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Best Water Pillow Reviews By Trusted Experts

These water pillow reviews reveals the amazing benefits for reducing neck and shoulder pain with these adjustable water pillows. Water pillow is sometimes considered as a therapeutic pillow, that is able to relieve the body pain and snoring during sleeping. Join us for a thorough study of the best water pillow reviews.

A H2O pillow has 2 main components: the water which is stored insides a polyester pouch underneath, and the memory foam floating above that water bag to give support to the head.

These pillows can give therapeutic aids to relieve head and shoulder pain, and there are water pillows that can even deliver cooling effect by reducing heat build-up during the night.

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to go through our in-depth water pillow reviews, here is my personal honest recommendation.  There are a lot of options available in the market but finding the best water pillow could be a tedious task.

If you go through these honest reviews, you will be able to understand exactly what to look for when buying water filled pillows.  Here’s a list of top of the charts to help you find the Best Water Pillow Review Top Picks.


Original Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Review

Mediflow waterbase pillow is the best water pillow, tested at Hopskin University.

This water-filled pillow has a polyester fiber and a thin water pouch that could be filled with water for personal customization.

The best thing about Mediflow waterbase pillow is its ability to reduce head pain and neck pain. Since it offers the support as you shift your body, without the need of any fluffing or re-fluffing.

Its very well-built and it will be safe to term this pillow as the best water pillow for neck pain as well.

Key Features

  • Hypoallergenic material: good for your health, especially for those who suffer from respiratory problems.
  • Made in USA
  • 30 days satisfactory guarantee and 1 year defect guarantee
  • The water pouch is customizable, it can store up to 8 pounds of water.

Mediflow Water Pillow Memory Foam

The Medilflow Company has done it again, they have improved their original design (see above review) and have added the soft memory foam.

This pillow has the same great water pillow feel but not has the added support and comfort that memory foam has to offer.

This pillow is rich in features and provides great support of head and neck, while keeping your spine aligned during sleep.

Let’s Review The Advertised Features:

  • Clinically proven water-base technology provides superior comfort, improves quality of sleep and reduces neck pain.
  • MEMORY FOAM RE-INVENTED: Extra Ventilated Memory Foam combined with our clinically proven Waterbase Technology keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SLEEP POSITIONS: Back sleeping, side sleeping, or stomach sleeping, water moves as you move. So you don’t have to wake up to adjust your pillow during sleep!
  • YOU ARE UNIQUE: Water conforms to the shape of your head and neck, for personal comfort.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SUPPORT FOR COMFORT: Our Water Pillows can be customized to your liking! Soft, medium or firm – Just add water!
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL, MADE IN USA: our pillow is made with a fully sealed and insulated water pouch surrounded by our European memory foam, and is encased in a 100% hypoallergenic Cotton shell, providing exceptional comfort for the head.
  • NO RISK TRIAL: The Water Pillow by Mediflow comes with our 3 Year Warranty and 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee – if you aren’t happy within 30 days, we’ll take it back, no questions asked
  • SIZE: 20 x 28 inches fits Standard or Queen Pillow Cases

Our Review & Comments:

Wow, this is a great pillow.  Our sleep subjects found this pillow to offer more support and comfort than the original Mediflow design.

The original is a great pillow too, but the memory foam just takes the comfort and support up a notch.

This pillow performed well in all sleeping positions and cradles the head, will keeping spin aligned.

The best thing about the Mediflow water pillows is the ability to adjust firmness by adding or pouring out the water.  

This truly make the this pillow adjustable to each individual sleeper something that most regular pillows just doesn’t offer.

The ventilated memory foam helps keep the pillow cool and night so there were no flipping the pillow around trying to find a cool spot.


  • Great head and neck support & alignment
  • Sleeps cools
  • Memory foam is very soft
  • The water conforms to the shape of your head and neck
  • Quality made pillow
  • 3-year warranty
  • Customized to your likely - add or remove water to adjust firmness
  • 30 risk free trial
  • Free returns


Meidflow Water Pillow Memory Foam Buying Advice:

This is an overall great pillow that offers great support and alignment in all sleeping positions.

If you suffer from neck pain I would recommend that you give this memory foam water pillow a chance and see if it can offer you some relief.

With the 30-day trial and the free returns this is a risk free opportunity for you to try out one of these amazing pillows.

Thanks for reading this Mediflow water pillow review.

