Depression During Pregnancy

How to Tackle Depression During Pregnancy

Depression is one type of mood derangement that causes feelings of sorrow and dejection.

Quite unfortunately, at the time of pregnancy, many women suffer from depression.

Pregnancy is considered as the best phase of life for a woman.

But, it is seen that 14-23% of women get victimized by the severe symptoms of depression.

Depression during pregnancy may appear due to the confusion, fear, stress that is running in the mind of an expecting mother.

Depression in pregnancy is not only the result of hormonal imbalance but it is an illness that should be treated properly.

Depression During Pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy is so harmful that it could result in premature birth, low birth weight of the baby and developmental problems in baby.

If you experience any of these symptoms for 2 weeks or more, you should take a notice and work out for a solution.

The signs of depression are captioned below:

  • Constant Sadness
  • Feeling obstacle when concentrating
  • Sleeping less or more
  • Lack of interest in those activities which you generally liked to enjoy
  • Incessant thought of death, suicide or despair
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling of regrets and uselessness
  • Change in food habit

Now, let us unfold the remedies for depression during pregnancy.

There are a lot to help you manage the situation. But you have to choose according to your needs.

Systematic Ways

Systematic ways to tackle depression during pregnancy:

1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy For Pregnant Womans

A pregnant lady who is suffering from mild or moderate depression, can manage her depression by psychotherapy.

But a patient of severe depression, needs the combined help of psychotherapy and medication.

2. Medication

Medication for Pregnant Woman

If you fall sick by depression during pregnancy, you should take medication.

Before using the medicine you should know the benefits and risks of using it as the effects of the medicines will reach to your baby as well through the placenta.

You should be well-informed when you are going to use medicine. If you start once to take medicine, do not stop taking it without doctor’s opinion.

Otherwise, it may be risky for you.

Few medications lead to problems in newborn like physical defects, pulmonary hypertension, low birth weight, irritation.

You have to be aware of that and always consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Natural ways

Natural ways to tackle depression during pregnancy:

1. Exercise

Exercise is important for pregnant woman

A regular exercise helps in the upsurge of Serotonin levels and in the reduction of Cortisol levels.

The combined effect helps to defeat depression.

2. Adequate Rest

Adequate Rest Pregnancy

Try to maintain a consistent schedule of sleep.

Try to go to bed and to get up in exact time.

Most of the pregnant women cannot get a good night’s sleep and hence, become a victim of depression.

If you have problem adjusting your position, you might consider getting a pregnancy body pillow preferably a u shaped maternity pillow to keep yourself comfortable at night.

Sufficient rest will definitely help you to get rid of depression.

3. Proper Diet and Nutrition

Proper Diet And Nutrition for pregnant woman

Try to take the foods that change your mind.

Maintain a diet chart that will provide you food value as well as energy to deal with depression.

4. Acupuncture


New studies have proved that acupuncture is an effective way to treat the depression of pregnant woman.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

The modern studies have confirmed the utility of Omega-3 or fish oils to arrest the symptoms of depression.

Try to take Omega-3 fatty acid on the basis of recommended amount and it should be mercury free.

6. Herbal Remedies

You can use herbal and vitamin supplements which are effective enough to change moods and to affect serotonin hormone.

Here are some more useful tips to help you deal with maternity depression:

Following the above remedies makes sure you enjoy your journey of motherhood by driving away depression.

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