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Ghost Pillow Review: The Most Advanced Real-Time Cooling Pillow


We spend one-third of our lives sleeping.  Getting the proper sleep is vital to our health and well being.  If you are haunted by sleepless nights then read the most in-depth ghost pillow review on the internet.  Start getting the sleep you deserve.

We go to sleep to recuperate and regain our lost strength throughout the day, but if anything was to mess up with that routine we wake up all cranky and angry at the world. 

A good night’s sleep helps you feel better, but its significance goes way beyond just improving your mood or getting rid of dark circles from underneath your eyes. 

A healthy lifestyle contains enough sleep that benefits your weight, heart and more along with the rest of your body. 

It is why many companies have put a lot of sleep facilitating products in the market. The Ghost Pillow is a great cooling pillow which helps out people to sleep better.

Let’s take a deeper look at this.

Ghost Pillow Review: What is it?


The latest in memory foam tech, the Ghost Pillow is the follow-up product from the same guys who came up with the revolutionary Ghost bed. 

The Ghost Pillow is a new type of (you guessed it) pillow which features cool burst technology, letting out cool air as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

The fabric is designed to feel cool to the touch which wicks away all the moisture.

It is ergonomically designed to provide with the perfect balance of support to your head and comfort. 

No matter what position you sleep in, the pillow is designed to adjust according to your sleeping position and provide with supreme spinal alignment.

The ultra-plush pillow cover is very kind to your skin. The GhostPillow is shipped lightly scented and comes in a designer box.

Let’s see if it is really worth spending your bucks on it?

First Impression during our Ghost pillow review

Straight off the bat, the taking the pillow out of the box, you are welcomed by a delightfully light scent.

It smells pleasant and lingers for more than a couple of weeks. The introductory pamphlet introduces you to the materials used inside the pillow.

  • Phase change material: It senses temperature rise and adjusts accordingly to provide with a neutral sleep environment.
  • Performance fabric: cool to touch, the fabric draws off moisture to give you a dry and comfortable experience.
  • Aerated Gel Memory foam: Promotes air circulation, creating a more plush and responsive feel.

Unlike the rest of the memory foam pillows out there, the Ghost Pillow adjusts perfectly, cradling your head just right.

You don’t feel like your head is being pushed up, giving you a very comfortable feeling throughout.

The build quality is amazing, feels better than most of the pillows out there.

Taking the pillow out of the case, you can see that this is a memory foam pillow aerated all the way through.

When you push on it or lay your head on it, you can feel the air whoosh through the pillow. So, it’s going to be very cooling throughout.

Trial Period:

To top that all off, the pillow comes with a 101-day trial. You don’t like it, return it and get your money refunded totally.

Also, if you like the pillow but due to some unfortunate event, it is damaged, you need not fret. The Ghost Pillow comes with a 5-year warranty. Isn’t that great?

Having tried the pillow for a couple of weeks now, I can safely say now that this is a great pillow.

Although it’s a little pricey as compared to others, the pillow with all its features is great value for money.


Who is it for?

I was skeptical of the pillow since I sleep sideways.

When I got the package, I was happy because it seemed the right height. I started using the GhostPillow from that night (approx. two and a half weeks ago,).

I am so pleased with the performance of the pillow. Let me tell you why.

I tend to sweat a lot during my sleep yet this pillow remains as dry as a feather. The first night I used it, I didn’t expect it to be this good.

I woke up with after a very satisfying uninterrupted sleep and I have been using this pillow ever since.

I’ve tried this Ghost Pillow laying down on my back as well and the results were surprisingly good.

Unlike the competition, the memory foam adjusts to perfectly cradle your head. You don’t have to push into it or get used to it, it gets used to you.

Who is it NOT for?

The only position I was uncomfortable in was when I was lying flat on my stomach.

The Ghost  Pillow tries its best to adjust and provide you with a good support but leaves your head in a slightly uncomfortable position.

In that position the pillow throws all the air at your face, leaving you distracted throughout the night.