Mediflow Down Waterbase Pillow: Author Top Pick

This is the most luxury offered in any water pillow we have ever tested and was a personal favorite of the majority of our sleep subjects.

So what makes this Mediflow different than it’s other models of water pillows?

Everything is the same except the have used high quality down for the outer shell of this pillow combining the water pillow with the luxury of down.

We found this pillow to be truly amazing and one of the best pillows we have ever had the pleasure to sleep on. 

Let’s Look At The Advertised Features Before We Review.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • COMFORT WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Regular feather pillows can flatten quickly and cause neck pain or poor sleep quality. Mediflow’s responsive water base technology keeps you aligned and supported without compromising on the soft feel of down, creating the best down pillow you’ve ever tried.
  • CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR COMFORT: Our water-based pillows can be customized to your liking! Adjust the water level to make your pillow loft higher or lower
  • STAY ALIGNED ALL NIGHT: If you are side sleeper, back sleeper or switch in between-the water base will move according to your sleep position ensuring you proper cervical support all night long
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: this pillow is made with a fully sealed and insulated water pouch surrounded by our Mediflow’s Hypoallergenic, pure down feathers and is encased in a 100% hypoallergenic Cotton shell, providing exceptional comfort for the head.
  • MADE IN THE USA: We stand by our product with a 30-day satisfaction & 3-year over manufacturing errors – if you aren’t happy within 30 days, well take it back, no questions asked.


Okay we thought when we tested the Mediflow memory foam pillow that we had found the best water pillow.

Well that’s until we laid our head down on the Mediflow down water pillow, this pillow hands down is the best pillow on the water pillow reviews period.

The pillow outperformed all other pillows on this list in comfort, support, spine alignment and keeping us cool at night.

Not to mention if really feel like you are resting your head on a fluffy cloud, offering the best night sleep ever.

This pillow’s firmness is fully adjustable just like the other Mediflow water pillows simply by adding or pouring out water to get your desired firmness. 


Mediflow Water Base Down Pillow – Best Water Pillow Buying Advice:

This pillow received the highest marks with all of our sleep subject and was raved about in the entire group as being the most luxurious water pillow reviewed.

The down is so much more comfortable than the memory foam or the original that you have to give the pillow a test run for yourself.

With the 30 day no risk trial period that Mediflow offers this is a risk free opportunity for you to try out the best water pillow on the market.

Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow Review

The Chiroflow waterbase pillow is almost similar to the original waterbase pillow by Mediflow Inc.

This pillow is somehow similar to the original water-base pillow. It was modified using DuPont soft polyester fiber rather than standard polyester fiber.

The DuPont polyester fiber is characterized by its soft, luxurious and long lasting feature. Ensuring the pillow to be as smooth as a Down pillow and concurrently increasing the durability into another level.

Many users claimed that, both Chiroflow and Mediflow pillow give the same sleep inducing the comfort level, and they could not notice any difference between the two.

However, you won’t notice any clumping in Chiroflow even after years, and that’s why it is trusted by thousands of consumers.

The only downside of Chiroflow waterbase pillow is it’s expensive price tag.

It is more expensive as compared to Mediflow original waterbase pillow, though the features it offers in this price are unbeatable.

Head over to Amazon for Chiroflow pillow reviews.

Key Features

  • Hypoallergenic materials:good for your health, especially for those suffer from respiratory problems.
  • Made in USA
  • 30 days satisfactory guarantee and 1 year defect guarantee
  • The water pouch is customizable, it can store up to 8 pounds of water.

Core Deluxe Water Pillow

This pillow is made of a cotton fiber cushion on the top and a water chamber at the bottom. 

The real deal is that you can remove the water chamber out of the pillow, in case you want to wash the pillow by machine. 

This design will reduce the damage to the pillow.

Another smart design of the Core Deluxe Water Pillow is that it has a displacement panel at the center of the water chamber. 

A liquid based pillow can be noisy if you do not remove all of the air bubble out of the water pouch. This displacement panel, you will never get bothered by the noise when the water moves during re-positioning.

Key Features

  • The underneath water pouch pillow
  • The memory foam saturated with water pillow

Pouch Waterbase Pillow

best water pillow review

The pouch waterbase pillow is a universal design which can be seen from Mediflow, Chiroflow (best renowned water pillow brands, which is all from Mediflow Inc.). 

This type of pillow from Mediflow and Chiroflow is made by a polyester pouch for tap water storage, which is placed under the hypoallergenic polyester fiber to support the head, giving a soft and luxurious comfort feeling.

Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

On the other hand, the memory foam waterbase pillow is made by a memory foam saturated with water, giving the cooling effect. 

This type of pillow does not need tap water as it has the gel in the pillow already.

Why Buy A Water Filled Pillow

In clinical researches, water filled pillow appears to create a better sleeping condition than normal pillow. 

The water based pillow outranks normal pillow in 4 aspects:

  • Shorter length of time to fall asleep
  • Less number of sleep interruptions
  • Lesser time to regain the sleeping stage (after sleep interruptions)
  • Better sleep quality perception

Additionally, the water based pillow can also resolve neck pain effectively. 

That’s why clinical experts recommend a water filled pillow for people suffering from neck pain.

The Downside Of Water Filled Pillow

best water pillow reviews

Obviously, there is no perfect product for all people, there is just a perfect product for a certain group of people and the water pillow is also not an exception. 

The water pillow bears some downside that is visible:

Heavy when Filled

Although the standard net weight of a water pillow is just 1.5 pounds, it can take up to 4-8 pounds, depending on the volume of water you add. 

As it is heavy sometimes, it is not easy to carry around from room to room. 

Taking the water filled pillow is not possible during the flight too.


Although the water pillow does not compress heavily as normal pillow, the polyester layer floating above water pouch could be clumped after a while. 

Therefore, if you are about to choose a water pillow, pick the best one to ensure that the polyester fibers used are of high quality.

Not Ideal for Stomach Sleepers

The loft may be too high for a stomach sleeper to rest. If you are a stomach sleeper, read our stomach sleeper pillow reviews.

Best Water Pillow Reviews Conclusion

Water based pillow is a therapeutic pillow type that is designed to reduce the neck pain and increase the comfort level of your sleep.

A water pillow will be an effective and easy way for you to gain a deep sleep and waking up without body tiredness.

If normal pillows can’t give you a restful night, then a water pillow will be a worthy item that you could try.


What Are Water Pillows?

What are water pillows?  They are pillow that usually have a center bladder that is filled with water surrounded by either polyester, memory foam, or even down fill outer pillow in a case. Well that may describe how they are constructed but does that answer the question what are water pillows?   It does answer what they are but doesn’t cover what are they used for and why do we need one. Pillows have been around for thousands of years and for thousands of years man has been trying to improve the pillow to get a better nights rest. Believe it or some past civilizations used stones and even porcelain as pillows, some even believing that a hard pillow improved health and eye site.[1] When asking what are water pillows?  Another answer would be it’s another type of pillow invented to improve the quality of sleep. We are going to get into what are water pillows used for in the next questions that will provide some clear answers as to why should we use them.

Water Pillows For Neck Pain – Do They Help?

Neck pain is a common reason for people to start searching for the perfect pillow to reduce or relieve neck pain in order to improve the quality of their sleep. They are dozens of choices in the market for pillows that are supposed to relieve neck pain.  They come in so many different sizes, shape, and firmness that the selection can be over whelming. Thank goodness you have come to VJ Pillow the leading expects on pillows and all sleep related products.  Helping you the readers navigate the hundreds of choices they have to make in pillows is our wheel house. We do the research, test the pillows, use sleep subjects to get a broader first hand perspective on each pillow we review then we give you the reader the pros and cons of each model. People do love the water pillows for their ability to improve their neck pain and increase their quality of sleep.

Water Pillow Reviews Benefits:

We have already learned that water pillows for neck pain are a great choice in improving pain and getting better sleep. They are also excellent in providing a cool night sleep, now which also depends on the other materials used to surround the water bladder. We haven’t talked about sleeping positions yet in this FAQ’s section, but our sleep subjects found these water pillows to be great for all sleeping position, side, back and stomach. There are not many pillow that can be some easily customized to your firmness level, however it as simple as adding or pouring water of these water pillows to make that adjustment. The water pillows tested in these reviews all move slightly when moving you head, not like the old days of laying a waterbed and moving and having to ride the wave until the water settled down.

Is A Water Pillow Better Than Memory Foam?

