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Best Pillow For Neck Arthritis

Suffering from neck arthritis will make sleeping a painful experience.  If you are looking for the best pillow for neck arthritis then read our thoroughly researched reviews below.

Choosing the right pillow will make all the difference in your sleeping position.  This will determine how your neck feels when you get out of bed each morning.

Important Factors In Choosing The Best Pillow For Neck Arthritis

The best pillow for neck arthritis is the pillow that fits you the best.  We have researched many pillows to come up with the list below.  First, your preferred sleeping position will be a driving factor.

Secondly, the best pillow for neck arthritis will support your neck without tilting your head forward when lying on your back.

If you are a side sleeper then your pillow choice should support your neck and head while not tilting your head up or down.

The choices of pillows that support the neck are endless.  We at VJ Pillow thoroughly researched hundreds of pillows a year and present to you our top choices. 

Always follow your doctor’s advice around stretching, exercises, and body postures when choosing the right pillow and mattresses.

In your search for the best pillow for neck arthritis you have come to the right spot.  Set back and read these thorough reviews.

Top Pick: Quick Summary

best pillow for neck arthritis

The EPABO Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow is my top choice in the best pillow for neck arthritis review.

For those of you who don’t like to read lengthy reviews I will give you the short version first.  For those of you like me that want the full meal deal review read beyond this paragraph.

Getting down quickly to the details this great pillow will work for side, back and stomach sleepers.

EPABO is made of memory foam and cradles your head while providing the proper alignment of your spine.  They provide a 30-day 100% worry free guarantee and will offer a full refund.

This provides you with a no risk opportunity to see if this pillow will work best for you.  

For those looking for the quick answer you have it, hit the link below and you will be satisfied.  Keep reading to get the full review of the best pillow for neck arthritis.

EPABO Neck arthritisAmazon

Top Pick (Full Review)

Best Pillow For Neck Arthritis

The EPABO Contour pillow is my top pick in the best pillow for neck arthritis.  Let’s judge this pillow by my criteria above.EPABO Neck arthritis


This pillow met my requirements of keeping me cool as I slept.

Coolness is always my top concern when trialing a memory foam pillow.

Let’s look at how the pillow actually keeps you cool night.

The EPABO is made of breathable memory foam providing much better air circulation that kept me cool and dry.

I gave this pillow high marks on the keeping me cool scale, I am a tough grader on this factor.

Support is critical in reliving neck pain while sleeping.  Having been in a couple of car accidents and my neck hurts to some degree daily.
Having a pillow that properly aligns my spine and keeps my head at the proper height and angle is important.
best pillow for neck arthritis
I love the way this pillow supports my head at just the right elevation.
Now here is the really clever part of their design.  On the bottom of the pillow is place where you can take out a .8 inch piece of foam.
This only applies if you feel the pillow is too high.  Also this only should be done for back and stomach sleepers.
EPABO states that this adjustment is not necessary for side sleepers.
I tried if first with the foam in and after about an hour I decided to take it out.
I have also needed a thinner pillow to put my neck in the right position.
This is a huge advantage I see in this pillow design and just one of many stand out features.

I start out sleeping on my back and occasionally end up on my side when my lower back is hurting.

This is why I personally look for a pillow that will accommodate those two sleeping positions.

Fortunately, this pillow works for stomach, side, and back sleepers.  But is especially designed for the people with neck pain.

This is a primary reason for it ranking in the top spot for best pillow for neck arthritis.

What makes this pillow the best for neck pain?  The EPABO contour design aligns and supports your neck, head, back and shoulders.  This aids you in falling a sleep faster and staying in a deep sleep longer.

EPABO calls out that you may experience some discomfort during the first two weeks as your body adjusts to the correct sleeping position.  But, don’t worry they have you covered with a 30 day trial period.  If it doesn’t work for you send it back.  But, try and give it a least a two week test period.


Also, don’t forget it is adjustable on thickness by removing foam from the bottom.  I did this as I am more comfortable with a thinner pillow.

This is a super easy adjustment and makes customizing the fit of this pillow to your preference a breeze.

best pillow for neck arthritis


I look for a pillow that is constructed with materials that are free from toxins.

In this day and age we need to be aware of what toxins we are exposing are families to with the products we choose.

This pillow is made from materials that are free from harmful toxins.  This is a huge plus for me in the search for the best pillow for neck arthritis.


I am a little OCD and cleanliness is a must.  Therefore I want at least the outer shell of the pillow to be washable.

I also use a high quality pillow case but still want to be able to wash the outer shell of the pillow at a minimum.

This pillow is covered by a jacket with a high quality zipper.  Just remove the inner foam from this jacket before washing.

But, do not wash the memory foam.  The pillow case only is machine washable.

When the pillow arrived like most memory foam it had a harmless but not very pleasant smell.

I just left the pillow in the other room for a day and let it air out before using.


I will not buy product online from any company that doesn’t stand behind their products.  To me this means they must have a trial period.

The minimum period that is acceptable to me is 30-days.  It will take you at least 2-weeks to adjust to a new pillow.

Everyone’s body is different and any good company with give you a chance to try their product out.

EPABO offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy for any reason just contact them to return.

This gives you the peace of mind needed to buy this pillow and give it a try.  For me this is the slam dunk for the best pillow for neck arthritis.

It meets all the criteria in for the best pillow for neck arthritis and this is a no risk trial period.  If you have neck pain you have nothing to lose in trying this pillow out.

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

best pillow for neck arthritisAmazon

Second Place


Best Pillow For Neck Arthritis

Let’s run this pillow through the mill and compare it to the same criteria as the previous pillow.


If you read the above you know that I will start out by judging whether this pillow keeps me cool.

Although the pillow did feel cool it wasn’t as cool as my first choice.  This was the main reason that kept this pillow from being a top pick in the best pillow for neck arthritis.


