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Lull Queen Mattress Review

The Lull mattress is a good quality, all-foam mattress that’s available at a reasonable price. It’s one of the new mattress-in-a-box companies that have been hitting the market lately. The Lull mattress is made from three types of foam for an ideal combination of comfort and support.


This mattress is rated around a medium in firmness and is a good option for people who sleep on their backs or move a lot during the night. It’s also great for side sleepers. Because it offers all-round body support, this is a good choice if you have a partner who sleeps in a different position than you. It should work well for both of you without much sleep disruption.

Lull Is Good For:

  • Weight - The Lull mattress is good if you are of light or medium weight, usually anywhere up to about 230 pounds. The mattress is a little firmer than a regular mattress so it supports the whole body but it might feel a little too firm for those who are larger in stature.
  • Flip-Flopper – This is a good mattress if you are active at night and frequently change position. It has good support for spinal alignment and works whether you are on your back, side, or front. If you fidget in your sleep, this mattress is a good choice for you.
  • Back Sleeper – While the mattress is good for all sleeping positions, it is a medium to firm hardness which makes it good for back sleepers. It lets the hips sink slightly into the mattress and keeps your spine in proper alignment.
  • Foam without sinking – The mattress has a foam-like feel without having too much sink and being hare to get out of. Lull mattresses provide pressure point relief while allowing users to move freely on the mattress without feeling bogged down.

Lull Is Not That Great For:

  • Overweight side sleepers – If you are on the heavier side, this might not be the best mattress because you might sink too much into the support layers. The mattress can feel overly firm if you are used to sleeping on your side.
  • Overweight Stomach Sleeper – The mattress is probably not firm enough for people who are large and prefer to sleep on their stomachs. There is not enough support in the hip area and you can sink which leads to discomfort.
  • You like Innerspring mattresses: Lull is an all-foam mattress so the compression rate is slow compared to innerspring. The contouring and support that comes with coils may suit your style of sleep better.

Lull Mattress

Lull Memory Foam MattressAmazon

The Lull queen mattress is a good choice for people who prefer a light memory foam and sleep on their back, stomach, or in multiple positions throughout the night. The mattress is 10 inches thick with a soft, slim extremely breathable cover made from a high-end blend of fabrics. It has three layers and is very supportive of your spine.

Under the cover is 1.5 inches of viscoelastic gel memory foam that help with pressure point relief and distributes heat to keep you cool. Next is 1.5 inches of transition foam. This layer sits between the top comfort layers and the firm supporting ones.

Finally, at the bottom is a seven-inch layer of high-end polyurethane support foam that will not sag.  Each type of foam is CertiPUR-US, eco-friendly, and produced in the United States. Overall, it has a lot of benefits for all types of sleepers.

Benefits Of A Lull Mattress 

The Lull mattress is flexible enough to be used with an adjustable bed base. Because the gel foam has a slow response to pressure, you can expect good pressure point relief.

This same layer of gel foam is not very thick so you won’t sink into the mattress. You can move around while you sleep and not feel like you are stuck in one place. 

The gel layer also dissipates heat. It uses open-cell foam and is excellent for airflow which is great if you tend to sleep hot. In addition to the gel layer, the transition layer has some elasticity to it so it is rather bouncy but won’t make you feel like you’ve sunk into the mattress.

This mattress is designed to support people that weigh up to 250 pounds each and can hold two people comfortably. The mattress is firm for heavier sleepers, especially those who sleep on their side.

Lulls Firmness And Feel 

The Lull mattress is fairly firm, coming in at a 7/10 for those who of average weight and height. Those who are heavier and may experience a firmness of about an 8. Either way, this is a little bit higher than most average mattresses.

The top gel layer is soft and slow to bounce back while the middle, or transition foam, makes sure the sleeper doesn’t sink too far down into the mattress. It has great pressure point relief and good support for spinal alignment.

The sleeper’s hips only slightly sink into the mattress. Overall, it has a good balance of softness and support for a good night’s sleep.

Lull Queen Mattress Motion

Lull Queen Mattress MotionAmazon

Because Lull is an all-foam mattress, it’s great for motion isolation. There is very little motion transfer, no matter how restless a sleeper is. If you are sleeping next to someone, you should each have very few issues with nighttime movement affecting your sleep.

Since motion transfer is low, you should also not have any problems if you have different sleep styles. It is fairly adaptable to most sleep positions and you won’t disturb each other as you move around during the night. 

Edge Support

Edge support is one of the characteristics of a mattress we don’t often ask about or even pay much attention to when trying to choose the right one. That said, it is something we should be aware of simply because not having it can be a problem.

If the edges are sagging, it is difficult to get in and out of the bed. Considering Lull is an all-foam mattress, you might assume that the sides aren’t very supportive but they are actually quite firm and offer good support all around.  

High Points Of Lull

When you do your research, you’ll find that the Lull queen mattress has lots of good points that can work with your sleep habits. It provides appropriate pressure relief without making you feel like you are sinking into the mattress.

The transition layer is perfect in providing this support and the top layers balance it out with softness. You get superior support and easy movement without a squishy feel.

Another pro for this mattress is that it’s good for a wide range of body builds. It works for everyone up to 250 pounds and, while that may change how firm the mattress feels, it won’t change much.

It’s also great for any sleep position if you are in this weight range as well, especially back sleepers. If you’re a hot sleeper, the airflow keeps you cool throughout the night.

Plus, if you use this mattress in conjunction with breathable sheets and a cover, you can get a great night’s sleep at the right temperature.


Lull also has some great add-ons that can enhance the quality of the mattress and your sleeping experience, including:

Final Thoughts

This Lull Queen is a great mattress-in-a-box that comes in at a reasonable price. It offers good support and spinal alignment and it works with just about any sleeping position.

While it is one of the newer mattress products on the market, the design is great and certainly more than competitive with similar brands. The design holds its own against innersprings as well. 

Lull ships the mattress right to your door so you don’t have to worry about picking it up or fighting to get it into your car. 

It is shipped in an air-sealed bundle that is easy to open and set up, all you need to do it open the package, place the mattress roll on the bed, and remove the first layer of plastic so it can be laid flat.

When you remove the last layer of plastic, it begins to expand. Give it a day or two to breathe and expand to its full size. It may need air out as it sometimes has a bit of a chemical smell from being wrapped airtight which is normal with most foam mattresses and should dissipate quickly.

Lull comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial which is a great way to be sure you love it. All you have to do is unpackage it, add your favorite sheet and some pillows, throw on a nice duvet and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

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Robert Frontier

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