is a great feature of down pillows. I regularly like to clean my pillows as I suffer from allergies.

About Lincove:

Let’s talk about Lincove as a company. We know they stand behind their products with this awesome guarantee, but let’s dig a little deeper.

I did the extra research into Lincove and found the following about RDS – "responsible down standard”.

This ensures that the down they use doesn’t come from animals that had been subjected to any unnecessary harm, force fed, or live plucking.

The RDS provides traceability of the supply chain and helps validate the down products used in the manufacturing process from the farm to the finished product.

This certification helps round out all the nice features making the list of the best hotel pillow reviews.


When I got home from this trip I ordered this pillow for myself in the King-soft. This is a pillow that dreams are made from.

When the box arrived, I unboxed and was amazed at the care Lincove takes in packaging their products.

The pillow I ordered from them came with a carrying case for the pillow for traveling or storage.

Lincove Summary of Features:

• This is real down (not feathers)
• 600 thread count cotton cover
• 800 fill power (highest quality for down
• Provides unparalleled support for head & neck support
• Standard, Queen & Kings sizes
• Pick your preference (Soft, Medium or Firm)
• RDS certified (responsible down standard)
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - A no risk purchase!

Hotel Type Pillows Buying Advice:

The Lincove down pillow is the best luxury hotel pillow on the planet in my opinion.

The pillow is worth the investment and you will not be disappointed as you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The Lincove 30 day money back guarantee makes this a risk free opportunity.


2 – Pacific Coast Double Down Around Set

Pillows used in 5 star hotels are similar to Pacific Coast. I had a chance to use these at the Hyatt, and I can’t remember the last time I had such a good night’s sleep.

As many people will attest to these are soft luxury hotel pillows, but it’s not that soft as there’s still some support.

I also recommended this pillow to a friend of mine who has trouble sleeping and needed more neck support out of their pillow.

He was having trouble sleeping but this pillow made a huge difference for him, and that says a lot about its quality and design, another reason this made this list of best hotel pillow reviews.

This is the kind of pillow I’d recommend for those who want a soft pillow, as in one where you can sink your head into.

If that’s not your thing then you should look for another. But if you like your pillow soft and hypoallergenic, give this a try.

Best Hotel Pillow Key Features

Buying Advice for Luxury Hotel Pillow:

If you are on a tighter budget and still wanting to get a luxury hotel pillow then the Pacific Coast Double Down set is a great choice.

When asking why are hotel pillows so comfortable the answer is the luxury hotels use 100% down pillow because of their high quality and comfort.

Pacific Coast offers free returns so this is a no risk opportunity to get 2 quality pillows to test out and watch your sleep improve.


3 – Queen Anne Pillow Company Heavenly Down

What kind of pillows do hotels use that are like the Hilton Hotel chains?

Next time you’re staying at the Hilton don’t be surprised if their Hilton pillows are the Queen Anne.

I’ve come across these in other hotels too like the New York Palace and I can say from experience it’s one of the best hotel pillows.

This down alternative pillow has a medium level fill, which is just right if you for support and comfort.

The filling is hypoallergenic, and I know a lot of hotel pillows claim they are too. But this is the real deal and should help you sleep at night.

The fact that this pillow is used in major hotels says a lot about its quality and what a luxury hotel pillow should feel like.

It’s not down feather, but you’re still going to get a good night’s sleep. If you’ve got allergies and you suspect your pillow, it’s time to switch to the Queen Anne.

Key Features

  • Allergy free design
  • 100% cotton
  • 330 thread count
  • Contains 100% down - 650 fill power
  • Down alternative fill is hypoallergenic
  • The poly fill consists of conjugated fiber and micro-denier
  • Free return

Buying Advice for Best Hotel Pillow:

This is by far the most luxurious best hotel pillow on this list and will give the feeling of sleeping in a 5-start luxury hotel.

You will not find a better pillow than the Queen Anne it is simply the highest quality pillow on this list and if you can afford the best hotel pillow then this one is for you. 


4 – Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

Have you ever wondered what kind of pillows do hotels use? This is a question we get ask of us all the time.

I’ve always wondered what pillows do Hilton hotels use. I’ve had the opportunity to try these pillows during my stay at the Hilton and find them satisfactory.

I slept on the standard size pillow and I found no problems with it. Among the things I noticed right away is the exterior’s well constructed, and the seams are double sewn and the fabric is of great quality as well.

As I slept it was easy to find a spot for my head to rest on, and it felt right, not too high but not too flat either. This pillow also has a five year warranty so that’s another plus for the Pacific Coast.

As I slept it was easy to find a spot for my head to rest on, and it felt right, not too high but not too flat either. This pillow also has a five year warranty so that’s another plus for the Pacific Coast.

