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Best Hotel Pillow Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021: Most Comfortable Picks from Marriot, Hilton, Royal and Bamboo

Have you ever wondered what kind of pillows do hotels use?  Look no further I done the work for you to come up with the best hotel pillow reviews.

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling across the world, and during my stay at different hotels, I have come across different types of hotel pillows.

Some were okay, others were so-so and a few were really quite good. The really good pillows made it feel like I was sleeping in my own bed and really comfortable.

The good news? Most of them are sold online and you can purchase them from Amazon.

We have carefully selected the best hotel pillows available in the market. We have researched each product thoroughly and then come up with unbiased reviews of the 7 best hotel collection pillows.

Before diving down into our in-depth reviews, let’s take a quick look at top of the charts. Here’s the list of our best hotel pillows of 2020.  

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    Update for 2020: best Hotel Pillow Reviews

    1 – Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow

    best down pillows

    During my stay at the Royal Hotel I had a chance to try out these hotel pillows, and I must say I’m happy with it.

    It’s just between soft and medium in the firmness department which is just right for me.

    It’s not the softest pillow I’ve tried, but it’s actually a good thing because overly soft pillows don’t give my neck any support. With the Royal Hotel down pillows, it’s just right.

    If you feel some neck pain or on your back, the Royal Hotel pillows will provide the support you need.

    I also have to add the down fill is high quality and really comfortable. I’ve slept on other pillows before, but they’re just not as comfy as these.

    Why is thread count important? Thread count is the total number of threads per square inch and an important feature to look for in high products, but not the only thing you should consider in fabrics.

    If you’re looking for the softest pillow available, then the Royal Hotel pillow isn’t for you.

    But if you’re searching for a pillow that offers support for your head and heck while still being comfortable, then I would recommend the Royal Hotel in this best hotel pillow review. With these, you get the right balance of softness and firmness.

    Key Features

    2 – Pacific Coast Double Down Around Set

    Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

    Pillows used in 5 star hotels are similar to Pacific Coast. I had a chance to use these at the Hyatt, and I can’t remember the last time I had such a good night’s sleep.

    As many people will attest to these are soft hotel grade pillows, but it’s not that soft as there’s still some support.

    I also recommended this pillow to a friend of mine who had neck problems.

    He was having trouble sleeping but this pillow immediately provided relief, and that says a lot about its quality and design, another reason this made this list of best hotel pillow reviews.

    This is the kind of pillow I’d recommend for those who want a soft pillow, as in one where you can sink your head into.

    If that’s not your thing then you should look for another. But if you like your pillow soft and hypoallergenic, give this a try.

    Key Features

    3 – Queen Anne Pillow Company Heavenly Down

    Best Hotel Pillow Reviews

    Next time you’re staying at the Hilton don’t be surprised if their hilton pillows are the Queen Anne.

    I’ve come across these in other hotels too like the New York Palace and I can say from experience it’s one of the best hotel pillows.

    This down alternative pillow has a medium level fill, which is just right if you suffer neck pain.

    The filling is hypoallergenic, and I know a lot of hotel pillows claim they’ are too. But this is the real deal and should help you sleep at night.

    The fact that this pillow is used in major hotels says a lot about its quality.

    It’s not down feather, but you’re still going to get a good night’s sleep. If you’ve got allergies and you suspect your pillow, it’s time to switch to the Queen Anne.

    Key Features

    4 – Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

    Best Hotel Pillow Reviews

    I’ve always wondered what pillows do hilton hotels use. I’ve had the opportunity to try these pillows during my stay at the Hilton and find them satisfactory.

    I slept on standard size pillow and I found no problems with it. Among the things I noticed right away is the exterior’s well done, and the seams are double sewn and the fabric is of good quality as well.

    As I slept it was easy to find a spot for my head to rest on, and it felt right, not too high but not too flat either. This pillow also has a five year warranty so that’s another plus for the Pacific Coast.

    If you’re looking for excellent hotel collection pillows, these pillows from Pacific Coast won’t disappoint. 

    They’re comfortable and based on my experience designed to last. If you’re after a very firm pillow this probably won’t do, but otherwise these should be fine.

    Next time you’re staying at the Hilton don’t be surprised if their hilton pillows are the Queen Anne.

