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Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Not everyone is built for a regular-sized bed keep reading to find out what plus size people need to know when looking for the best mattresses for heavy people.

Not everyone is built for a regular-sized bed. Some people need something a little bigger, wider, or longer to fit a larger frame.

A linebacker is not going to be able to use the same type of mattress as a teenager.  Both want to wake up feeling like they’ve had a good night’s sleep, ready to face the day with no aches and pains. 

While many people might search for the best mattress for obese people, that terminology doesn’t translate to mattresses.

Someone who is overweight at 5 feet tall has different mattress needs than someone who is 6’3” and overweight.

Most mattresses can support up to 300 pounds but if two people who weigh over 200 pounds are sharing a bed. 

They might need to consider a different kind of mattress so both people are comfortable throughout the night and wake well-rested. 

Bigger people tend to like beds with extra support in the areas that hold the most weight.  Like the abdomen and hips.

Finding the best mattresses for heavy people that is firm, thick, and feels solid. Finding these features is the best way to go to meet these requirements.

The mattress should take the weight off pressure points but you also want to make sure that the mattress does not sag.

It should also be supportive enough so that a person can easily get in and out of bed. 

There are mattresses on the market that are specifically designed for larger sleepers. 

These mattress offer ideal firmness and thickness to provide the right kind of support.

Best Mattresses for Larger people Guide 

Best Mattresses for heavy people

Before buying a new mattress, it is important to know what you are looking for.

Mattresses aren’t cheap and are supposed to last a few years so it’s important to choose the right one.  Te ensure you get the best mattresses for heavy people look at these features carefully.

Consider thickness, firmness, density, warmth, and regular sleep position.

Two important features when shopping for the best mattresses for heavy people.

Sleep Positions

That said, it does somewhat depend on sleep position.

Back sleepers have more even weight distribution and may do better with a mattress rated medium to firm.

Side sleepers need support to align their spines and relieve pressure points. 

From head to toe so a mattress with a six to eight firmness, or medium-firm to firm, is ideal.

Side and front sleepers put a lot of pressure on their bodies. 

Necks, shoulders, backs, and hips, the right support is essential.

This can be tricky with front sleepers.

If the weight is carried in the stomach, they can sink into the mattress causing back issues.

However if they can only get comfortable position, a firm mattress is the way to go.

Mattress Types

Other Factors 

There are a few other things to consider when you purchasing a mattress: 

Hot or Cool – People have different sleeping temperatures.

Some people get cold but a lot of people get hot.

This is especially true for people on the heavier side.

A firm mattress can help regulate this heat.

Simply because the sleeper won’t sink as much and has more air circulating around them.

Coil mattresses also tend to be better for hot sleepers because of the amount of airflow. 

Mattress Lifespan – Buy a mattress that will last a while because they can be quite a big expense.

While the lifespan should not be the deciding factor.

It doesn’t hurt to know which type of mattress is the best.

Life Spans of the Best Mattresses for Heavy People


Sleepers Weight – As we said, most mattresses have a weight limit.

If you exceed it, you aren’t going to get the support you need.

Most queens and kings can go up to 600 pounds.

However if you go over that, it is important to find one that is made for your weight demographic. 

Edge Support – This is important if you sleep near the edge of the bed or need support when getting in and out.

Look for a mattress that doesn’t sink around the sides – innerspring and hybrid mattresses seem to be the best for this.

Best Mattress for Obese People and those with Larger Frames

This particular mattress is great for heavier people. While it is made of memory foam, it offers good support with an 11-inch thickness.

It has four layers of foam for strong support. The comfort area features gel memory foam as well as standard memory foam.

This combination helps the mattress conform to the person’s body without being too hot.

Plus, the cover is cotton which is helpful if you need to sleep cooler. This mattress helps with spinal alignment and reducing pressure points.

It has a great sleep surface and won’t sag. The Nectar mattress is rated as six, or medium-firm. Heavier people won’t have an issue with sinking into the mattress.

This mattress is a great choice that offers comfort and support at a good price.

It was designed specifically for people who are over 300 pounds but it’s also good for those who want a quality firm bed.

The Comfort Max 400 has a five-inch support layer of Talalay latex which is a great material that offers high-end comfort as well as durability.

It also has what the company calls “non-fatiguing resiliency base foam support”.

It has ten inches of thickness and is made to order so it’s not just coming off the production line.

While you may have to wait for the order to be processed, it will be worth the wait when you get to sleep in this ultra-comfortable bed. 

This mattress is good for those who are slightly overweight but may not be supportive enough for those who are obese.

Reviews say it is perfect for people around 200 pounds but feels a bit too soft for people who weigh much more.

This mattress has five layers of high-end foam for comfort and contour support.

It breathes well and has tiny pores for good airflow which allows for cool sleeping. The ergonomic system also features gel pods to keep the spine aligned which relieves aches and pains.

It is an eco-friendly and Certi—PUR US certified mattress. Plus, you get a 100-night in-home trial to see if you like it and free returns if you don’t.

Final Thoughts on the Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Finding a mattress that suits your every need is not always easy, especially if you are larger in size.

It is difficult to find something that not only supports your weight but also lets you wake up feeling refreshed.

Finding the right mattress is important to maintaining your health and comfort levels.

  It is a little more difficult simply because you may need something that goes beyond average specifications. 

If you are larger in stature and want to find the right mattress for you.. Take all of the factors we mentioned into consideration and see what fits your budget.

You can find mattresses ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to well over $1,000. Expensive does not always mean better but going cheap is not a good idea either.

You want to make sure the materials are high quality and made to last. So, do your homework and see what is best for you.

Finding a mattress with good reviews within your budget that meets all your needs may take a bit of work.  It will be worth it in the end.