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Sleeping on Stomach Good or Bad

Is Sleeping On Stomach Bad?

Although much of the general population prefers sleeping on their stomach.  It is allegedly the worst sleeping position.

While it doesn’t cause any immediate harm yet this position compromises the spine and neck due to the excessive stress.

More or less, sleeping on your stomach taxes your body.  Here is exactly what goes on in your body as a result of sleeping on your stomach.

An Uneasy Spine

uneasy spine

Sleeping on your stomach is against the neutral position of the spine.

The spine is naturally curved and needs to stay that way, especially when one decides to pull an all-nighter.

Because most of the body weight rests in the torso area.  If one sleeps on their stomach, the spine’s neutral position is hard to maintain and hence, gets disturbed.

Adding to this, your pillows and mattresses act as a catalyst by exerting even more stress on the neck and lower back area.

The more pressure your neck and pelvic region bears.  The more its ligaments stretch and the more they shall hurt in the morning after.

Pure Source Of Disturbance

Stomach Sleepers Postures

Other than the back and neck pains, stomach sleepers generally suffer from an overall poor health.


Because your spine, being the pipeline for nerves, tends to be misaligned and under strain. More to this, this stress can cause several of the nerves to get blocked.  Which in turn cause random numbness in different parts of the body.

This not only disturbs your sleep but can also generate random aches in different area, later on.

So, the next time you feel yourself waking up from a deep slumber, just because your hand ‘slept’, try giving your back a break.

Restless Sleep

All stomach sleepers experience discomfort.

Whether its mild aches or plain uneasiness, you are bound to feel the impact the very next day.

The average person sleeps 7-9 hours every night.  Which means that your body is in the same stressful position for 7-9 hours.

Also, as you lay on your stomach, good luck finding a comfortable spot and proper breathing space.

Lower Back Pain

back pain pillow

If you are looking for a way to worsen your existing back ache, you might as well sleep on your stomach.

The immediate pressure, which can be felt as one shifts on their stomach, is on the lower back.

The body weight shifts and the spine tries to adjust itself with it and in all this, your lower back and your neck take the beating.

For people that tend to suffer from chronic back aches yet can’t seem to sleep without turning upside down.  They can place a pillow beneath their stomach or use full body pillows, in order to take the load off from pelvis area.

Special Care During Pregnancy

Pregnant Belly Downs

When you are pregnant, your body demands even more rest and sleep.

Now sleeping on your stomach might appear to be a joke once you enter the final trimester.  It is still important that you avoid sleeping on your stomach even before that.

The reason is simple- you don’t want to box your back.  Epecially when in a couple of days your spine is going to bear the weight of a newborn.

Secondly, not only is it dangerous for both you and the baby, sleeping on your stomach results in poor respiration and lower oxygen levels.


Now because you are sleeping on your stomach, it is going to put strain on your stomach as well.

So while you lay down, your stomach calls out for help.

As a result, not only do you get poor digestion but some pretty bad heartburn, which are enough to wake you up.

Therefore, for a good digestion and better sleep, ditch the stomach sleeping.

Stomach sleeping is frowned upon habit due to sensible reasons, yet most people are addicted to this particular position.

The best way to get rid of it is by using cushions, under the stomach and on the sides.  This way the weight can be shifted from the stomach and back.

Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

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