The Leverage


Now I don’t know exactly how the Phase Change Material (or the performance fabric for that matter) works, but I can tell you that the combination of these two is what makes this pillow better than the others on the market.

With the others, you have to fluff them every now and then or change the filling to maintain the shape.

Having used the GhostPillow for a considerable time, mine is exactly the same shape and size it came to me.

You can use it with any pillow cover and it will work perfectly fine.

The aerated foam helps cool it down and give you amazing sleep, and it’s not an uncomfortable amount of cool, your head is cooled the perfect amount to keep you comfortable.

Ghost Mattress:

Read my review of mattresses if you haven't found your perfect mattress yet.

The other pillows on the market are either too aerated, which makes them flimsy or they are too dense to give your head or comfort.

They lose their shape and you are left spending money on them or their counterparts here and there.

I’m sure that since the pillow has given me so good support up till now, it is going to be with me for a long time.

With such a budget-friendly price, you’d be mad if you give up on this offer and miss out on countless nights of blissful sleep.

Compared to the competition, these guys are delivering on their promises and giving you futuristic sleep tech which actually works.

Ghost Pillow Review Conclusions:


I actually bought the GhostPillow on a friend’s recommendation, and I am so thankful to him that he recommended it to me.

The firmness of the pillow is so that your head isn’t hurt but neither does it fall down to the bottom.

I’m surprised that even with so much weight on it every day and my kids scrunching it, it has retained its shape pretty good.

Doesn’t feel like it’s lost any of its elasticity or squishiness at all.

You don’t need to keep flipping the pillow through the night in order to get the feeling of perfect temperature on every twist and turn.

I’m going to recommend it to all my friends who are facing sleep issues. The whole experience with the Ghost pillow is amazing, right from opening the box to actually sleeping on it.

You open up the box and get the thin wrap like a gift box from Tiffany’s. Then pulling out the pillow, you are hit with a lavender-ish smell, which helps improve your sleep.

Then there is the pillow itself. It is really amazing and definitely, a must try for anyone and everyone with sleep issues.

Not just sleep issues, if you are having neck pains or headaches when you wake up, you should try this pillow.

With the perfect height of the Pillow, you’ll get to sleep without any issues and hopefully, it will help alleviate your body pains.

  • The worlds most advanced real-time cooling pillow, now with ice Fabric; as your body temperature naturally adjusts throughout the night, pillow adapts keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • You will instantly feel the cool burst airflow technology the moment you lay your head down on the ghostpillow
  • Performance fabric is cool to the touch and engineered to wick away moisture; inner cover is an aerated mesh scrim.
  • The perfectly engineered balance of comfort & support; ergonomically designed to adjust to your neck and head to achieve ideal spinal alignment
  • The embroidered cover has a zipper for easy removal and care and is ultra plush and kind to your skin

Ghost Faux Down Pillow Review

Being honest, I was a little skeptical going into this Ghost Pillow review as I consider myself a down pillow expert.  I have slept on down pillows for years and they are my pillow of choice for comfort and coolness.

Reviewing a faux down pillow would prove to be interesting research and testing.  In addition to putting this faux down pillow to the test myself thoroughly, I interviewed users and researched the company.

Being an expert in down pillows, you will find this most thoroughly researched ghost pillow review on the internet.

My Criteria

The following factors are extremely important to me in researching and testing any down pillow including this faux down.

First, let me tell you I am a hot sleeper and a pillow must be able to keep me cool at night.

Secondly, the pillow must be able to provide the proper support for my head and neck.  This support must exist while sleeping on my side and back.

Thirdly, I prefer pillows constructed out of non-toxic and organic materials.  Now this is a personal choice and may not be a game stopper for you, but I want to cover this for those that deem this important. 

Lastly, I want to do business with a company that stands behind their products with either a solid warranty, a good return policy, and a free trial period is icing on the cake.


When using this pillow I was pleasantly surprised at how cool this faux down pillow slept.  This is always in my top two of things I require in a pillow

I don’t like pillows that sleep hot and require constant flipping around to find the cool spot.  During my testing of this pillow, I didn’t wake up at all due to feeling hot.