Excellence Of Down:
If you’re looking for excellent hotel collection pillows, these luxury hotel pillows from Pacific Coast won’t disappoint.

They’re comfortable and based on my experience designed to last. If you’re after a very firm pillow this probably won’t do, but otherwise these should be fine.

Next time you’re staying at the Hilton don’t be surprised if their hilton pillows are the Queen Anne.

I’ve come across these in other hotels too like the New York Palace and I can say from experience it’s one of the best hotel pillows.

This down alternative pillow has a medium level fill, which is just right if you suffer neck pain.

The filling is hypoallergenic, and I know a lot of hotel pillows claim they’ are too. But this is the real deal and should help you sleep at night.

The fact that this pillow is used in major hotels says a lot about its quality.

It’s not down feather, but you’re still going to get a good night’s sleep. If you’ve got allergies and you suspect your pillow, it’s time to switch to the Queen Anne.

Best Hotel Pillow Key Features

  • 300 thread count
  • 550 fill power
  • 31.5 oz. fill
  • Has dust mite protection
  • The core is down feather
  • Good budget feather pillow

Buying Advice on what kind of pillow do hotels use?

This is pillow in a pillow design with the core filled with feathers and the outer core filled with down making this a good budget friendly down pillow choice.

My advice on this pillow is to look at the other choices on this as there are some better choices and for a few more dollars you can get a better pillow. 

Also at the time of this writing there was not free returns on this product, please check before ordering.

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5 – Official Marriott Hotel Pillows

I always wondered what pillows does Marriott use and here I am with the answer.

Marriott hotel pillows have always been high quality luxury hotel pillows, and my stays there never disappointed. I had to spend several nights in the Marriott for a business trip and these pillows were just comfortable, period.

The fill isn’t down but it felt good and my neck and head got the support I was looking for.

The neck support is one of the best I’ve come across. Lying on the bed I can feel the fluffiness and the bounce, but it’s the kind of bounce that makes your head feel like it’s floating.

And yes, it has the Genuine Marriott Product Guarantee that this is the same pillow they use at their hotels, a solid reason in its self for making the best hotel pillow list.

They’re comfortable, durable and help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a pillow with genuine down fill, then the Marriott won’t do.

But if you don’t mind an alternative fill the Marriott will do fine.

Key Features

  • Made in the US
  • Anti-moisture cover
  • Easy Care
  • Authentic Marriott pillow
  • Firm inner core - soft outer

Buying Advice for Best Hotel Pillow:

This is a high quality pillow and is more on the firm side, so if you are looking for great support then this is the right best hotel pillow for a great night's sleep.

This is a pillow set of two so this is an excellent value for your money.

If you are looking for a softer or thin pillow thin take a look at the Lincove or Royal soft or even the medium support pillow both of these company offers.

6 - Snuggle-Pedic Supreme Plush Ultra-Luxury

The bamboo hotel pillow is a fixture in a lot of 5 star hotels, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

During my last trip I finally had a chance to use one, and I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s just say the pillow is as comfortable as people say and I was able to get a good night’s rest.

I had a tough day and my body was aching as I called it a night. When I went to bed, I noticed how the pillow provided support for neck and back.

When I woke up, I felt better and the pain was almost gone. Sure, rest had a lot to do with it, but the pillow helped too.

These are high quality hotel grade pillows and I recommend them without any reservation.

I understand that its firmness level is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for back and neck pain relief this is a good choice in the best hotel pillow among our list.

Another added benefit of this pillow it received our VJ Pillow TOP PICK for best pillow for allergies as it is hypoallergenic.

Key Features

  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Comes with unique shredded memory foam for extra comfort
  • Available in different sizes
  • Contours to head and neck movement
  • Supports neck and head
  • The whole Snuggle-Pedic pillow can absolutely be machine washed and dried
  • Infused with Gel so this pillow sleeps cool
  • 120 nights love it or send it back – no cost returns

Buying Advice for The Best Hotel Pillow reviews:

When shopping for the best hotel pillows as you can see the majority of the finest hotels use 100% down pillows.

However they are some hotel chain offering memory foam pillows as well to their guest because of the support these pillows offer.  

The Snuggle Pedic made our list because of the high quality bamboo material, comes in three sizes and they offer free returns making this a risk free venture.

Best Hotel Pillow Gift Set

4.5 Stars
800 fill power Goose Down
600 Thread Count
No harmful chemicals
2 pillows and a Down Comforter
4.5 Stars
600 fill power Goose down
500 Thread count
No Harmful chemicals
Set of 2 down pillows

4.5 Stars

  • 800 fill power
  • 600 thread count
  • No harmful chemicals
  • One pillow
Lincove down pillow setAmazon

Zjing Down Hotel Collection Pillow

My wife and I just got back from a short trip for work and we stayed at another amazing boutique inn.