    I’ve come across these in other hotels too like the New York Palace and I can say from experience it’s one of the best hotel pillows.

    This down alternative pillow has a medium level fill, which is just right if you suffer neck pain.

    The filling is hypoallergenic, and I know a lot of hotel pillows claim they’ are too. But this is the real deal and should help you sleep at night.

    The fact that this pillow is used in major hotels says a lot about its quality.

    It’s not down feather, but you’re still going to get a good night’s sleep. If you’ve got allergies and you suspect your pillow, it’s time to switch to the Queen Anne.

    Key Features

    5 – Official Marriott Hotel Pillows

    Official Marriott Hotel Pillow

    I always wondered what pillows does Marriott use and here I am with the answer.

    Marriott hotel pillows have always been high quality, and my stays there never disappointed. I had to spend several nights in the Marriott for a business trip and these pillows were just comfortable, period.

    The fill isn’t down but it felt good and my neck and head got the support I was looking for.

    The neck support is one of the best I’ve come across. Lying on the bed I can feel the fluffiness and the bounce, but it’s the kind of bounce that makes your head feel like it’s floating.

    And yes, it has the Genuine Marriott Product Guarantee that this is the same pillow they use at their hotels, a solid reason in its self for making the best hotel pillow list.

    They’re comfortable, durable and help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a pillow with genuine down fill, then the Marriott won’t do.

    But if you don’t mind an alternative fill the Marriott will do fine.

    Key Features

    6 – Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo 

    Best Hotel Pillows 2020 Reviews

    The bamboo hotel pillow is a fixture in a lot of 5 star hotels, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    During my last trip I finally had a chance to use one, and I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s just say the pillow is as comfortable as people say and I was able to get a good night’s rest.

    I had a tough day and my body was aching as I called it a night. When I went to bed, I noticed how the pillow provided support for neck and back.

    When I woke up, I felt better and the pain was almost gone. Sure, rest had a lot to do with it, but the pillow helped too.

    These are high quality hotel grade pillows and I recommend them without any reservation. 

    I understand that its firmness level is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for back and neck pain relief this is a good choice in the best hotel pillow among our list.

    Another added benefit of this pillow it received our VJ Pillow TOP PICK for best pillow for allergies as it is hypoallergenic. 

    Key Features

    Best Value Sets - Best Selling


    Key Features


    • 800 fill power Goose Down

    • 600 Thread Count

    • No harmful chemicals

    • 650 fill power Goose down

    • 500 Thread count

    • No Harmful chemcials

    • 800 fill power

    • 600 thread count

    • No hamful chemicals

    Final Words around the best hotel pillow reviews

    Be it Hilton hotel pillows or one of the other pillows reviewed here, you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

    Everyone probably has their own preference when it comes to pillows, but there are also those who can’t decide which one to buy.

    I have done my fair share of traveling for my work and my favorite pillow of this list of best hotel pillow reviews is the Royal Hotel’s Down pillow.  You won’t be disappointed.

    If you’re among those, hopefully the best hotel pillow reviews here have given you an idea on which one to buy.

    Good Luck.

    My Favorite Best Hotel Pillow - Based on my Preferences

    I wanted to add to this article of best hotel pillow reviews as I returned home recently from a cross-country road trip. 

    My wife and I stayed at small boutique inns on this trip instead of well know & rated hotels.

    During this trip, we stayed at some amazing places with fine amenities.

    I slept on some truly nice pillows that I want to share with you my experiences.  First, let me tell you I am always delighted to try any down pillow.  Now, just like most pillows, not all down pillows are great.

    The most expensive pillow aren’t always the best as well as the cheapest pillows are not always the worst.

    You have to judge a pillow from your perspective as to what features are most important for you.

    For instance with me a pillow needs to keep me cool, offer support for my head, neck, and keep my spine aligned while I am sleeping on my side or back.

    I prefer that pillow be constructed from toxin free materials and non allergenic as well.


    I admire companies that stand behind their products with a solid warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or even a no risk trial period. 

    That makes it easy to lay out the cash for a nice pillow if you know the company is standing behind their products.

    I always look to see if companies are being socially responsible as well.  As you can see there are a number of factors that go into choosing the best hotel pillow.

