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Woman On Purple Mattress

The Leading Mattress Brands In 2021


It is widely known that good sleep is essential to living a healthy life. Hence to achieve better sleep you need a high-quality mattress.

Every year, new technologies and mattress designs flood the market. The different types of mattresses include memory foam, latex, innerspring, waterbeds and air mattresses.

However, the most common types are the memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

Buying the right kind of mattress is often a challenge because of the increasing number of brands in the market.

If you're planning to get a mattress, here are five best brands to consider.

1. Purple

purple mattress

Purple mattress is made with two layers of polyurethane foam and hyper-elastic polymer.

In addition to relieving pressure points, purple reduces motion transfer across the mattress. The air pockets of the mattress keep the sleeping surface exceptionally cool.

It also provides great level of comfort and support for varying body type/ size. Also, the thin cover of the mattress makes it breathable.

The feeling of sleeping on purple mattress is amazing. Other than mattress, Purple has manufactures seat cushions, pillows, platform and adjustable base.

2. Amerisleep

amerisleep mattress brand
Leading Mattress Brand

Amerisleep mattresses come with Celliant-infused covers which have been proven to have certain health benefits.

These covers convert body heat into infrared light and ultimately increase blood flow. Besides delivering comfort and good support, the mattress is durable.

Foams used by Amerisleep are formed through an eco-friendly Variable Pressure Foaming process.

This process ensures that the foam exudes lesser volatile organic compounds. Amerisleep also uses plant-based memory foam that is gotten from soybeans oil.

3. Tempurpedic

tempurpedic mattress brand

The Tempurpedic mattress is a standard luxury memory foam mattress that has been providing excellent comfort and support for decades.

Tempurpedic mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, conforming to varying body weights. They help in relieving pressure points ensuring that users enjoy quality sleep.

The company offers a ten-year limited warranty and a 90-day trial period.

4. Casper

casper mattress brand

The Casper mattress uses four distinct foam layers. The top layer offers cooling and comfort for the mattress.

The second layer ensures support and pressure relief as well as helping to prevent heat retention issues common with memory foams.

The third and bottom layers help to keep the body in alignment and provide support for the other layers.

The porous design of the Casper mattress cover enhances the breathability and cooling of the mattress.

5. Saatva

saatva mattress brand

These ultra-premium mattresses are made with foam wrapped coils.

These contour coils are designed to conform to your body and decrease motion transfer. Saatva mattresses stand out particularly as it uses a unique construction method called 'coil on coil.'

Unlike most mattresses that are made from 100% foam, Saatva mattresses are produced with a foam encasement, two layers of steel coils and pillow top.

The organic cotton cover of the mattress makes it soft and breathable. Additionally, the mattress comes with a thin layer of memory foam that provides extra support and prevents heat retention.

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