They were using a pillow that I had never tried before. It was a real treat to trial this pillow in addition to providing an update to this article for best hotel pillow.

This article is full of great luxury pillows and choosing the best hotel pillow from this list could prove to be a tough decision on your part.

Remember this; the same pillow is not right for everyone. You must take into consideration your sleeping position, preference to soft, medium or firm pillows. Also, the support you need for head, neck, back, shoulders and even legs & knees.

This is a lot to take into consideration when buying a pillow. That is why VJ Pillow is here to help you in your journey. We want you to find the best hotel pillow that is right for you ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Meet The Zjing Down Pillow – From Their Luxury Hotel Pillow Collection:
This pillow screams luxury when you pick it up and feel the material and the softness. Now this pillow is a little pricey, but it does come in two-pack, which makes it a little more affordable.

Here are some of the advertised highlights of this incredible best hotel pillow.

  • Select natural high quality white goose down, full of filling
  • Scientific pillow design, fit the cervical curve, fully support the cervical vertebrae, ergonomic, and the proven contour design can perfectly support and adjust the head, neck, shoulders and back
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable cotton fabric, delicate and soft to the touch, breathable and moisture-absorbing, high-density, durable, not easy to velvet, more comfortable
  • It adopts skin-friendly and comfortable fabric, with three-dimensional edging design

My Findings:


I noticed when I laid my head down on this luxury hotel pillow was the support it gave my head, neck and shoulders.

It truly feels like you are laying your head on a soft cloud and at the same time getting firm support to the neck and shoulders areas.

I was amazed at how this pillow provided that much support and yet was soft and cradling to my head.

I really enjoyed the support this pillows gave and ranked it high in providing support.


If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that I am a hot sleeper and will not tolerate a pillow that doesn’t keep me cool at night.

This pillow rewarded me with a very cool night sleep due to its ability to circulate air thought the pillow.

I start deducting points fast during a trial if forced to flip my pillow over in the night to find the elusive cool spot.

This pillow scored well in this area and not one time did I have to flip this pillow over in the middle of the night. A big five start rating on keeping cool.


Down pillows are cleanable and I suggest that you follow the manufacturing instructions to the tee when washing these quality pillows.

A high quality down pillow should last for years when you take proper care of them.

I have allergies and keeping a pillow clean is an important part to maintaining my health. If you are not in the practice of cleaning your pillows, you may want to think about the importance and read this article on washing down pillows.


The Zjing goose down hotel collection pillow was a true joy to get a truly rested sleep. The high-end quality and feel makes it an easy choice to make the list of best hotel pillow reviews.

I enjoyed the comfort, support and cooling this down pillow has to offer and had no issues putting this on the elite list of best hotel pillows.

Was it my favorite pillow? The answer to that is no I still feel the Lincove is the pillow for me on this list of best hotel pillows.

Buying advice for the best hotel pillow

This is a fine pillow and may be the best pillow for you but, there is no free trials periods or free returns that I could find.

With that information, it is a no brainer decision to go with the Lincove based on the solid risk free purchase.

This was an amazing pillow and is close to the Lincove in quality and feel, but without that satisfaction guarantee, I will have to point you back to the Lincove review above.

Good luck with find the best hotel pillow that is right for you.

Final Words Around The Best Hotel Pillow Reviews

Be it Hilton hotel pillows or one of the other pillows reviewed here, you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

Everyone probably has their own preference when it comes to pillows, but there are also those who can’t decide which one to buy.

I have done my fair share of traveling for my work and my favorite pillow of this list of best hotel pillow reviews is the Royal Hotel’s Down pillow. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re among those, hopefully the best hotel pillow reviews here have given you an idea on which one to buy.


Conclusion To Best Hotel Pillow Reviews:

Well as you can probably tell, I have a passion for getting a great night sleep. Years ago, I stopped buying cheap department store pillows and started investing in my sleep.

I have done a lot of traveling over the years in my career, which has given me the advantage of trying a tremendous amount of pillows out.

My goal is as always to give my readers the advantage of reviewing thoroughly research articles from someone who knows about pillows, mattresses and all things sleep related.

I always give every pillow a thorough and thoughtful rigorous test before putting a pen to paper to write a review.

If if have any comments of your own that your would like to send me I would be happy to hear what feedback you have on any pillow as well.

Start investing in your health and get the best night sleep you deserve.

