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How to Choose Perfect Pillow

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

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Selecting the right pillow is something we often do not put enough time into, especially when you consider we spent about one third of our day sleeping on it.

The perfect pillow for you can improve your sleep quality dramatically, and the wrong pillow can do the opposite.

Choosing the wrong pillow can cause issues like headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm numbness and respiratory issues.

Our guide will help you to make your sure you are sleeping on the correct pillow for your sleep position.

Side Sleepers

side sleeper woman

If you sleep on your side, you require a pillow that can adjust and support your body.

You need to find a pillow that will conform to the shape of your neck, filling in the gap between your ear and outer shoulder.

The reason your body needs this is because your head needs to be high enough to align with your spine.

Memory foam is suitable for many sleep styles, but it is especially ideal for a side sleeper.

Alternatively, you can use other adaptable pillows such as a high quality down pillow.

Check out our best picks for side sleeper pillows.

Back Sleepers

Back Sleepers

A thinner pillow is required for the person that sleeps on their back.

This is so that the head does not tilt too far forward.

A thick pillow that raises the head too much would mean that your spine is not aligned with your neck, which can cause muscle problems.

The perfect back sleeper pillow won’t raise the neck, but will sufficiently support the head so that it remains level with the spine.

Back sleepers should steer clear of soft, synthetic pillows and instead try ones made of memory foam, down or buckwheat.

There are many variations in these pillow types, and it is especially important to choose one that is supportive.

If you are a combination sleeper and have more than one sleeping styles, you may want to buy a pillow that keeps you comfortable in your dominant sleeping positions.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach you may have found that sometimes it is best to sleep without a pillow at all.

This is actually often the best type of sleep for a stomach sleeper.

Thick pillows will malign your spinal cord, but if you are looking to stomach sleep with a pillow, it is advised you choose the thinnest pillow you can find.

You might want to look at our best picks for stomach sleeper pillows if you are on the look out for buying a new one.

People with Allergies such as Asthma

Asthma Matress

Allergy proof pillow covers are very common, but the core pillow is the most important part to protect you from dust mites.

Some materials such as such as lamb’s wool are naturally hypoallergenic, however pillows with synthetic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fillings are becoming increasingly popular to protect from spores who like to take up residence in pillows. .

Especially Tall or Petite

It is easy to think of pillows as a standard size, but the pillow should be proportionate to the size of your body.

A petite person will require a thinner pillow than a tall person.

A comfortable thin pillow for a petite person will not raise the head high enough for a person who is a foot taller.

It is important to test a pillow before opening it to see how high it raises your neck in your sleeping position.


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