    My Favorite Hotel Pillow

    The Lincove White Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow:

    Best Hotel Pillow


    First, let’s start with this question “What is down”?

    Here is brief summary about down for those who may not be familiar.  Down is not feathers.   Feathers have hard quills.

    Feathers are more economical than down, but their insulating property is not as good nor do they provide the amazing cloud like feel of down.

    Down on the other hand is actually the layer of insulation that geese and ducks have underneath their feathers to keep them warm and dry.

    Chosen for its luxurious warmth, super resilience, cloud like softness and insulating properties makes goose down perfect for pillows.   Synthetic fills cannot even come close to matching the quality and feel of down.

    This aids in keeping our body temperature controlled while providing the support you need to align the head, neck and spine during sleep.

    Fill Power

    Fill power measures the loft or fluff of a down pillow.  This is a truest measure of the luxury of a down pillow.

    Fill power is determined by measuring the amount of space that 1-ounce of down takes up. The more space it takes up the higher the fill power.

    The higher fill power number the lighter more fluffy and comfortable the pillow will be and the insulator factor is increased.

    The criteria to judge down products are as follows, 600- fill power is considered luxury quality, and 700 is a great balanced between feel and durability.  Well 800 is considered heaven on earth, but seriously it is the best.

    Remember these numbers as your read the features below.

    The Lincove Pillow Review:

    I have never slept on a cloud before, but when I put my head on this pillow, I imagined that this is what a cloud must fell like.

    This pillow screams luxury from the moment you lay down.  It is ultra smooth 100% cotton sateen with a 600-thread count shell and stuffed with 800-fill power goose down (remember this is the best quality).    

    Lincove advertises this pillow as the gold standard and they are not kidding around with that statement. This pillow lives up to that remark and then some making this a solid choice for best hotel pillow.

    Naturally crafted with goose down to provide superior support, head, neck and back.  I have neck pain caused by arthritis (from a couple of car wrecks) so getting the right support from a pillow is critical.

    The Lincove down pillow gave me the best four nights sleep that I needed on this road trip.  It made me forget I wasn’t in my own bed.

    This Inn actually had the king firm and king soft on the bed. Lincove actually offers standard, queen and king sizes.  In addition, they offer soft, medium and firm in all sizes.

    I do tend to like my pillows on the soft thin side.  I absolutely loved the king soft feeling and support.  This is a five star pillow without a doubt.

    Cool Sleeping:

    The Lincove provided me a cool night sleep on the hot summer night.  It supported my head and neck while properly aligning my spine.

    It worked well for me while lying on my back and times when I shifted to sleeping on my side.

    I cannot put into words what an awesome night sleep this pillow provided.  I highly recommend you try this pillow out.

    After all it’s easy to do with Lincove’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and no risk purchase policy.

    Cleaning the Pillow:

    This pillow is an investment and with proper care can last years.  With that said please, follow the cleaning instructions carefully as not to damage or shorten the life of the luxury pillow.

    You can place the entire pillow in the washing machine and machine dry.  There are specific instructions included with this pillow for washing and drying.

    This is a great feature of the down pillows as I regularly like to clean my pillows as I suffer from allergies.

    About Lincove:

    Let’s talk about Lincove as a company.   We know they stand behind their products with this awesome guarantee, but let’s dig a little deeper.

    I did the extra research into Lincove and found the follow the “RDS – responsible down standard”.  

    This ensures that the down they use doesn’t come from animals that had been subjected to any unnecessary harm, force fed, or live plucking. 

    The RDS provides traceability of the supply chain and helps validate the down products used in the manufacturing process from the farm to the finished product. 

    This certification help rounds out all the nice features making the list of the best hotel pillow reviews.


    When I got home from this trip I ordered this pillow for myself in the King-soft.  This is a pillow that dreams are made from.

    When the box arrived, I unboxed and was amazed at the care Lincove takes in packaging their products.

    The pillow I ordered from them came with a carrying case for the pillow for traveling or storage.

    Lincove Summary of Features:

    Zjing Down Hotel Collection Pillow

    November 2020 addition:

    Zjing best down pillow

    My wife and I just got back from a short trip for work and we stayed at another amazing boutique inn.

    They were using a pillow that I had never tried before.  It was a real treat to trial this pillow in addition to providing an update to this article for best hotel pillow.