If you have had issues getting to sleep because of anxiety, sleep disorder or even insomnia then please check out our thoroughly researched article on weighted blankets.

Your best hotel pillow needs the best hotel pillow cases click here to see the Ultimate Guide and Reviews.



What Kind Of Pillows Do Hotels Use?

Let’s just talk luxury hotels in reference to this question. Most luxury hotels used either I high quality memory foam or a high end down pillow. A few hotels will provide both in a room to give the sleeper a choice between a firm or soft pillow to try and meet each individual sleeper’s needs. These high quality down pillow listed in the best hotel pillow reviews comes in a wide ranges of sizes and firmness levels.

The Royal Hotel Pillows

The Royal Hotel uses a premium quality down pillow. If you have followed any the articles I have written you know that my personal favorite luxury hotel pillow is always a down pillow. These down pillows can range from soft and thin to thick and firm depending on the amount of down that is stuffed into the case. I enjoy the coolness of sleeping on luxury down pillow. If you have never tried sleeping on a hotel quality down pillow then you are missing out, it’s truly like sleeping on a cloud. The Royal Hotel Pillow is a 500 thread count, 100% cotton, and a 750 fill count, down filled pillow that is one of the best pillows that I have ever slept on. Please read the full review of this awesome pillow above and if you are looking for 5-star hotel sleep at home then you won’t go wrong with this first class choice in the best hotel pillow reviews.

The Hyatt Pillows

Next on our list of luxury hotel pillows to discuss is The Hyatt. Take a guess at what type of luxury pillow is used by The Hyatt Hotel? If you guessed a premium down pillow then you would be correct. Also notice this is the second premium hotel on our list that uses down pillows. Down pillows have been around for hundreds of years, but just like any other product not all down pillows are created equally. That’s why it’s important to select a luxury hotel pillow that uses the best down and a high thread count pillow case cover. Hyatt uses the Pacific Coast down pillow with a 300 thread count and offers a different sizes and firmness levels. Please see the full review above for details. You will also see my recommendation for the best hotel pillow reviews clear choice is the Lincove.

The Hilton Pillow Review:

When we are talking about hotels we couldn’t have a discussion without pointing out the great features of the pillows that The Hilton Hotels use. Do you know the top 3 reasons why Hiltons are popular with travelers? Would you like to take a guess which type of pillow The Hilton uses? Yes they too use a high quality down pillow. The Queen Anne pillow collection is synonymous to be a high-end luxury pillow. And as their name infers you will be sleeping like royalty when using these pillows. Their chamber in a chamber design is an equivalent to a pillow inside a pillow construction giving this pillow a unique feel. The Queen Anne combine duck feather and duck down in these chambers. I believe that people that are looking for more support for their neck, head and shoulders would benefit from this design. This pillow comes in a 230 thread count and 550 fill power making this pillow a top contender for the title of best hotel pillow reviews.

The Marriott Pillow

Staying at Marriott is always a pleasure as well. But as far as their pillows go I have seen two types of pillows used. One is the standard Marriott Down Alternative Eco Pillow – Hypoallergenic Eco-Friendly Pillow with 100% Recycled Fill. The main issue I have with this pillow is the polyester fill. If you have read anything about polyester you know there is a ton of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. I personally stay away from polyester. The Marriott pillow listed in this article is a luxury down pillow. This pillow is also design with the dual chamber support which offers a firm inner core of dense feathers providing great support for neck and head. Next you have the pure soft down that surrounds the inner core adding the extra layer of fluffy comfort.


This is an allergy free design as all down fill is treated to remove allergens. The down is heal in place with a very soft and stable moisture wicking cotton pillow cover to keep even the hottest sleeper cool at night. Now I don’t want my personal feeling towards polyester to sway you away from this fine pillow. If you are okay with polyesters is why I think this pillow stays on the best hotel pillows reviews. It your choice to make, it’s my job to inform you with my research, facts, and opinion.

How Can I Clean A Hotel Pillow?

That is a great question and the answer depends on which type of pillow you buy. Personally I will not buy a pillow that cannot be washed. By washed I mean the whole pillow not just the case. The best advice here is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. My advice is to read our review and make sure that the pillow can be machine washed and dried before buying. VJ Pillow recommends that you wash your pillows once every 3 months at a minimum. This is especially good advice for people who suffer from allergies. But overall it’s important for everyone’s health to get into this habit. I have included a link here to an article we have on how to wash feather/down pillows. My feelings about cleaning pillows are clear, if the pillow can’t be cleaned easily then it doesn’t belong on the best hotel pillow reviews.

What Is The Best Hotel Pillow?

