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The Best Down Alternative Pillows Reviews

Not every kind of pillow guarantees ultimate comfort and peaceful sleep.  Even when it comes to down pillows, which are considered to be the main ingredient in those luxurious hotel suites.  Everyone may not feel good sleeping on them and there could be a number of reasons.

If you have done your fair share of research, you will know just how perfect the down pillows are, in terms of fluff and puff.

But it also causes allergic reactions in people who have breathing difficulties.

If you are the one with allergies, you might have to change your preferences and opt for an alternative.

Does this mean one should compromise on the quality of comfort?

Of course not!

If you have been on the lookout to such a substitute that minimizes the cons of down pillows while belonging to the same family, then the best down alternative pillows will save your day (and nights too).

Each and every down alternative pillow has its own list of pros and cons.

So to make this hunt easier for you, here’s a list of the best rated down alternative pillows that will give you that hotel like comfort all while being in a good budget, followed by their in-depth reviews.

Best Down Alternative Pillows

#1 Queen Anne Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Alternative Pillow

Since Queen Anne has been known to produce high-end luxury goods, it comes to no surprise that this is ranked top in the list of best down alternative pillows as well. 

But what most of us don’t know is that several hotels have been using their particular down alternative pillow range for quite sometime. 

The proper support, comfort, fluff and being absolutely light-weighted has earned this brand of pillows some valuable bonus points.

Coming to its features and constructions, the Queen Anne Down alternative pillow is 100% hypoallergenic and makes use of properly processed synthetic fibers, which give it that feather like softness and light-weight.

Secondly, these pillows are available in 12 different sizes ranging from standard, queen, king and Jumbo and each of these has their own level of firmness (i.e firm, medium and soft).

Such a huge variety makes it possible for almost everyone to find the right kind of pillow, with the right firmness level.

Since Down pillows are extra soft, down alternative pillows bear the similar soft title.

This makes them the perfect choice if you are looking to sleep on clouds.

With the Queen Anne pillow, you will actually feel your head, neck and shoulders completely supported without the unnecessary sinking feeling.

And if it feels as if the side in use has lost it’s composure, give it a good pat and fluff and it will be new as anything. If budget is not a problem, this is the best down alternative pillow you can get.

#2 Natural Comfort Down Alternative Pillows

No pillow fights off dust and allergens like this one!

It’s true that Natural Comfort’s Down Alternative pillow can be seen exclusively available in high-level suites and hotels.

The reason for such top-notch demand lies in its top-notch built.

Jumping straight into it’s construction, the pillow is made out of 100% pure polyester and is layered with a one-inch thick cover to keep the soft filling intact.

Above this comes the much talked about cover of the pillow, which is the star feature of this product range.

The cover is made up of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, to give it that breathable and light-weight quality.

Plus, since there are no organic materials involved, the cushion has a good hypoallergenic reputation too.

With Natural Comfort’s pillow range under your head, you can expect great comfort. Since the cushion is soft-filled but has layers around it, it has a more steady touch to it. It will appear as bloated and fully puffed, but will be soft upon touching.

These pillows come in three different sizes Standard, Queen and King and also carry the Soft, Medium, Firm filling option.

So if you have been having restless nights and are sure it’s the pillow causing them, it is time to throw out those tacky pillows and get these cloud-soft, light-weighted pillows to rest on.

#3 Pinzon Hypoallergenic – Best Down Alternative Pillow For Side Sleepers

One of the underdogs of the bedding industry, Pinzon, has gained a lot of recognition from its product line of luxury pillows.

Although launched quietly by Amazon itself, the range of products are exceptional in terms of price and comfort.

Coming back to the good down alternative pillows, you can expect a few things from Pinzon- heaven like comfort, hyperventilation and absolutely no irritation from allergens.

This down alternative pillow is filled with 100% processed polyester fiber to give it the hypo-allergen quality and to give it that never-flattening appearance.

The cover, which is easy to wash and can be changed too, is made out of 100% breathable cotton and gives the pillow such a light-weighted effect.

Although the pillow is soft and cuddly as anything, you still won’t feel yourself suffocating to it, that’s the beauty of the Pinzon’s down alternative pillow.

It comes with two filling styles, medium or firm, with soft density and makes use of the single-chamber design that gives more support to the neck and head.

Moreover, one concrete difference that this pillow has in comparison to other pillows, is that it is 2.6 pounds in weight (which is almost half the weight of all other pillows).

