GhostBed Review: Advanced Real-Time Luxury Cooling Mattress

I published my Ghost Pillow review a month ago and I couldn’t resist but review GhostBed mattress as well. A bouncy, spring-less mattress which let’s you sleep like a KING; that is what the GhostBed Mattress is all about. While much has been said and talked about this mattress, this GhostBed mattress review explore whether this mattress really gives you what you have been missing out, or is just another ghost in the market ready for haunting your deep-sleep.

ghostbed mattressWell, this hybrid mattress was produced when the mattress giant, Nature’s Sleep wanted to introduce a mattress which would be firm, spring-less and cool enough to be slept on. While comfort, temperature and firmness all demand special kinds of foams, this mattress exists as the perfect combination of three different foams- Latex Foam, Memory Foam and the normal supported foam.

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To get a better idea of what goes inside the mattress, let’s break down the construction for you:

GhostBed Mattress Review: Design

To begin with let’s start with its much talked about thickness. This heightened mattress stands at 11 inches, so that means this mattress is H.U.G.E (huge in benefit too). The mattress comes wrapped and compressed in a box, just like a perfect Christmas present, and deflates in minutes. The different layers of foam that make up this mattress include:

The Latex Foam- Top Layer

At the top of this mattress sits a 1.5-inch layer of aerated latex foam, which due to it’s properties allows better air to pass through the mattress, meaning you have a cool space to sleep on. This latex foam is all natural-made which makes it anti-hypoallergens and really healthy for people who are allergic to dust. Plus, this layer also calls in for correct posture alignment. So basically the top layer makes sure you get the comfort, alignment and air to breathe.

The Gel Memory Foam- Middle layer

This 2-inch gel memory foam layer acts like the binding ground and further strengthens the impact of the upper layer. The gel infusion allows the heat to be absorbed completely so that you can say bye-bye to the unwanted toastiness. The memory foam is really good for posture support and this layer adds up to the latex layer’s effectiveness.

The Support Foam- Last Layer

This is what makes the mattress appear huge. The 7.5 inches of support foam adds in the much-needed ground to this mattress. The layer is crucial, for it supports the top-two layers and provides a solid base upon which they both combine to perform like one and give the best of both worlds.

All these three layers are enclosed in a 100% Polyester Cover which feels like a combination of different fabrics, all while being super stretchy. The cover is rich yet thin enough to have you feel those latex bumps behind you, just like those soothing massage rollers at the spa.

Here is how the GhostBed Mattress is crafted:

GhostBed Price and Sizes

The mattress comes in a square shape with smooth-rounded edges. Traditionally, the mattress is always asked for in King Size, but other sizes which this 11-inched thick mattress comes in include:

Size Dimensions Price
TWIN 38” x 75” $495 Get $50 OFF
TWIN XL 38” x 80” $650 Get $50 OFF
FULL 54” x 75” $775 Get $50 OFF
QUEEN 60” x 80” $795 Get $50 OFF
KING 76” x 80” $975 Get $50 OFF
CAL KING 72” x 84” $995 Get $50 OFF

GhostBed offers a 101 Nights trail on their mattress. So in case you are still thinking whether you should buy or not, just go for it. And later if you feel if this isn’t for you, simply get a refund.

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Now, let’s jump to why you will love this mattress and how it is really like:

Why GhostBed Mattress


As long as comfort and support is talked about, you won’t be disappointed. Although the 11 inch thickness throws many people of the rails, but once you settle on it, it won’t feel too huge or too hard. The cover is a major plus point and being thin, stretchy makes it desirable for sleeping. Since the mattress is a combination of different foams, the support and firmness can be felt all without sinking deep in the mattress.

Medium-Soft Mattress

Latex gives you the illusion that this mattress will be softer than usual. However, that is not the case. The mattress gives you the support and a bouncy feel, but is rated to be medium-soft. Your posture and body alignment will be fully supported (again thanks to the different kinds of foam used).

Motion Transfer

Due to latex being the top-most layer, you will feel the motion transfer happening. It’s a quick little bounce which can be felt that acts positively once you change positions. This way the mattress always adjusts to your weight and pressure, while supporting you fully. For people with lower back aches, this mattress can serve pretty helpful for it will firmly support your back without the unnecessary hardness.

Real-Time Cooling Mattress

The struggle of being a thick but cool mattress is real, but the GhostBed mattress knows how to kick  the unwanted heat off. While the gel in the second layer disperses heat effectively, the thin cover and breathable latex foam all add up to maintain the mattress at a cooler temperature. Those individuals who like a firm, heavy mattress would find this cooling feature really attractive, because usually, the heavier a mattress is, the more heat it will absorb and give back. Now you know why it is asked for King size beds mostly.

No Odor or Allergens

A big reason for why most people settle for spring mattresses is because they bear no sort of odours or particles which would cause inconvenience to them. The GhostBed mattress is composed of three different types of foams, and all of them occur naturally. Plus they don’t aid any type of hypo-allergens or odours. Most people drop the idea of latex foam for they assume that this rubber-derivative would carry some sort of odour. However, that is not true. In fact, the latex foam sheet used in GhostBed mattress can be seen to be properly aerated and be odourless.

Heavy Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

Since a lot has been discussed regarding its thickness and size, this mattress is a good choice for people who weigh a few hundred kilos. With no offence to them, this mattress is thicker than the usual mattresses and won’t lose it’s shape or effectiveness, hence the mattress serves as a good enough option to our heavy sleepers. Plus, a mattress that can hold 700 pounds of weight means that it is capable to handle pressure well.

Trial and Warranty

In comparison to other products in the market, the price range is affordable and definitely worth the money. Secondly, the company itself provides you with the mattress, if you order it from their website, followed by free quick shipping with-in 24 hours. Lastly, the mattress can be tried for 101 nights (which becomes almost 3 months worth of trial). In this period, if the mattress doesn’t fit your needs or experiences damage, you can simply ask for refund. Also, the warranty limit of the mattress is a guaranteed 20 years, but with its solid construction in mind, it will surely last more than that.

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Final Words

Those people who hate those beds that just absorb them, or those mattresses which fail to support them at all, then they need to check out the very sturdy yet bouncy GhostBed mattress. With a combination of different foams, the mattress aces in supporting you while being firm enough to give you a good night sleep. The dimensions of this mattress make it appear as something huge, but despite that, it is one of the COOLEST mattress to sleep on ( say bye-bye to huge toaster mattresses). The good pricing coupled with great warranty and trial period make it worth anyone’s time. A straight forward heavy-yet-really-cool mattress, which is sure to kick your all day tiredness!.

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