Layla Mattress Review

A goodnight sleep is all we need!

But great things in life don’t come easy. Usually, it is the comfort factor that keeps us awake at night. We tend to invest in thousand of dollars in bed sets, cushions and furniture. But in all honesty, it is the mattress that determines how comfortable you will really be. If the mattress is cozy and snug, you can fall asleep with just a blanket on you, and if it’s not, then you will re-live your own version of Princess and the Pea every night.

I recently came across a cozy, copper-infused cooler double-sided Layla mattress that is going to change the way you sleep.

Layla Mattress Review

Layla mattress has been creating a lot of buzz lately for being the most innovative yet beneficial mattress. Due to all the comments and attention it has attracted towards itself, it’s time to take a closer look at what the whole Layla hype is all about.

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Layla Mattress Review


The Layla mattress is popular for its design. Let’s unveil what’s so special about it. The mattress is a copper-infused memory foam mattress with two different firmness levels. The mattress also has Thermo-Gel in its cover layer which acts as an added bonus.

layla mattress layers

Let’s talk about the 3 layers of mattress in detail.

The 3-inch Copper-Infused foam Layer (Soft Side)

Although it doesn’t matter which way you use the mattress, the 3-inch foam side is for people who like to sleep on a softer bed. The memory foam is richly infused with copper, which how it keeps the foam cool. Copper has been actively used in several other products due to it’s properties, but this foam makes use of it heat dispersion property. It’s also antimicrobial which will extend the life of the mattress.

The 6-inch PolyFoam Layer (Base Foam)

The second layer is a 6-inch thick PolyfFoam layer, which sits in the middle to act like a ground on which the other two foam layers are structurally supported. This layer aids in the airflow while maintaining the overall shape of the mattress and the two foam layers.

The 1-inch Copper-infused Foam Layer (Firm Side)

This layer comprises of just 1 inch of that ultra cool copper-infused foam and it is intentionally kept to such a small thickness, because this side of the mattress is aimed at those people who want a firm mattress. The PolyFoam layer in the middle provides the adequate amount of firmness from beneath, so the sleeper gets a super comfortable sleep with ultimate support.

Thermo-Gel cover

All these layers come in a cover which is an intelligent blend of different fabrics and gel filling (Thermo-gel). This combination makes the mattress more firm, composed and yes, cooler! (Not just in terms of the design, but in terms of the temperature too). This zipper-cover can be removed easily for dry- cleaning purposes too.

Layla offers a 120 Nights RISK-FREE Trial on their mattress. That means you can try it for 120 days and if you feel it’s not for you, return it and get your money back. You don’t pay any shipping or return fees. Nothing!!!

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Size and Pricing

Layla beds come in a variety of different dimensions and sizes.

Size Dimensions Price
TWIN 38 x 74 x 10 in. $499 Get $60 OFF
TWIN XL 38 x 80 x 10 in. $599 Get $60 OFF
FULL 54 x 74 x 10 in. $799 Get $60 OFF
QUEEN 60 x 80 x 10 in. $899 Get $60 OFF
KING 76 x 80 x 10 in. $999 Get $60 OFF
CAL KING 72 x 84 x 10 in. $999 Get $60 OFF

Watch this unboxing video to learn more about the Layla mattress:

Here are some more features that explain why this mattress is totally worth your money.

Key Features of Layla Mattress

Layla Sleep

Copper and the Cool Thingy

Since all mattress include foam and layers of fabric they can absorb heat and give you that toasty feeling. But in summer, a mattress is nothing less than a toaster and therefore it causes you to have a unwanted, uncomfortably warm night. This is where the Layla mattress guarantees your rescue. Copper ranks at the top in thermal conductivity and it has been infused in this mattress to disperse heat as quick as possible. So basically, if you lay on the mattress for a hour or more, your body heat will be absorbed and dispersed. Plus, the Thermo-Gel cover adds in an extra layer of coolness.


Probably the best feature of this mattress is the doubled sided aspect and the different level of firmness that it provides. Usually, mattresses just provide one level of firmness. If you want a softer mattress or a harder one, you have to invest in a new one. The Layla mattress gives you the benefit of just switching the side and boom! Hello change.

Comfort and Support

Now addressing the second reason due to which most mattresses end up in the dumpster–comfort. The Layla mattress provides two different types of comfort and support. Speaking first about the softer side, this side of the memory foam makes sure that one gets the best sleep of their life. It’s not an overstatement, but it gives you that sink-in feeling, all while adjusting itself according to your position and pressure.

Coming to the firm side, it is comfortable and more supportive. Since it is aimed at those individuals who need a more sturdy side to sleep on. It doesn’t really give you that sink-in feeling. For those who have back problems and joint-pains, they can make great use of this side.

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One major thing that will determine the worth of a mattress is how well does it respond to stress. By stress we mean the pressure we apply on the mattress just when we are sleeping on it. The best way to judge that is to understand the motion transfer of the mattress. On a Layla mattress, the motion transfer observed is minimal. On both sides, if you move, turn, toss, the person or object placed next to you won’t be affected. This is great for those couples among which one tosses and turns all night, and the other one bears all the reactions of those movement. If you are a light sleeper, it’s recommended that you sleep on the firm side since it tackles motion better than the soft side. So the next time you are irritated by your partner’s nightly movements, no need to be upset, just order a Layla mattress.

Layla mattress is made in the USA

Warranty and Trial

Since every company has it’s own marketing techniques and usually the words “lifetime” are just used to attract people, it genuinely doesn’t mean anything. Excessive use of this phrase has actually caused people to mistrust every brand that uses it over and over again.

In case of the Layla mattress the words “lifetime guarantee” are backed by some heavy action. Yes this is a memory foam, yes it has two different levels of comfort, but what adds strength to the lifetime claim is the fact that the manufacturers actually offer a 120 day trial period (4 months!). This means, you can try the mattress for a whooping 4 months and if in that time, you aren’t satisfied, or the mattress just flattens out you can claim another one or have your money back (all of it!). And you don’t even pay any shipping or handling fees. Not a penny.

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Final Verdict

There are several mattresses that claim favorable fantasies yet just hand you mediocre level of comfort, or the worst–are total disappointments. The Layla mattress, however, proves what it claims–comfort and a mattress that always stays cool. Be it the copper-infused technology used in the memory foam, the thermo-gel cover that maintains the cool temperature or the dual-sided different comfort levels, you will enjoy having this mattress in your bedroom. But this isn’t even the best part.

The most interesting part has to be its 4 month long trial period, which allows you to test the mattress for a quarter of an year. And in case if it doesn’t fit your needs, or fails to provide you with its claimed features, just call in the Layla people and they will take it back. The mattress is available on their official website and can be ordered online with absolutely no hassle of extra delivery or any other hidden charges.

So if you have been looking for an exotic mattress that falls within a reasonable price range AND lives up to your expectations, you should try Layla mattress as soon as possible. The mattress earns a double-thumbs up from us!!

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