Be it a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper, whatever kind you belong to, you will admire just how this cushion molds itself around you, with the perfect amount of fluff and puff.

The is the best down alternative pillow for side sleepers.

#4 Charisma Luxury Down Alternative Pillow
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Charisma has always stood out as a good option as it promises good results in mediocre prices. 

In its luxury range, the down alternative pillows are regarded as the best one and have made it to our top 5 as well. 

There are a few reasons to it. 

When it comes to Down alternativepillows, most pillows offer a different firmness level. 

But Charisma’s pillows have just the perfect amount of fluff to them.

A quite famous brand in the stomach sleeper community, most people have had good experiences with Charimsa’s pillow. 

They aren’t totally flat, like stomach sleepers require it to be, instead they are fluffy but go all the way down once pressure is applied. 

Secondly, the soft nature of this pillow doesn’t cause those unnatural strains that usually occur after sleeping on a soft pillow.

The Charisma pillow has down-like fiberfill and comes in different sizes, out of which the Jumbo size stands out tall. 

Unlike other pillows, the Jumbo pillow has a 2 inch thickness and 4.2 pounds of good fiber filling. 

The cover is washable and usually takes a good fluff to bring it back to its puff shape. 

So if you have want to experience a sea of softness on your bed, you might consider having one of this by your side. (or maybe 4, they are pretty budget friendly).

#5 Exquisite Hotel Luxury Plush Down Alternative Pillows

Usually when pillows are soft, they don’t have a long life span and tend to give up soon.

Another issue that comes with soft cushions is the apparent heat that gets trapped in them.

This is why warm and cozy are two words that follow each other.

But in a hot summer night, one certainly wants to be cozy but not warm.

Exquisite’s pillows will overcomes this problem and will help you sleep better.

Coming to its construction, the Exquisite down alternative pillow is composed of 100% pure microfiber, contains fine gel-fiber filling and has the much needed hypoallergenic nature.

The microfiber keeps it soft, plush and fluffy all while adding in years to its life, the gel-fiber filling gives extra support and brings the cool feel to the pillow and lastly, you will get all this without the fear of any irritant bugging your rest.

With the Exquisite Hotel Luxury line, you can upgrade the feel of your ordinary bed to hotel-level luxurious suite.

This Exquisite range comes in two main sizes, King and Queen, out of which King size has grabbed a full five-star rating from different customers.

The Exquisite Plush Down Alternative pillow is ideal for those sleepers who like their cushions firm and cuddly.

These cushions are easy to clean, have a steady structure with soft density and that’s not even the best part yet.

The best part is the price range that it falls in. Forget one cushion, you can actually opt for two whole sets for the same price in which usually two pillows are available these days.


Are These Pillows Worth It?

In a nutshell, when it comes to choosing the right pillow one can never be too sure. 

Down pillows are considered to be the ideal partner for those who want to seep into the silkiest of sleep. 

They will give you the high-end luxury feeling right in your bed.

But Down is one of the biggest allergen in itself, due to its organic nature. 

Secondly, down pillows are the hardest to clean, again due to its organic nature. 

This is why down alternative pillows are chosen vastly, for they are easy to maintain, mimic the same softness and comfort all while causing no allergic reactions.

So if you are positive that your pillows need a change, or are looking out to know which type of pillow is topping the comfort chart, down alternative pillow is a budget-friendly luxury for you.


Why Chose These Down Alternatives Over The Real Thing?

Well there are a few reasons, but lets start with one of the main reasons some people choose these.

The fact that these pillows are made without using any feathers from animals.

Others reasons include the fact that some not all of these are lower in cost than the down pillows.

These are quality pillows and do have a place among the other high quality pillows that we review on this site for our readers.

Compare For Yourself:

If you want to compare for yourself to see what the differences are then please check out these pillows in this article “Best Down Pillows”.

Read for yourself and then compare and if you want to take the next step then order one down and also a down alternative and judge for yourself.

Please make sure you select pillow that offer free returns to make this a risk free opportunity for yourself.

Sleep on both of them for at least two weeks before making your judgement.

You may want to order one at time try it then send if back if you are not happy.

This will give you time to try out each during the free return period that most good pillow companies offer.

If they don’t offer a free trial and or free returns do not purchase.  The only way to tell if you will like a pillow is to sleep on it for a couple of weeks. 

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