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How To Fluff A Pillow:

Do you know all the different ways on how to fluff a pillow?  What better feeling in the world is there than climbing into a bed that has clean sheets and a nice fluffy pillow?   How many people actually take the time to do pillow maintenance?  We are going to let you in on the secrets on how to make pillows fluffy again.

Before we did into how to fluff a pillow, let’s also answer the question why do we need to fluff our pillows.  Well getting the best night’s sleep is not the easiest task for most people.  Now there are those lucky few that have no trouble falling asleep.  These tend to be the younger folks; my age group has more trouble sleeping and requires us to pay greater attention to our sleep equipment and environment.

Sleep equipment refers to pillows, blankets, sheets, sleeping masks, and noise machines to name a few. The sleep environment covers things like room temperature, light, sounds, and smells.  Now some of you reading this will think this is all overkill.  If you are thinking that then you probably don’t have issues sleeping or have never tried some of these great devices.

Why Is Fluffing A Pillow So Important?

There are several reasons why you would want to fluff your pillow, the main reason to make it more comfortable and provide you a better night sleep.  Later in this article we will talk about taking fluffing to the next step and talk about the advantages to a regular schedule for cleaning your pillow.

How To Fluff A Pillow By Hand:

There are many techniques to fluffing a pillow by hand and a ton of variations.  We are going to teach you the tried and true way on how to fluff a pillow by hand.

Take the pillow by the long end with one hand on each side at the very end of the pillow.  Next compress the pillow as if you are trying to touch your two hands together.

Now decompress by pulling the pulling back out to its full length again.  Repeat this motion for the next 30 seconds.

Ok, now I want you to repeat this process for by hold the pillow so that your hand are opposite on the short side of the pillow.

Compress and decompress the pillow like you did on the long side of the pillow.  This will break up the fill materials and add air in between the fill.

This should make your pillow nice and fluffy again, you can do this nightly if you wish before climbing into bed.  Doing it daily you won’t have to do it as long as if you haven’t fluffed for a while.

Most solid foam and even shredded memory foam pillows never require fluffy.


Fluffing A Pillow In A Dryer:

Okay before you try this on your pillow please read the instruction tag on the pillow to check for any special instructions for dryer use.

There are several versions how to fluff pillow using a dryer and we will cover the basic one first.   Simply put the pillow in the dryer and set it for 20 minutes, air only no heat.

After the timer goes off take the pillow out of dry and compress and decompress the pillow a few time if it has gotten out of shape in the dry.

I recommend putting a clean pillow case on at this time before putting it back on the bed.  You are good to go can use this technique as often as you wish.

Fluffing A Pillow In A Dryer With A Tennis Ball:

Again, before you try this on your pillow please read the instruction tag on the pillow to check for any special instructions for dryer use.

Another variation of how to fluff a pillow using the dryer is to put your pillow into the dryer and some kneading devices.

The kneading devices can be tennis ball stuffed inside a sock, one ball per sock please and use a minimum of two balls.

You can also use normal dryer balls as they work awesome as well.  At our home we are fans of the organic wool dryer balls they do a great job on fluffing pillow.


There is a big difference when using the dryer to fluff we are not going to use heat at all, we just want you to set the timer for 20 minutes air only, NO HEAT.

Let the dry run its course for the next 20 minutes and when done take the pillow our and compress and decompress the pillow a couple of times if it has lost its shape.

I always recommend a clean pillow case at this point as it is part of regular pillow maintenance.

How To Fluff A Pillow With The Kneading Technique:

This is a simple two hand technique that will show you how to make your pillow fluffy again.  Have you ever kneaded dough before?  If you have then you know what to do to your pillow.  If not, here is what you need to do (pun intended).

With your hands opened and palms facing down towards the pillow make a claw and grab a hand full of pillow filling and pull up.  Repeat the process down the length of the pillow and flip the pillow over and do this process again.

This requires more effort than the other techniques and of course the easiest one is to place in the dryer and use the dryer balls.


Giving Your Pillow Fresh Air:

Before the invention of these modern day appliances back 100 years ago, people realized how to fluff a pillow mean taking it out side and hanging it on the clothes line to air out.

Back then they even beat them to get any dust out of the pillow and then let them air out.

Now depending on where you leave and the climate you will need to decide if that is a viable option, but since we are here talking about how to make my pillow fluffy again we are not going to leave any stone unturned.

