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hot to make your bedroom look like a hotel room

How To Make Your Room Look Like A Hotel Bedroom


Soft, fluffy and hygienic- these are some of the words that we use to describe hotel bedrooms. One feature that attracts us all as travelers are the hotel beds, largely for how comfortable they appear after a tiring trip.

The perfect duvet, with clean sheets and absolutely feather like pillows, it comes to no surprise that there goes in a lot of effort in creating this very auspicious look.

You can create this look right in your bedrooms and have suite-like quality by following these steps:

1. Pillows

Keep your head raised

Why hotel bedrooms are unforgettable?

The secret lies in the hotel pillows and bedding.

Most hotels put up the best and most expensive pillows out there, because even if the bed feels firm it will be the cushions that would comfort and support the sleeper.

This is why, be open to good investment on buying hotel pillows even for your bedrooms.

Traditionally, four pillows are set on hotel beds, including two feather and down king size pillows, two hypoallergenic pillows and a boudoir pillow. The hypo-allergenic pillows can be replaced with two pillows of your own choice.

The good thing with pillows is that you can never over-do them, you can keep as many pillows as you want, be it of different compositions or sizes. Pillows give the illusion of extra comfort.

2. Choose the furniture

Marriot Typical Bedroom

First and foremost step before jumping into anything is selecting the furniture. The side tables, the headboard and footboard especially, all will determine the level of comfort.

While plain, hard headboards are easier to maintain, it is the foam-filled or leather-covered headboards which would give that hotel like luxurious feeling.

So be vigilant and observe the different styles of bedroom furniture and work them all based on some subtle yet classy color scheme.

3. Knowing the Layers

Couple Unpacking Ghostbed Mattress

Next step is choosing the right kind of mattress.

Now let's be clear on this, you need a durable mattress be it feather, foam or memory foam, that is entirely up to your preference. Secondly if you flip the mattress every now and then, you will feel as if it is a new one.

Your investment on mattresses does not require some big digits, but your personal preference mostly. Then comes your sheet, for which cotton is the best choice out there for it is light and cool.

If you want to create a absolute stunning bedroom, then opt for Egyptian cotton sheets as they have a good reputation. More to this, you can add in a comforter, a down blanket, some fine, soft duvet.

Depending on how much layers you can take on, feel free to pile in your options. Also learn the proper way to make your bed.

4. The Bed Skirts

Young Couple Laying On Mattress

While they go unnoticed, but bed skirts are the cherry on top when it comes to the perfect hotel bedroom.

Not only do they hide the box springs, but they also cover the awkward empty space between the bed and the floor.

They lift the look of the bed by complimenting the foot board and are aesthetically very royal and pleasant looking.

And there it is! With these few steps, you can drastically change the look of your ordinary bedroom into a classy 5-star hotel bedroom.

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