Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain Reviews (2019 Picks)

We all have a favorite sleep position, but the general population is unaware of the fact that their sleeping position can be dangerous for your rotator cuff and shoulder joint. While sleeping on the side has its pros, it can cause serious damage to your shoulder joint, especially if you’ve recently undergone a surgery or had an injury. If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain lately, its time to change your pillow.

Top Rated Pillows for Shoulder Pain Relief –  2019 Picks

Name Editor Rating Price
Malouf Z Shoulder 9/10
MedCline Pillow 9/10
SleepYoga Posture Pillow 8/10
Remedy Contour Pillow 8/10
Shoulder Support System 8/10
Tampor Contour Pillow 8/10
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Shoulder pain can occur due to a variety of reasons. Before you jump to conclusions, it is recommended that you consult doctors other than Google and get a proper diagnosis. However, major causes include tendinitis, arthritis, dislocated shoulder or tearing of the rotator cuff. Among several home remedies to treat shoulder pain, getting a contoured pillow is at number one. Sleeping with pillows keep your spine in its natural alignment, taking pressure off your joints and pressure points. Here are the reviews of 6 best pillows that can help you recover from shoulder pain:

Shoulder Support Pillow Reviews

1. Z Shoulder Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow

Z Shoulder Zoned Dough Memory Foam PillowOne of the most comforting pillows you could get your hands on to provide relief for shoulder pain is the Malouf Z Shoulder Zoned Dough pillow. With its zoned dough technology, it ensures that you get the perfect balance of cushioning and contouring for a good night’s sleep, making it ideal for side sleepers. The memory foam used in its manufacturing relieves pressure off the pressure points, catering the strenuous shoulder pain you wake up with every morning.

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Neither too firm, nor too soft, this shoulder pillow is composed of both latex and memory foam, in order to provide you with the support of latex and the perfect contouring you expect from memory foam. You can choose from two sizes of the pillow (king and queen) to suit your needs best, so that your head is elevated at the most comfortable position when you lay down to rest.

Designed with a unique recess for shoulder support, this pillow perfectly cradles your head and supports the shoulder and neck to provide unmatchable sleep quality. This pillow also helps improve your sleep quality by using aromatherapy to create a calm and soothing sleep atmosphere with its natural lavender oil, included in the pillow casing.

To keep you from flipping pillow sides several times during the night, the pillow comes with a TENCEL cover which offer great breathability, making it perfect for all seasons alike. It doesn’t block the lavender scent rather enhances its fragrance through the small holes present in the pillow. If you’re allergic to certain chemicals, your worries are taken care of with the CertiPUR-US certification, that ensures no harsh chemicals are used in its manufacturing.

2. MedCline Pillow

Medcline Shoulder Pain Relief PillowAnother clinically proven solution for perfect sleep is the MedCline Wedge which uses its advanced positioning technology to provide relief from shoulder and neck pain. However, the support is not confined to the upper half of the body, but the entire torso is catered with it. Not only that but the wedge shape has proven to be effective against heartburn, coughing, choking, nausea and regurgitation, after multiple clinical trials.

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Before you confuse it with a pillow, you need to know that it is only a supporting base for you to place your pillow on, provided you aren’t comfortable sleeping on the wedge alone. This makes it a whole lot easier for people who are accustomed to sleeping on their own pillows. If you’re worried you might slide down the wedge during the night, the patented arm pocket provides a great deal of support by letting you place your arm and sleeping comfortably through the night.

Without putting any pressure on your shoulder, it allows your elbow and forearm to rest comfortably on the mattress, while you wake up magically refreshed the next morning. Unlike other wedge shaped foams which only consist of a single type of foam, MedCline pillow is made using four different types of foam to provide you the perfect blend of comfort and contoured support, the top layer being memory foam to provide you the cushion you need to relieve you off the chronic shoulder pain you experience from sleeping on the side.

Ideal for many sleepers, this medically designed wedge shaped works wonders just as well for sinus patients as it does for those suffering from arthritis and shoulder pain, with two sizes to choose from. This product, however is not recommended for those who have recently undergone shoulder surgeries or are facing problems with the rotator cuff. The covers are 100% removable and machine washable to keep you from changing the pillow itself every now and then.

3. Sleep Yoga

Sleep YogaThis Sleep Yoga pillow is designed specifically for side sleepers to benefit as much from sleep as they do from Yoga i.e. flexibility, good posture and a refreshed body once you wake up from a restful night’s sleep. But how does it do that? By improving your posture, it keeps your shoulders in their naturally aligned position, providing sufficient support to your forearms, wrists and elbows. This provides considerable relief from shoulder pain, the biggest cause for which is the wrong posture and additional pressure exerted on them while you sleep on your side.

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The right thickness and loft support your shoulders well, even if you’ve recently undergone a surgery or are experiencing some shoulder pain due to an injury. This is because these medical conditions call for keeping your arm in an elevated position, which is made easier with the Sleep Yoga Side sleeper pillow. That too, with exceptional value for money.