Now if you are like me and taking your pillow outside is something you don’t want to do then either use the dry method or I have know some people to open a window and sit the pillow against the screen and rotate it once in a while.

Personally, I feel this is the most ineffective way but you if you want to reduce your carbon foot print this may be the way to go for your pillow.

How To Fluff A Body Pillow:

Fluffing a body pillow can be a little more difficult just because of the length of the pillow.  You obliviously can grab it by the long ends and compress and decompress as we described above.

However, you can fluffy a body pillow by hand on the short side as described above in several places up and down the length of the pillow.

Hold the pillow long ways at chest level and grab each side of the pillow, now compress and decompress the pillow.  Do this up and down the pillow in several spots for a few seconds at each spot.

This is how to fluff a body pillow by hand and it doesn’t take long to accomplish, this is a good time and we recommend changing the pillow case as well as part of regular pillow maintenance.

Body Pillow Fluffing Continued:

Depending on the size of your dryer you might be able to use the tennis ball or dryer ball method to fluff your body pillow.  Please follow this link to the dryer section for directions if your dryer is large enough to handle your body pillow.

Remember this is a good time to change the pillow case afterwards as part of your regular scheduled pillow maintenance.

How To Fluff A Pillow After Washing:

First of all not all pillows can be washed so please read the tag on the pillow to see if there are specific washing and drying instructions listed before washing.

Following the washing and drying instructions you should be fine.  You can add a couple of dryer balls during the recommend drying cycle and this will help fluff your pillow.

Do this will be how you can make my pillow fluffy again, and remember if you don’t have dryer balls you can use a tennis ball if you tie it in a sock first.   We recommend using two ball to help the kneading process.


How Long Should I Fluff My Pillow In A Dryer?

We recommend 20 minutes in the dryer set on air only, NO HEAT.  Using two dryer balls will show you how to fix flat pillows.  Just follow the dryer instructions on this link to jump back up to these instructions on this page.

How To Keep Pillows From Going Flat?

Depending on the pillow type most pillows will go flat over time and require some fluffing it just the nature of the pillow fill.  Memory foam pillows rebound and keep their shape but there is always a trade off of pros and cons.


Is It Time For A New Pillow?

Pillows don’t last forever and getting good sleep is paramount to maintain good health.  Just like a pair of shoes that get worn out and become slippery there are tell tale signs that your pillow is in need of replacement.

When you have tried all the fluffing techniques and you can’t get your pillow to respond then how to fluff a pillow instructions will not turn back time.

If your pillow has taken on odors and it’s a pillow that cannot be washed it’s time to trash that pillow and get a new one in its place.

You may have changed your sleeping position and a new pillow designed for that sleeping position would be more beneficial.

Other times your body has changed because of aging or other issues and you need a different type of pillow. 

Next Steps:

The key is not to wait, your sleep is too important to let a pillow rob you from getting the rest you need to function properly.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping so invest in yourself and buy the best pillow, you will not be disappointed.

How Often Should I Clean My Pillow?

In this article on the HuffPost they recommend cleaning your pillow case every 3 weeks and the pillow itself every 3 months.[1]

If I Need A New Pillow What Would You Recommend?

Finding a new pillow that works for you can be a very time consuming task.  But, thankfully you have found VJ Pillow and we are the leading experts on pillows.

We do all the leg work in researching, testing with sleep subjects, interviewing users, talking with manufacturers and listening to feedback from our readers as well.

All that time is devoted to narrowing down the list of the best pillows that will offer our readers the very best night’s sleep.

We then present you our loyal readers with just a few top pick that suite your sleeping needs.  This drastically cuts down the time you will spend looking for a new pillow. 

Our team has developed a short list of questions that will lead you to a personalized list of pillows that is right for you to choose from.

If you follow this link here we can help guide you in choosing the right pillow that will give you the best night’s sleep ever.


There you have it ever technique on how to fluff a pillow from using your hands to using a dryer.  Even the worse case of my pillow is worn out and you need to buy another one we have cover that too.

Here at VJ Pillow our mission is simple we want to give our readers the simple and truthful facts about the pillows we review.  We don’t put annoying pop ups on the screen while you are trying to read as that would be disrespectful of your time.

We want you to have a pleasant experience here and if you did please like us on social media buttons above.

Most of all get the right sleeping equipment to ensure your get the rest you deserve and that you know how to fluff a pillow go get your pillow and give it a try.

Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.



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