The Best Wedge Pillows for Side Sleepers

The most important things to know about the best wedge pillows for side sleepers. We have done the research for you see our top 4 picks below.

Most of us sleep on our regular, everyday pillows without a thought about whether there’s another type that can help us sleep even better. We toss and turn, twisting the pillow and flip it to the cool side to try to make it work.

Wedge pillows are an option that might make your sleep less of a struggle. They not only improve your quality of sleep but also help alleviate some health issues as well. 

Benefits of Sleeping with the best wedge pillows for side sleepers

Most wedge pillows consist of dense memory foam, a heavy material that provides solid, comfortable support and stands up to long-time wear and tear.

Wedge pillows are much longer than standard pillows and tend to be wider as well.

They’re a little heavier than a normal pillow which helps make sure the pillow stays in place throughout the night.

Some even have stackable parts so you can adjust the inclination of the pillow as needed. 

Wedge pillows may not only improve your quality of sleep but may also help with ongoing health and comfort problems.

These special pillows are designed to help people who experience chronic pain or poor circulation.

Because these pillows are sloped, you can rest various parts of the body over them.  Elevating an arm or a leg to improve blood flow or take any pressure off the neck or spine to relieve pain.

This inclined position is also great for people who snore a lot or have acid reflux as elevating the head can help solve these problems.

Being able to improve snoring also means it may help those with sleep apnea as well.

Characteristics in the Best Wedge Pillow for Side Sleepers

Wedge Pillow For Side Sleepers

Before you head out to buy a wedge pillow to help with sleep, it’s important to understand what to look for and the available options.

Not all wedge pillows are the same and it is certainly important to understand the characteristics that work best for you and your medical and sleeping needs.

Wedge pillows can be used alone or in conjunction with a standard or regular pillow.

Figuring out what combination works best for you helps you make sure you’re making the right choice.

  • Form:
    Because wedge pillows are designed with an incline, most are triangular and they resemble a small ramp. The surface may be flat or contoured depending on what you need the pillow to do. Side sleepers tend to use contoured pillows because they fit well against the body. Some wedge pillows are a single pillow while others are systems made of multiple parts. Systems are more adjustable and can be used not only for side sleeping but also as a head or leg rest as well.
  • Size
    : Wedge pillows don’t have a standard size. They come in many different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Some are just large enough to support the head, neck, shoulders, or upper back but can also be used to support the legs, feet, calves, and knees. They can be placed anywhere to support the lower body when the sleeper is on their side. Smaller wedges are a good option if you sleep on a smaller mattress simply because they don’t take up as much space. Larger pillows are good when you have more sleeping space to spread out a bit.
  • Slope:
    The slope or inclination of a wedge pillow can go from seven inches to as wide as 12 inches. Pillows that have a more gradual incline are ideal for sleeping comfort. They don’t put your body at a weird angle. Larger pillows are better for headrests and backrests for reading or watching TV.
  • Weight:
    This is not something you usually think about when it comes to pillows but its important to consider with wedges. Lighter wedge pillows are between two to four pounds while heavier ones can reach between ten and twelve pounds. The reason for this large difference is that the heavier pillows don’t move as much during the night. That said, if you are a restless sleeper, heavier pillows are more difficult to move. Lighter ones that are more moveable may end up on the floor.
  • Composition:
    Most wedge pillows are made with either medium or high-density memory foam. Some are memory foam throughout while others use a different core material wrapped in memory foam. These pillows usually have covers made from bamboo or rayon that are removable and washable. The cover also helps keep the pillow cool throughout the night.
  • Production:
    Memory foam wedge pillows are made in various ways, some foam formed into the desired shape while others are made of layers of foam ranging in firmness. Both work well as long as the outcome is a supportive and sturdy wedge pillow that can be used on a nightly basis.
  • Durability:
    The regular lifespan of a foam bed wedge pillow depends on how well it is made and the quality of the materials. Not everyone uses their wedge pillow every night but, for those who do the pillows, they won’t last as long as one that is only used periodically. If you use your wedge pillow every night, look closely at the warranty. Some cover the product for one to three years and others that offer a lifetime warranty. Weigh the pros and cons of price, durability, and warranty when making your decision.
  • Firmness:
    This sounds like something out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears - this one is too soft, this one too hard! Wedge pillows for side sleeping are similar. They can be soft, medium-firm, or firm. Some even have different levels of firmness on each side. This is a particularly good feature if your sleeping needs change throughout the night. You can turn the pillow to adjust the firmness as you move from your back to your side.
  • Storage:
    If you have trouble sleeping at home, traveling can exacerbate whatever issues you have. Taking your wedge pillow with you is really helpful. Some can be taken apart so they fit neatly into a suitcase while others come with their own carrying case so they stay clean during travel.
  • Cleaning:
    While not all of these pillows have removable covers, you should consider buying one that does for the sake of hygiene. Even if the cover is washable, take note that you can wash the inside of some of these pillows, too - but not all of them. Memory foam should never be washed in any way as water or anything damp can significantly damage it, causing it to break down. You can spot clean if needed but using the cover all the time is the best way to keep a foam wedge clean.
  • Pricing:
    Buying the best wedge pillows for side sleepers does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. Although some are above $100, many high-quality options can be found for under $50. Be mindful of taxes as well as shipping costs if you are buying online as they can increase the price. Also, make sure you read the reviews for the product you’re looking at as a really low price may indicate poor quality materials and a short lifespan. This isn’t always the case but its best to know what you are buying, how long the warranty is, and exactly what it covers.