That question is the main topic of this whole article and the answer is simple. The pillow that works best for you is the best hotel pillow. Now we have done all the leg work and put hundreds of hours into testing, researching and conducting interviews of sleep subjects to get to these top pillows in this “Best Hotel Pillow Review list”. Now as far as my recommendation goes that is simple. If you want the best night sleep of your life then go with the Lincove down pillow, it is hands down the best luxury hotel pillow on the market. If you want something a little lower in cost then go with the Pacific Coast, Queen Anne or the Royal. These pillows are still world class and great luxury hotel pillows. Some hotels are even trying out charcoal pillows now, click here to find out more.

Best Hotel Pillow On Amazon:

All the pillows listed in this article are available on Amazon. Here is my Best Hotel Pillow list on Amazon in order (my opinion based on personal experience, research, and interviews)
  • Lincove
  • Queen Anne
  • Royal
  • Pacific Coast
I would also like to mention here if you travel at all please consider getting one of the portable UVC lights that we review above. It bring piece of mind when traveling and is great for sanitizing hotel rooms. These pillows are the “Best Hotel Pillows on Amazon” and you will not be disappointed in any of these pillows on this list. All of these pillows at the time of this writing offer free returns so it’s a risk free opportunity to try out one of these pillows and see if they meet your needs. As always I recommend that you check the current return policy before making the purchase. We continually update this “Best Hotel Pillow on Amazon” list to keep up with any new arrivals or issues with current pillows to keep you the read informed.

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfortable?

Well if you have read through all the FAQ’s then you already have that answer, if not here I will summarize here. These luxury hotels know that if they give you a great night’s sleep along with an overall great experience at their prosperities, you will stay again. Five-star hotels invest in these high quality down pillows that allow you to feel like you are getting something you don’t have at home. That is why investing in the best hotel pillow for home use is a smart move. You can get a 5-star sleep at home as well. When you think about it you use your pillow every night, 365 days a year over a few year think about how much use you get out of your pillow.

True Cost Of Ownership:

Now if take the cost of the pillow and divide that by say 1,825 (5 years) the cost of that pillow is insignificant. As a premium pillow can last for years if you take care of it properly. Going back to the question “why are hotel pillows so comfortable”, there are two main reasons. First the buy the high quality down pillows that are that fit the bill for the best hotel pillow. Secondly, the real reason that hotel pillows are so comfortable, they want you to get an experience you don’t get at home so you fell pampered. Remember you can get that feeling at home too; just buy the same pillow they are using.

Types Of Pillows That Used In 5-Star Hotels:

The majority of 5-star luxury hotels use a premium down pillow with a high thread count 100 cotton cover and or pillow case. Most of the hotels on this list that use premium down pillows are The Ritz, Marriott, Hilton and the Royal. If you look at the previous question “Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?” you will understand that these premium down pillows listed here in the best hotel pillow reviews are simply the best. Want to make your bedroom more like a hotel room?

What Kind Of Pillows Do Hotels Use In The Executive Rooms?

It is very common to see the executive rooms to have the highest quality down pillows you see listed in these reviews. These high end rooms tend to have a selection of soft, medium and firm down pillows on the beds to accommodate all sleepers and sleep positions. You will see this in the high end Hilton Hotels, Marriott, The Royal, and the Ritz Carlton. Now that you know what kind of pillows that hotels use at their properties, you too can sleep in 5-star luxury at home when purchasing one of these hotel pillows for you home.

How To Choose The Best Hotel Pillow?

You have come to the right place to ask this question, every day we get hundreds of readers looking for the answer to this very question. Buying a Best Hotel Pillow is no different than buy any other pillow. We recommend judging any pillow by using the following criteria. We review all pillows with the follow criteria in mind each and every time.
  • What support does pillow offer for neck, head, and shoulders
  • Does pillow keep spine aligned
  • What sleeping positions does pillow support best
  • Does pillow sleep hot
  • What materials pillow is constructed with
  • Does company offer free returns/trial period
We supply you the reader with the information in each of the categories above and then you must decide on which category above is most important to you in getting the best night’s sleep.

Hot Sleeping:

Here is an example that I share often. I am a very hot sleeper so that is top on my list of things to look at in a pillow. If the pillow sleeps hot it doesn’t matter how good it scores in the other areas I am done not going to use the pillow. If the pillow sleeps cool then I look at how well it supports my head and neck. Because I have neck issues from a couple of car accidents over the years and need a thin but supportive pillow. There may be other reasons for you sleeping hot, if it is your room check out this article "why is my room hot".

What Kind Of Pillows Do Hotels Use In Hawaii?

These quality down pillows are used around the world at the most luxurious 5-star hotels around the world. These down pillows are very soft and offer great support and alignment while keeping you cool at night. Being a cool sleeping pillow these down pillows make a great choice for tropical climates like Hawaii.

