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Down Travel Pillow & Down Travel Blanket

Down pillows are simply the best, so it makes perfect sense the perfect pillow to take on a trip would be a down travel pillow along with a down travel blanket.   If you haven’t experienced the luxury of sleeping on a down pillow then you are truly missing the boat.  A high quality Canadian goose down pillow is the best sleeping experience that you can get on this planet.

In the article you will get access to our quick summary table of all the products with the key information you need to make a quick decision if you are not interested in reading the whole article.  If you are that person that wants all the information we have you covered as well.  Follow the quick links right below this paragraph and read our full expert review on each product.

Lincove 100% Goose Down Travel Pillow:

The Lincove is our top pick down travel pillow for several reasons which we will cover in the below paragraphs.

We have been recommended Lincove pillows for years to our family, friends and loyal readers like yourself.

These pillows are the highest quality and comfort that you can find in a down pillow and they are recognized world-wide as a luxurious pillow to have in your bed or while you travel.

Before we did into our expert reviews let’s start by looking at Lincove’s advertised features for their down travel pillow.

Lincove Advertised Features:
  • Luxury and comfort while traveling. Lincove took their best selling pillow and shrunk it to a travel size down pillow.
  • 100% cotton hypoallergenic shell, easy care machine washable
  • Also make a great toddler’s pillow
  • Smooth and gentle against the skin
  • Super Soft 233 thread count, breathable cotton
  • 100% goose down fill – the most luxurious on the market with and 800 fill power
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – A no risk purchase! Not happy? Not a problem. Our friendly customer service will refund your purchase. Another reason to Love Lincove.
Our Expert Review:

Here at VJ Pillows we are testing pillows every week and one of our top favorite pillows of all times is the Lincove down pillow.  You simply cannot find a better pillow on the market while other brands do come close in the end they can’t beat a Lincove.


We took to the road with the pillow and have tested rigorously in cars, trucks, airports, and planes and here are our findings.

This pillow is super soft and great for traveling we have used it to sleep in all the above mention places in numerous positions.  The reclined seat on a plane, car, truck or plane being the best position we used this pillow in, but was surprised at how much it helped in other positions as well.

The only thing that was missing at times was a great down travel blanket, which we will discuss later in this article.

The pillow offers a great soft feeling while supporting both your head and neck while traveling.  This tiny down pillow travel pillow offers the same comfortable feeling you have while in your own bed.


One of the reasons I am a huge fan of down pillows is the fact that they sleep cool and being a hot sleeper this is one of the most critical features of any pillow for me.

When I take this on a trip and want to nap I recline my seat and put this behind my head and within a couple of minutes it lights out and I am fast asleep.

I never get hot using this pillow and it feels identical to my full size Lincove I sleep with at home in my bed.

Traveling with the Lincove Down Travel Pillow:

Some readers have asked “isn’t it hard to have to carry this extra pillow around”?  While yes it is one more thing to carry and the only time that really comes into play is on a plane.  Because taking the travel down pillow with you in a car or truck is not the big of a deal.

Carrying it on a plane isn’t that hard either as the comfort you receive outweighs the extra effort of taking it with you.  The Lincove travel down pillow comes with a great little carry bag that keeps your pillow clean.

I myself just compress it into my carryon bag and I don’t worry about it, as this little travel down pillow rebounds to its original shape with a little pillow fluffing. 

I don’t mind carrying it with me because I get plenty of use out of this pillow and like I said a little more effort for a great relaxing sleep on the plane is well worth the trouble.

Other Benefits:

I have found out as I get older I want to have my own stuff with me while I travel.  If we are going on a car trip I usually take my full size pillow with me.

Plane travel I was always at the mercy of sleeping with motel pillows.  One night in a motel with horrible pillows I remember I had my down travel pillow and used it in the bed that night.

Since then it’s my go to travel pillow for everywhere I go, it’s super easy to bring along with its own carry bag.


I have share with you my personal experiences with the Lincove down travel pillow and I also wanted to point out that all of our test subjects who traveled with this pillow rave about the comfort, support and coolness of this tiny down travel pillow.

You simply can’t beat the Lincove and I would put this up against any travel pillow on the market.

  • 100% goose down
  • 100% cotton hypoallergenic shell
  • Comes in two sizes 12”x16” & 13”x18”
  • Compact design - ideal for travel
  • Travel bag included
  • Compact design – ideal travel size
  • Money back guarantee

Down Travel Pillow Buying Advice:

Lincove is the finest quality pillow down pillow that you can buy.

They have a money back guarantee so this is a risk free opportunity to try this luxury down travel pillow.

The Comfy Down – Travel Down Pillow

This hasn’t happened before on our pillow review but we have a tie for our top pick.  This Comfy Down travel down pillow offers the same luxury as the Lincove.

The Comfy Down is an awesome travel down pillow and offers features only found in full size luxury pillows.