The Ghost Faux Down pillow has micro gel fibers that resist heat keeping the pillow cool.  The cover is 100% cotton allowing the pillow to breath.

This pillow scored well in the ability to keep me cool.  Let’s move to the next most important feature in the Ghost Pillow review.


Support is critical to me as I suffer from neck pain.  I absolutely need the proper head and neck support if I am going to get the best night sleep.

For me I sleep best on a thinner pillow, which aligns my head and neck reducing pain during sleeping and stiffness upon waking.

At nearly seven inches thick, I was surprised at how well my head sank down into this pillow.  I did enjoy the support and comfort while sleeping on my back.

Sometimes I do sleep on my side when my lower back is hurting.  For myself I found this pillow a little too thick for myself in this position.  Again this is a personal preference, but calling it out.

I am going to look to see if removing some of the stuffing material is an option and that should correct.


The Ghost Pillow Faux Down is allergen and dust mite-free, with a cover that’s silky-soft giving you the best night sleep.

The fact the pillow is allergen and dust mite free is great.  I am a little disappointed in the lack of information about the materials used in the stuffing material. 

However, there is breathable inner cover and a 100% cotton cover as well.  This is ample layers between you and the inner stuffing.  I would prefer an organic stuffing material.


This entire pillow is washable which, makes scores high marks for this pillow in clean ability.

About the Company

Ghost Bed manufactures their product in the United States and the company is known in the industry for exceptional customer service.

My advice when ordering anything online is to check the current warranty and return policy before placing your order.

Summary of Features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Filled with Microfiber Gel Clusters for maximum support. The pillow caresses and gently cradles and contours your head, neck and shoulders
  • CRUELTY FREE - Naturally hypoallergenic and cruelty free.
  • PERFECT FOR - Back, side and stomach sleepers. Naturally contours to your head, neck and shoulders for proper spinal alignment.
  • WASHABLE - Ghost faux down pillow is crafted from the most durable materials, which allows you to wash the entire pillow.
  • SIZE - Dimensions: W 20″ x L 30″ x H 7″

Ghost Faux Down Pillow Final Thoughts:

There are things I like about this pillow as you have read above.  This is a comfortable pillow and does deliver what it advertised.

However, if you have ever slept on a true luxury down pillow then this pillow in my opinion doesn’t feel the same.  This is a comfortable pillow and is soft as advertised, but to me this still has a foam pillow feeling.

Now if you don’t mind foam then this could be an option for you and you get a very soft fluffy pillow.

Compared to Real Down

For me my favorite pillow is a Lincove true down luxury pillow made from 100% goose down.  If you follow this link to best hotel pillows, you will find my personal favorite.   This pillow is available in soft, medium, and firm giving you the option of the best pillow for you.

I am not trying to push you towards my favorite pillow, however you are here reading about a faux down pillow.  I haven’t been convinced that this faux pillow provides any real advantages over real down.

Now this company pitches that it’s cheaper than down, and for the most part that is true.  But, remember how this article started.


You will spend one third of your life sleeping.  Good health depends on getting good sleep.  My advice is to invest in a quality pillow that will get you the best night sleep. 

Remember this if nothing else you have read.  Only buy a pillow online that offers you a risk free trial or free returns for at least 30 days.

This gives you a risk free opportunity to find the right pillow.

Ghost Pillow - Faux Down Pillow

  • SOFT - Filled with Microfiber Gel Clusters for maximum support. The pillow caresses and gently cradles and contours your head, neck and shoulders
  • CRUELTY FREE - These pillows are designed to be naturally hypoallergenic and cruelty free.
  • PERFECT FOR - Back, side and stomach sleepers. Naturally contours to your head, neck and shoulders for proper spinal alignment.
  • WASHABLE - Ghost faux down pillow is crafted from the most durable materials which allows you to wash the entire pillow.
  • SIZE - Dimensions: W 20″ x L 30″ x H 7″
Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier


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