Why Are Materials Of The Pillow So Important?

This question is really more of a personal preference for most of our readers but in my opinion one that is over looked by a lot of people. I was one that didn’t pay close attention to what things were made of for a long time. As I began to age and started focusing on my health more I became more educated about materials being used in manufacturing of house hold goods and foods. This was a real eye opener for me as I started to read what hash chemicals were being used in products that I was going to be exposed too such as bedding, clothing and other textiles not to mention the food that I would consume. So what’s the big deal you ask? Well most of those harsh chemicals can cause long term health issues. These types of issues don’t show up for years but when they do most of the time it’s too late to do anything about the exposure as it built up over years. You don’t need to take my word for this or even follow one of my links to another article. Go Google how polyester is made for example and see what harsh chemicals are used in its creation. This is not only hard on the environment but also exposes the consumers who use this product to unnecessary long term health risk.

Spine Alignment During Sleep:

When I was in my twenties I didn’t even think about spine alignment or care about the best hotel pillows for my spine. I could sleep in any position without pain and slept on my stomach for over 20 years of my life. Old age starting creeping up on my when I hit 40 years old and things started to hurt more. Especially my neck, shoulders and lower back. I could no longer sleep on my stomach with everything hurting. I looked at what a wreck my parent’s health had become and decided that I have 25-years before I become them. Just maybe there is time to save myself from becoming broken down like they had become from not taking care of their bodies. It was at that moment in my life that I become aware of my health and dedicated my time to education, exercise, and diet to improve my health and well being.

Back To The Spine:

Most young people do not even know how important their spine is and how much it can hurt later on in life when you don’t take care of it. Using the proper pillow that supports your head and neck in order to provide proper spine alignment is critical to keeping your back in top working condition. So invest in the best hotel pillow for your spine as well. Your pillow should keep your spine in a neutral position according to Elizabeth Yu, MD. [1] I am just suggesting that if you hadn’t already take the time to invest in your health it’s the most important asset you have and one that you cannot buy a replacement.

Test Sleeping On The Pillow:

You see that the last thing on the criteria list is the question does the company offer free returns or a trial period. Well I can tell you that when choosing the best hotel pillow the only way you will know for sure is to order the pillow and sleep on it for a minimum of couple of weeks. I use this analogy all the time and it goes like this, would you buy car without driving it first? Most people will answer that question with a “No I would not”. So why would you buy a pillow that from a company that doesn’t offer free returns? These reviews are meant to give you the reader with enough information to make the best choice in your search for the best hotel pillow. I always recommend to our readers that you buy and sleep on the pillow for a couple of weeks. If you are a combination sleeper (one who rotates sleeping positions through the night) then make sure you get a good feel for all sleeping positions during the return window of opportunity. This and only this is the final test for whether not the pillow is right and works for you, and you should use the criteria we provide as a way to check off the boxes that are important to you.


Okay, you get the picture now you must decide on which things are important to you and prioritize them in a list, then use our detailed reviews to make your final decision.
Remember you sleep one third of your life and you use your pillow every night for 365 days a year, so wouldn’t you buy the best hotel pillow to use improve your sleep?

Additional FAQ’s, Data, and Resouces:

Why Is It Important To Wash Pillows?

In a Seattle Times article titled “You wouldn’t believe what lives in your pillows” the author tells us there is more than one million spores and possibly 16 different types of molds thriving in our pillows. [2]

According to Sefton this is what a research uncovered during their study of cutting apart and examining 10 different pillows. These pillows have been slept on regularly ranging from 18 months up to 20 years.

“I was surprised at the amount of fungi,” said Ashley Woodcock, professor at England’s University of Manchester. “It’s pretty staggering.”


A study published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the scientific journal of ACAAI found that 75 percent of asthmatic adults aged from 20 to 40 years old and another group of 55 years and older adults have at least one allergy.[3]

You should see from these shocking studies the importance of washing your pillows. But the next question is how often should you wash your pillows?


Washing Frequency:

According this Huff Post article pillows should be washed once every 3 months, and don’t worry about the pillow breaking down it more critical to remove the host of critters and debris that taken up refuge in your pillow.[4]

What Pillows Support The Neck And Align The Spine?

There is a lot of research out there as to the best sleeping position. You can even read this article that VJ Pillow wrote on “Is sleeping on my stomach good”.

It’s hard to break years of habit sleeping in the position you use. When I was younger I always slept on my stomach until I got to my early 50’s.

Now I can only sleep on my back and my neck hurt daily from a couple of accidents. I prefer I very thin down pillow that I manipulate into the shape for my neck area up to my ears.