    This article is full of great luxury pillows and choosing the best hotel pillow from this list could prove to be a tough decision on your part.

    Remember this; the same pillow is not right for everyone.  You must take into consideration your sleeping position, preference to soft, medium or firm pillows.  Also, the support you need for head, neck, back, shoulders and even legs & knees.

    This is a lot to take into consideration when buying a pillow.  That is why VJ Pillow is here to help you in your journey.  We want you to find the best hotel pillow that is right for you ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible.

    Meet the Zjing down pillow – from their hotel collection:

    This pillow screams luxury when you pick it up and feel the material and the softness.  Now this pillow is a little pricey, but it does come in two-pack, which makes it a little more affordable.

    Here are some of the highlights of this incredible best hotel pillow.

    • Select natural high quality white goose down, full of filling
    • Scientific pillow design, fit the cervical curve, fully support the cervical vertebrae, ergonomic, and the proven contour design can perfectly support and adjust the head, neck, shoulders and back
    • Skin-friendly and comfortable cotton fabric, delicate and soft to the touch, breathable and moisture-absorbing, high-density, durable, not easy to velvet, more comfortable
    • It adopts skin-friendly and comfortable fabric, with three-dimensional edging design, beautiful atmosphere, uniform and uniform, preventing displacement. The pillow has high-end luxury beauty, comfortable and durable, durable, stitches are fine
    • pillowcases can be gently hand-washed, simple and convenient home care, very suitable for bedroom, room and hotel choices
    My findings:

    First thing, I noticed when I laid my head down on this luxury pillow was the support it gave my head, neck and shoulders.

    It truly feels like you are laying your head on a soft cloud and at the same time getting firm support to the neck and shoulders areas.

    I was amazed at how this pillow provided that much support and yet was soft and cradling to my head.

    I really enjoyed the support this pillows gave and ranked it high in providing support.


    If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that I am a hot sleeper and will not tolerate a pillow that doesn’t keep me cool at night.

    This pillow rewarded me with a very cool night sleep due to its ability to circulate air thought the pillow.

    I start deducting points fast during a trial if forced to flip my pillow over in the night to find the elusive cool spot.

    This pillow scored well in this area and not one time did I have to flip this pillow over in the middle of the night.  A big five start rating on keeping cool.


    Down pillows are cleanable and I suggest that you follow the manufacturing instructions to the tee when washing these quality pillows.

    A high quality down pillow should last for years when you take proper care of them.

    I have allergies and keeping a pillow clean is an important part to maintaining my health.  If you are not in the practice of cleaning your pillows, you may want to think about the importance and read this article on washing down pillows.


    The Zjing goose down hotel collection pillow was a true joy to get a truly rested sleep.  The high-end quality and feel makes it an easy choice to make the list of best hotel pillow reviews.

    I enjoyed the comfort, support and cooling this down pillow has to offer and had no issues putting this on the elite list of best hotel pillows.

    Was it my favorite pillow?  The answer to that is no I still feel the Lincove is the pillow for me on this list of best hotel pillows.

    This is a fine pillow and may be the best pillow for you but, there is no free trials periods or free returns that I could find.

    With that information, it is a no brainer decision to go with the Lincove based on the solid risk free purchase.

    This was an amazing pillow and is close to the Lincove in quality and feel, but without that satisfaction guarantee, I will have to point you back to the Lincove review above.

    Good luck with find the best hotel pillow that is right for you.

    Conclusion to Best Hotel Pillow Reviews:

    Well as you can probably tell, I have a passion for getting a great night sleep.  Years ago, I stopped buying cheap department  store pillows and started investing in my sleep. 

    I have done a lot of traveling over the years in my career, which has given me the advantage of trying a tremendous amount of pillows out.

    My goal is as always to give my readers the advantage of  reviewing thoroughly research articles from someone who knows about pillows, mattresses and all things sleep related.

    I always give every pillow a thorough and thoughtful rigorous test before putting a pen to paper to write a review. 

    If if have any comments of your own that your would like to send me I would be happy to hear what feedback you have on any pillow as well.

    Start investing in your health and get the best night sleep you deserve. 

    Suffering from neck arthritis or just neck pain check out our latest comprehensive article.