If you love snuggling in your pillow as you sleep, this shoulder pain pillow is the perfect choice for you. Why’s that? It comes with a cozy side arm rest allowing you to rest your arm comfortably while you sleep, preventing it from slouching forward, which is responsible for neck and spinal pain. Say goodbye to neck and joint pain, since the two over filled sections of this pillow provide the required contour and support along your body’s natural curve.

The pillow is designed by a chiropractor, keeping in mind the variable dynamics of our bodies, all of them working to give you the perfect body posture while you sleep. Not only that, but it looks after improving your posture while you sit, stand, bend, all of it while you enjoy your sleep.

However, the pillow isn’t as breathable as some of you might like it to be. If you experience night sweats and episodes of hot flashes, there are better, more breathable options out there for you.

4. Remedy Side Sleeper

remedy side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain reliefIf you’re looking for something small and handy to provide support at home and during traveling alike, this pillow is probably the best value you can find for your money. By properly resting your head and neck in its U-shaped design, the pillow relieves pressure off your neck and shoulders, helping with shoulder pain that may develop as a result of sleeping in an uncomfortable position. This multipurpose pillow can be used literally anywhere and everywhere you desire, making any place perfect for sleep, replacing the need of any more pillows. Although the pillow contours perfectly according to your head and neck, it regains its loft once you get up.

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Given its petite size, it is perfectly suitable for traveling, which means you won’t have to worry about discomfort, whether you’ll be sleeping in the plane or on a bus. You will also need to cover the pillow with its casing (comes with it), so that it can be taken off and washed often to maintain hygiene. The pillow is hypoallergenic and keeps you safe from allergies of all sort.

To improve your sleeping posture and keep your back aligned during the night, the pillow is shaped in a way that adjusts to your neck with the right firmness and comfort. However, given its price, the loft doesn’t retain itself for a very long period of time. Neither does the pillow live up to its claims for ” ideal side sleeping” since the supporting arm is very short in length.

5. SRSS Shoulder Support System – Best Rotator Cuff Pillow

SRSS Shoulder Support SystemA breath of relief for those with shoulder pain and post surgical sleeping issues, the SRSS shoulder support system relieves pressure off your shoulder and provides you a soothing sleep for the night. However, this isn’t just a rotator cuff pillow but a complete sleep support system that is recommended for a comfortable sleep by chiropractors and surgeons. Shoulder pain in many individuals is experienced as a result of undue pressure exerted on the shoulder joint while you’re asleep. The pain is bound to worsen if you are a side sleeper.

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Specially designed keeping side sleepers in mind, this support system is a wedge shaped device that elevates you at the perfect angle, fitting your shoulder in the pocket, distributing it evenly across the upper body instead of concentrating it on the shoulder joint solely. By sliding you in the right position, it also keeps your neck upright, and keeps it from sliding down.

Regardless of how much you weigh, this sleeping device cradles your head and shoulders comfortably in it. It is designed in a way that you get to place your pillow on it, making the transition to sleep on the new device easier. Although it is a welcome change for those facing difficulty sleeping at night, it might take you around 5-6 days for you to adjust to it. You can even take it with you while you’re travelling as it is easily portable. Ideal for arthritis patients and those of you with sinus issues, this sleeping support system is all you need to bring an end to sleepless nights.

The device comes with a removable custom case that can be washed whenever needed. People with torn rotator cuffs have also reported to have seen a considerable improvement in their sleep quality after shifting to SRSS shoulder support system.

6. Tampor Pillow

tampor pillowSearching for a reasonably priced supporting pillow for your neck pain? This ergonomically designed pillow is designed to rest your head in its natural curvature, alleviating pressure off your neck and shoulders. The pillow is made from natural organic bamboo which keeps it from getting too cold in the winters and too hot in summers, without having to to toss and turn during the night. The pillow is composed of 100% memory foam, which gives you just the right firmness, neither too hard, nor too soft, changing the way you sleep by magically improving sleep quality.

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The pillow is equally beneficial for side and back sleepers, letting you enjoy your sleep by contouring to your body shape. By aligning your spinal curve in its natural position and filling in the gap between your shoulder and head, it alleviates pressure off your shoulder joint whether you’re sleeping on the side or on your back. It also prevents snoring by elevating your head compared to the shoulders and neck. Keeps your head cradled throughout the night, without deflating from the pressure exerted on to it. Unlike other contoured pillows, this one actually works magic on your shoulder and neck pain. Its time to bid farewell to sore neck and shoulders and waking up with stiff muscles.

The bamboo charcoal used in its composition is the perfect material one could ask for in a pillow, since it is deodorizing and air purifying, absorbing any moisture that is present, which means no more sweaty pillows. The pillow is contoured in a way that it contains both high and low loft so that your neck rests in its natural alignment. Moreover, it is CERTIPur certified, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which keeps you safe from developing any allergies as a result of toxic chemicals used in the production. For hygiene purposes, the pillow comes with a zippered washable pillow cover and an extra cover to put on if you’ve put one in the laundry.

When choosing the right pillow for shoulder pain relief, you need to weigh in a lot of factors, most importantly your health. The price, dimensions, firmness and loft of the pillow as well as the comfort it provides have a key role to play. There is no better way to select a pillow for yourself than to bring it home and sleep on it for at least a week. This is why you should always get one with money back guarantee or an exchange/refund policy.

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