This for me aligns supports my neck and aligns my spine giving me a pain free night of sleep.

Marian Minor, PT, PhD Professor Emeritus wrote about the importance of “selecting the right pillow for neck pain” in an article for the Arthritis Foundation.

Minor wrote that with neck be careful when choosing a pillow and find one that fits you. Find a pillow that supports your neck that doesn’t tilt your head forward while lying on your back. If you are a side sleeper, choose a pillow that supports your head in line with your neck not tilting you head up or down.


Space Between Neck And Ear:

The space between your neck and ear should be support properly with pillow.[5]

Minor goes on to state that are various pillows that will help neck pain, but feather/down pillows are particularly good for bending and crunch into the right shape for your neck.


How Do You Choose The Right Pillow?

There is not just one pillow that is right for everyone. There are several factor each person must decide on when choosing the pillow that is right for them.

These are the factors that I use when reviewing/testing pillows for the articles I write. I am a hot sleeper so I must have a pillow that sleeps cool.

No matter what else if the pillow is hot it’s going to keep me up at night and it’s not worth it to me. So this is a deal breaker for me if the pillow can’t stay cool.

Other Factors:

Next I need a thin soft pillow that will form to my neck and cradle my head in the right manner so that it supports those areas while keeping my spine aligned. Those are my two critical factors that must be met.


If I am going to buy a premium quality pillow I need at least two to three weeks to try the pillow out. Now I want those weeks to be risk free so the company must stand behind their pillow with free returns.

There is no way to tell if a pillow is going to work for you by just reading a review or even feeling the pillow in the store. You have to sleep on it a few nights in order to get that conformation.


I look at what materials go into the construction of the pillow to ensure there is nothing made of hash chemicals that could affect my health. I am not a fan of polyester after all the research I have done over the last few years about the potential for health problems and how hard polyester manufacturing is on the environment.

Here is quote from the Planet Aid article ” A polyester shirt has more than double the carbon footprint of a cotton shirt (5.5 kg vs. 2.1 kg, or 12.1 pounds vs 4.6 pounds).”[6]

In a Harvard letter titled “Is Your Pillow Hurting Your Health”, Matthew O’Rourke, a physical therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital state to keep firmness in mind when selecting a pillow and the goal is a comfortable position with a pillow that right for you. He says that everyone is a little different in their needs.[7]
Read the reviews and select a pillow you feel is close to meeting your needs based on the thoroughly research pillows in this article.

Next, all pillows in these reviews at the time of this writing offered free returns. Please check before ordering to ensure that their return policy hasn’t changed and check the terms of how long you have to try it out.

Finally, order the pillow and to the new pillow justice you will need to use it for at least two weeks unless it’s so uncomfortable you just can’t stand sleep.



Read the reviews and select a pillow you feel is close to meeting your needs based on the thoroughly research pillows in this article.

Next, all pillows in these reviews at the time of this writing offered free returns. Please check before ordering to ensure that their return policy hasn’t changed and check the terms of how long you have to try it out.

Finally, order the pillow and to the new pillow justice you will need to use it for at least two weeks unless it’s so uncomfortable you just can’t stand sleep.

A little discomfort is normal at first when getting use to a new pillow, so don’t be alarmed.

Also, if you don’t like it and need to send it back please come back to the article and review the features of the other pillows and repeat the process to you find the pillow that works best and gets you the best night sleep ever.

Pillows Used In Hotels:

The above reviews are pillows used in hotels around the world and as we travel and stay at different hotels we will continue to update this list to keep our readers informed.

Here is the list of pillows used in hotels:

  • The Royal Hotel Down
  • Pacific Coast Double Down
  • Queen Anne Pillow Company Heavenly Down
  • The Marriott Pillow
  • The Snuggle Pedic Ultra Luxury Bamboo
  • The Lincove Down – Authors Favorite
  • Zjing Down Hotel Collection Pillow

One thing you might have noticed about hotel type pillows on this list is that the majority of these pillows used in hotels are luxury down pillows.

Pillows used in hotels especially high end luxury 5-star hotels are always of the highest quality because these hotels want you to have an experience that is far better than you get at home.

These high end hotel type pillows make you feel like you are sleeping in luxury and they want to entice you to come back and stay again.

But you can get the hotel type pillows at home. Why not buy these same pillows used in hotels for your family?


Tips While Staying At Hotels:

I will have to admit I am a little OCD and have also been concerned about germs. Traveling has always been difficult for me and that is why I have always stayed at the nicer hotels.

These 4 to 5 star hotels are always cleaner and well maintain compared to some of more budget end hotels.