We get ask often to make this comparison between many different styles of pillows from down, feather, memory foam, charcoal, bamboo, smart, and now water. The answer is always similar; there is no one pillow that is right for everyone.  Each of us has our own wants and needs in a pillow to meet our personal preferences. Now I am not trying to get out of answering that question so I will dig a little deeper in my explanation. You saw the many benefits above of the water pillow one of which they are excellent for neck pain. Does that mean they are excellent for every kind of neck pain on every person, not necessarily; however we try and point people to the best pillows to try and always look for companies that stand behind their products that offer no risk guarantees and or free returns. This gives our readers the chance to try a pillow out, we recommend for at least two weeks unless the pillow is causing severe pain.

Is A Water Pillow Heavy?

Yes they can be depending on how much water you put in as that is what adjusts the firmness of these pillows.  A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds to put that in perspective, so depending on how much water you put in these pillow they can be heavy.

Are Water Pillows Comfortable?

This is an objective question, but from our sleep subjects that tested these pillows everyone was pleased with how comfortable water pillows slept.  Now remember everyone customized their water pillow by adding or pouring water out to make it just right for them. Water pillows are comfortable and customizable for each individual sleeper.

Which Water Pillow Is The Best?

Well if you read our reviews above you will see that in Mediflow Water Pillow review they scored top marks in design and comfort level.  Mediflow was the first company to offer a water pillow the “Mediflow Water Pillow Original” and since added other models as well. Other models they offer are Mediflow Water Pillow Memory flow, Mediflow Fiber, Mediflow Elite Fiber and even the Mediflow Water Pillow Travel. When it comes to water pillows Mediflow is riding the wave of success when deliver high quality super comfortable sleep products. So go check out our Mediflow water pillow review above and start getting the best night’s sleep possible.

Are Water Pillow Expensive?

Water pillows are not that expensive compared to other high end pillows.  But 30 years ago when I quit buying cheap department store pillows and got the pillow that worked best for me I realized it was worth the money.

I Am Not Sure If The Water Pillow Is Right For Me.

That is exactly why you are here reading my article to find out whether or not you want to try one out.  All the pillows above offer free returns and that means you can order risk free, try it out and if you don’t like it send it back. As I tell all our reader every day, always check the current return policies before ordering any product as they can change without notice.

Will I Get Motion Sickness From Sleeping On A Water Pillow?

I cannot answer the question for everyone, but none of our sleep subject got motion sickness in the least bit during our testing and water pillow reviews. Remember if you do experience any motion sickness at all stop using and send the product back for a full refund.

Do These Water Pillows Leak?

These water pillows have thousands of users and this is not a subject that I have heard of or that we experienced during our testing and we are rough on pillow just to make sure they are going to hold up for our readers.

Are These Water Pillows Cold In The Winter Time?

That is a great questions and one that has been ask several times.  These pillows do sleep cooler in the summer time especially when I put a bamboo pillow case on one. Now in the winter time I have known people to put and a warmer pillow case and they were extremely pleased with the result.

Is It Easy To Fill The Water Pillows?

Yes all models we tested came with their own funnels which made filling the water pillows a breeze.  The Mediflow Water Pillow also offers a video on how to fill the pillow.

What Do You Dislike The Most About A Water Pillow?

That is another fair question to ask and a very smart one.  Personally the only thing I don’t like about the pillow is the weight as it is harder to move around. Now with that said I do not always have to fluff this pillow when sleeping so I only move it around when making the bed or changing the pillow case to wash. That is a small price to pay for the extra comfort and neck relief that is received from using the pillow.


There is a ton of research being done every day on anything related to sleep.  Why is that you ask?  Well think about it we all spend one-third of our lives sleeping.  The older we get the more difficult it can be to get quality sleep or even get pain free sleep due to our aging bodies with aches and pains. There has been research studies that have investigated the shapes of pillows and in my research found a paper written on the research of the study on the relationship between the pillow shape design and the subjective comfort level in the sleep subjects.[2] The most intensive and well published and cited research studies titled “Cervical Pain: A Comparison of Three Pillows” has been cited by every water pillow manufacturer around. Why is this study so widely looked at, well clinical evidence in this study showed that water pillows were associated with reduced morning pain intensity, pain relief, improved quality, and overall satisfaction in subjects with benign cervical pain.[3]

Summary Of Study:

In the study 41 patients with benign cervical syndrome were tested with 3 different types of pillows a regular pillow, roll pillow, and a water-based pillow over a 5 week period. Metrics for this study included a questionnaire, rating satisfaction scale for the pillows, sickness impact profile, and a visual analog scale.[4] As you can see from the above clinical trial there is evidence to support that water pillow for neck pain is a good choice for a pillow.
Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.


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