Before we dive into our expert reviews I want to list the Comfy Down advertised features first then jump into the review section.

Advertised Features:

  • Cotton cover
  • Made in USA
  • 100% EUROPEAN GOOSE DOWN – Luxurious 800 Fill Power is Lightweight, Soft; Incased in Durable 300-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Cover!
  • HIGHLY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Cool, Breathable, Reversible Pillow Cradles & Contours Without Heat; Retains its Shape & Fullness After Packing & Washing!
  • PROVIDES MAXIMUM SUPPORT – Ergonomic Design Features Smooth Down-Proof Seams, Silky Casing & Ideal Firmness; Great for Lumbar, Neck, Body & Back Pain!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Return Within 90 Days for a Full Refund; Get Soothing Relief & Sleep for Airplane, Car, Train, Office Chair, Recliner & Beyond!

Our Expert Review:

Well I can tell you that after using this tiny down travel pillow the results are huge.  This pillow delivers on the above advertised features and then some.


This pillow was tested by several sleep subjects as well as myself while we traveled and slept in cars, truck, airports, and planes.

The comfort level and support are great; none of us had any problem get some quality shut eye while using this fantastic down travel pillow.  The only thing we were missing at times was a good down travel blanket, which we will talk about later in this review as well.

We all had plenty opportunities to test this travel down pillow out, while the reclined seat position is no doubt the best for this pillow.  I have on occasion used it up against a window on a plane or car when I couldn’t recline the seat.

I have never regretted taking this pillow with me as the comfort and support it offers it’s worth the effort to carry it with me.


If you have read any of my other articles you know that I am a huge fan of down pillows.  They are simply the best pillows in my option that money can buy.  I would never think about sleeping on anything else but a down.

This travel down pillow sleeps very cool and being a hot sleeper this is a must have feature for me when choosing a pillow.


Overall, this pillow is equal to the Lincove in comfort, support and coolness and the sizes are very close to one another.

The only advantage I give the Lincove is the fact that is comes with a travel bag which is handy for keeping your pillow clean and makes it easy to carry as well.


  • 100% European down
  • 100% cotton shell
  • Comes in two sizes 12”x16”
  • Compact design - ideal for travel
  • 300-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • Compact design – ideal travel size - sleeps cool
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Return Within 90 Days for a Full Refund


  • No travel bag included
  • Only offered in one size
Buying Advice For Down Travel Pillow:

This is a great pillow also and is tied with Lincove for top honors.

The only issues I have with this pillow is that it doesn’t come with a carrying case.

They offer free returns and a 90-day trial period, you can ‘t go wrong with this one.

ATEPA 4-In-1 Multipurpose Warm Down Travel Blanket Quilt

There are certain colder times when you are traveling and you wished you had a warm down blanket to keep you warm.

Whether or in a cold plane, or riding in a car with someone who doesn’t like to turn on the heat then you may be in need of a great down travel blanket.

This ATEPA down travel blanket makes for an awesome companion to the down travel pillow. 

We are going to dig into the list of advertised features for this down travel blanket first.

Advertised Features:
  • The black blanket filling 90/10 white duck down(600FP, 200g Down
  • 20D nylon cloth with the function of tear resistance and seepage resistance, stains can be easily wiped off.
  • Travel blanket is lightweight but warm.
  • Lightweight Blanket—Easy to Carry – 1 pound
  • Normal size is 69 × 53 inches, only 11 × 7.9 × 2.8 inches after compressed
  • 30-day free return
Our Expert Review:

This down travel blanket is a handy companion to have to the travel down pillow.  It provided great warmth on a cold night in an overnight layover in an airport during a snow storm.

The down travel blanket compresses down to fit into the small carrying case which is included and doesn’t take up a lot of room in our luggage.

It makes for a great emergency down travel blanket to keep behind or underneath the seat of your cars in case you get stranded.

The outside is rugged and can stand up to the punishing conditions that are present while traveling.

Other Benefits:

This down travel blanket makes a great gift for travelers, hikers, bikers, campers and hunters.  They make great emergency blankets to keep in cars and trucks so put this on your gift list as people will love them.

  • Can be used as a blanket or wrap
  • Filled with down
  • Compact design - ideal for travel
  • Comes with carry pouch
  • Super warm and comfortable & waterproof
  • Free returns

Buying Advice For Down Travel Blanket:

This is a high quality down travel blanket and makes and excellent companion to the down travel pillow.

These make great gift and they offer free returns so this is a no risk opportunity to try one out.


Why Don’t You Recommend Memory Foam Instead Of The Down Travel Pillow?

That is a fair question and there are some fine memory foam pillows that we need to write a review on.

This article was specific to repeated request from our readers asking which are the best down travel pillows.

People are interested in the pro and the cons of these down travel pillows and well as the possibility of the down travel blanket as well.

We will start investigating and researching other types of travel pillow now that we have readers like yourself asking.  Thanks for submitting this question.


Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

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