But even with the nicer hotels I am always concerned with how things are cleaned and sanitized.

This is the list of things I bring with me while traveling that I used to sanitize the room and I will even share with you my routine of what I do when I get to the room.


List Of Items I Bring With Me:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizer wipes (usually the travel size pack if flying – If driving I bring the full container)
  • My rechargeable UVC sanitizing wand

Check List For Inspecting And Sanitizing Hotel Room:

Sometimes when traveling for work or during bad weather and delays at airport I have been forced to stay at hotel I am not familiar with or I don’t know much about.

If you are in this type of situation be aware of your surrounds, if you are standing at the check in desk at the lobby of a hotel look around before signing in to see if the place looks clean.

Don’t just look at the obvious spots as those are easy to clean, look down at the base boards on the floor and in the corners of the room.

Are those areas cleaned or do they have dirt and grime build up? Also look around and at shelves and tables. Have those areas been dusted?

Do the floors look neat and clean? If you can spot an air duct or return grate look at them to see if they are being cleaned.

If the hotel is not cleaning the lobby the very first place a customer looks at then they are probably not cleaning the rooms either.

Now during winter storms I have been stranded at some pretty bad places. If the lobby looks concerning then use this technique - I ask to see the room I will be getting before I check in and pay.

There have been many times I have seen the room and said no thanks and go and find another place.

My Check List For When I Enter The Room What To Look For And Do:

Before you unpack anything do the following

Make a quick scan of the room – check bathroom floor in corners and under counter, base of the toilet, and bathtub/shower – looking for signs of mold/mildew/dirt
Also check for grates on AC & Heat to see if cleaned

If any of these things look bad then call down to desk and ask to switch rooms as these are red flags that should not be ignored.

Next Step In Inspecting Hotel Rooms:

Now these steps above as mostly for hotels that are not 4-5 stars, but I always make a quick scan of any room I am staying in regardless of the name of the hotel. Remember even the best places can end up with an employee who is not doing the job well.

If you do have to call the front desk just be kind and state the facts and ask to see another room, remember you are paying for the room and it’s not wrong to expect the room to be cleaned and sanitized.

My Routine Once Hotel Room Has Passed My Pre-Inspection:

  • I use on my sanitizing wipes to open things up until I can wipe down the room quickly
  • Open all dress drawers and inspect
  • If a refrigerator is there look inside to inspect
  • Take a quick look at the bedding and see if cleaned well, look for lint/hairs or other debris that would indicate they are not changing the bedding
  • When all that is good quickly use your sanitizing wipe and wipe down these areas
    • All door knobs and drawer pulls
    • Refrigerator door and handle
    • AC/Heat Controls
    • Wipe down phone in room – I always try and avoid talking into the phone and use my cell phone – but I wipe it down anyway and if I get a call and don’t hold it up to my mouth – use speaker phone if that option is there
    • The TV remote
    • Wipe down the night stand
    • Lamps switches / light wall switches
    • Bath room counter and fixtures, toilet seat, flush handle, sink handles, hair dryer
    • If they have a small kitchen area – wipe down everything you will touch, doors handles, counters, microwaves, sink
    • I use my portable rechargeable UVC light to sanitize both sides of the pillow (after all this is where your face will be). These devices are amazing and will kill 99.99% of all germs.
    • I use the UVC light on the sheets as well especially focusing on top half where you likely to be breathing germs in or come in contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.

Hotel Room Inspection Conclusion:

Well you have the idea this covers most areas but look around and imagine anything you are going to touch in that hotel room during your stay.

You can either wipe it down with a sanitizing wipe or hit is with the UVC light (see our review above of the best UVC light to use on even the best hotel pillows.)

Scientists have known for decades that broad-spectrum UVC light, which has a wavelength of between 200 to 400 nanometers (nm), is highly effective at killing bacteria and germs by destroying the molecular bonds.


How Long Does This Take?

I have been doing this for years and it only takes about 10 minutes when you get good at this, and I even have time to fluff and check the pillows.

Doing this will protect your family’s health and wellbeing, and remember if you don’t like the room you are paying ask to switch rooms.

I like to collect data and that is what makes me good at reviewing products for our readers, so I will let you in on a fun fact.

In one hotel during a snow storm while traveling I had to look at all 5 rooms they had left before finding one that was acceptable under those conditions.

Bottom Line:
I have been cleaning hotel rooms as long as I have been traveling, that’s going on now for almost 35 years now.

My friends and family always thought I was a little to cautious, some even thought I might be paranode.

But look at the events that transpired in 2020 around the world, taking these precautions now doesn’t seem that strange to people anymore.

I guess at least one thing in my life I was head of my time


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Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.


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