Support being a critical element in the design of a pillow that will help with neck pain.  I loved the support that this pillow gave my head and neck.

I did wake up feeling refreshed and my neck wasn’t stiff in the morning.  It did take me a few nights to get use to this pillow.

Being summer time I did crank the air conditioning down a little.  I usually sleep at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, but I did bump it down to 66 after the first night as the pillow felt a littler warmer than I like.

If you are not a hot sleeper then this pillow might be a choice for in the best pillow for neck arthritis search.


Supporting different sleeping positions is where this pillow rocks.  It has a truly amazing design with its contours that allow you to place your arms in comfortable places.

amazing pillow for stomach sleepers

I don’t sleep on my stomach but I did try it out to see how it felt.  Wow, I was amazed at the feel.

It supports side, stomach, back and side sleepers offering support for each position.


They do state that materials are chemical free for better health.


The pillow case is removable and washable meeting my criteria of easy to clean.

The pillow case felt soft and was easy to sleep on.  I tried putting a regular pillow case on for extra protection for the pillow but I felt it got in the way of functionality.


I did not find any trial period listed when I purchased this pillow.  It does state free returns on the Amazon listing.  

I would be sure to check this when ordering to ensure this is still the case.  This was another minor strike against this pillow knocking it down to the second place position in this review of best pillow for neck arthritis.


This is a good second choice overall.  If you are a stomach sleeper who sleeps with their arms wrapped around the pillow, this might be for you.

The major concern for me was it slept a little warmer than the EPABO therefore taking second place in this best pillow for neck arthritis race.

Remember if you choose this pillow make sure of the current return policy before hand.


Alternate Choice  – Thin Extra Soft Down Pillow

Lincove - how to choose a pillowAmazon

Alternate Choice  – Thin Extra Soft Down Pillow


Best Pillow For Neck Arthritis For Thin Pillow Lovers.

Okay, this pillow is not a conventional choice at all, but please read on to understand my reasoning on this fine pillow.

This good be a great choice for best pillow for neck arthritis you if you like a cool thin pillow. Please read on before you decide.

If you read my reviews above you know I like a pillow that is cool and also on the thinner side.

This is truly the thinnest, softest and cool feeling pillow I have ever slept on.  I love this pillow, it quickly became one of my favorites, let me explain why.


This pillow sleeps very cool with its down design it allows air to circulate through the pillow.  I put my bamboo pillowcase on this and slept like a king.

This is one of the coolest sleeping pillows that I own and was worth every penny I spent.

Comfort & Support,

If you don’t like thin pillows then don’t bother reading any further.  This is one of the thinnest pillows that I own.

What I love about this pillow is the ability to take any shape I want.  For instance I love turning the pillow on it’s edge and laying my head down in the middle.

This causes the pillow to come up around my ears while supporting my neck perfect.  I found this position also blocks noise out for me making it easier to stay asleep.

This was an extra benefit in the decision on best pillow for neck arthritis.

Sleep Positions,

As I mentioned above this is a very thin pillow so if that not your cup of tea please avoid.  

I am not a stomach sleeper but I also tried that position with this pillow.  Being thin seemed to work well with the pillow for stomach sleeping.

It worked great for me while lying on my back, which is my preferred position.  My other position as I talked about is side sleeping.

I have a tendency with this pillow to shape it however; which makes it a great pillow choice for me.


I have done a lot of traveling over the years, and only in the last couple have I started taking my own pillow with me.  Partly because of the virus going on and partly because you don’t know what you will get at hotels.

This pillow has become my travel pillow now because it’s so thin I put it in a small garbage bag squeeze the air out and tie the bag shut.

This makes it small enough to stuff in my suitcase.  I also like using it behind my head while driving on long trips.

Another mark in favor of best pillow for neck arthritis.

Toxin Free,

This pillow is made of natural down so no need to worry about toxins.  You will sleep well on this pillow know that it is made from natural down.


This pillow is easy care and is washable and machine dryer friendly.  You must follow instructions for care of this quality pillow.

We have an article on how to clean feather and down pillows just follow this highlight link to learn about the proper care.

This is a high quality pillow and I would recommend you buy a quality bamboo pillowcase to protect your investment.  In addition, frankly you can’t get a better pillow case than bamboo.


Please check the return policy when ordering this pillow.  Also, please remember this pillow is extremely thin (see picture above).  If thin pillows don’t work for you avoid this one.

This is an expensive pillow and now one of my favorites.  I would not give this pillow up for anything.

You will be amazed at the feel and quality of this pillow.  However, in the spirit of this review of best pillow for neck arthritis I leave you these recommendations for this pillow.

You have to like thin pillows; I feel this works well for back sleepers, stomach, and side sleepers.

In Addition,

You have to be okay with adjusting the pillow as you change positions.  I find myself bending this thing into all kinds of shapes to fit my needs.

When I make that statement keep in mind, I use this pillow in bed, on the couch, car, and travel.  It’s a versatile pillow but may not be for everyone so keep in mind how you will use it and sleeping positions.

This being a little unconventional choice kept it out of being a top pick as I felt it it will appeal to a much smaller segment of our readers.

Keep in mind when choosing the best pillow for neck arthritis one pillow does not meet everyone’s needs.

That is why VJ Pillow reviews all kinds of pillows so that our readers will find one that suits their needs.

Please remember when choosing the best pillow for neck arthritis for you, find a company that has free trials or free returns.


You have just read an comprehensive review on my top three choices for best pillow for neck arthritis.

See what experts say about choosing the right pillow for neck pain at the Arthritis Foundation.

Look at the criteria closely and decide which ones are the most important to you and let that drive your choice.

If you are not sure I would go with our top pick as it has the 30 day trial.


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