The Best Wedge Pillow for Side Sleepers

This wedge pillow for side sleepers is labeled for leg elevation but works well as an all-around wedge pillow.

The triangular shape comes in various thicknesses which allow each sleeper to pick what works best for them.

It is made from 1.8 PFC memory foam with an indentation load deflection (IDL) of 30.

The thick material provides wonderful support and recovers its shape fast.

It has a significantly longer lifespan than most pillows of this type.

An added bonus is that this pillow tends to stay cool which is great for hot sleepers.

The removable cover is made from bamboo and rayon.

It’s very breathable as well as hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, great for people who suffer from household allergies.

The thinner version of this pillow is particularly good for people who like to have a pillow under their legs. 

While the thicker one is good as a headrest while reading or watching TV while in bed.

This pillow is eco-friendly, made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, and other toxins found in similar products.

The price point is lower than most making it a great buy for a long-lasting product.

This medium-firm wedge pillow is good quality at a great price.

It provides strong support using memory foam over a thick, dense polyfoam foundation which allows it to contour closely along the body without drooping or losing support.

The pillow is 7.5 inches thick which is perfect for people with sleep apnea or acid reflux.

It can also help relieve neck and shoulder pain, snoring, and bad circulation. A thinner pillow may not have quite enough slope to work well for these medical issues.

The extra width of this pillow is great for people of different heights and weights and the cover can be removed and tossed in the washing machine.

The Xtreme Comforts XW Wedge Pillow is great for side sleepers like pregnant women and those with back pain from sciatica or other lower back issues.

It’s made with two layers of medium-firm memory foam and can be used as head support for snorers. 

Also for those who suffer from acid reflux as well as a wedge for those who prefer to sleep on their side.

It also helps maintain a cool temperature which is ideal for hot sleepers.

The cover is removable and can be thrown in the washing machine when necessary.

It’s made from bamboo and a breathable rayon mix.

This pillow accommodates sleepers of all sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Which is quite impressive since most of these pillows only carry a one or two-year warranty.

Side sleepers sometimes need larger wedge pillows to relieve joint pain in the hips and lower back or poor circulation in the lower part of their bodies.

This particular pillow is 12 inches high which is much larger than many others available on the market.

It’s rated as a firm and made of high-density foam that offers support for all weight groups.

This InteVision pillow stays cool so it’s good for people who get hot overnight.

The removable bamboo pillowcase helps maintain the temperature and is nice and soft to sleep on.

You can also buy a 400TC Egyptian cotton cover for it of you want to upgrade to something even cooler and more comfortable. 

Final Thoughts on the best wedge pillows for side sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper, finding a good wedge pillow benefits your comfort and keeps your spine in alignment.

It’s great for extra support and allows you to focus on the comfort of the whole body rather than just your head, neck, and shoulders.

Finding the right composition and firmness takes a little bit of research but is well worth it in the end.