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Memory Foam and Fiber Reversible Mattress Topper

For many of us, sleep can be elusive and for many different reasons. We may be too hot or too cold, the bed might be too hard or too soft so we toss and turn throughout the night. It can be expensive trying to solve these sleep issues by buying a completely new bed and box spring.  While new sleep technology gives us better mattresses and bedding, it’s not always cheap or easy to invest in a brand new bed.

A mattress topper may be the solution to getting a better night’s sleep without having to buy a new mattress. One of the best mattress toppers out there is the ComforPedic Loft Beautyrest 5.5-Inch Supreme Gel Memory Foam Topper. Let’s take a closer look.

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is exactly what it sounds like – a topper for your mattress. This added layer is usually between one and five inches thick and goes on top of an already existing mattress. It is used to make the sleeping surface feel softer, to add extra comfort, change the firmness of the mattress, or make it cooler. Mattress toppers are often used if the sleeper has pain issues and needs extra support. They come in various sizes that benefit both a single sleeper and those sharing a bed with a partner. Mattress toppers are removable and are simply placed on top of the mattress itself or tucked under the fitted sheet placed on the bed.

Mattress toppers are made from many different materials, including memory foam, polyfoam, latex, feathers, down, or wool. The price varies significantly depending on the material, size, and features. No matter what material you choose, it’s still going to be cheaper than purchasing a new mattress and box spring.

Choosing the ComforPedic Mattress Topper

The ComforPedic Mattress Topper is a great choice for a mattress topper as it can help in a lot of different situations, including:

Mattress Topper, not a Pad

The ComforPedic Mattress topper is what you want to buy, not a mattress pad. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, they are quite different.

  • Designed to make a mattress more comfortable
  • Made from various materials like memory foam, latex, feather or wool
  • May have various thicknesses to help the different sleep types
  • Rest on top of the bed or under a fitted sheet
  • Designed for extra padding and change the feel of the bed
  • Can protect the mattress surface from contaminants
  • Fairly long lifespan, not always easily washed
  • Designed to keep the mattress clean
  • Most often made from cotton or polyester
  • Thin as they are not designed for comfort as much as protecting the mattress
  • Made to be tucked under sheets to hold in place. Not weighty enough to stay in place if just on top
  • No change in the comfort level of the bed
  • Wear over time but are machine washable as needed.
  • Will need to be replaced more often than a topper

Benefits Of A ComforPedic Mattress Topper

Benefits Of A ComforPedic Mattress Topper

The great thing about this mattress topper is that helps alleviate pain by adding support and cushioning pressure points. The topper can also help with spinal alignment as it conforms to the body in a way the original mattress no longer does, offering more support for the neck, shoulders, back, and hips. The topper makes an old mattress more comfortable, especially if it’s become worn and is starting to sag a little or get indentations. It can also regulate body temperature and adjust firmness as needed.

If you buy the topper when you buy a new mattress, you can extend its lifespan as using the topper will minimize sagging and indentations that come with sleeping in the same position for years. It also protects the mattress from dirt, stains, spills, and other physical damage.

Things to Check for

While the pros of this mattress topper are many, there are some things that you should be aware of so you can make sure you get your best night sleep:

Composition of the ComforPedic Mattress Topper

This ComforPedic Mattress topper is made of gel-infused memory foam for the perfect cool sleep. The memory foam is four inches thick with a five-inch fiber-filled cover which puts the loft at 5.5 total inches. This is much thicker than the average toppers which are between one and four inches in loft. The gel supports pressure points and moves heat away from the body while conforming for spinal alignment. It is resistant to allergens such as dust mites and is also antimicrobial. The fiberfill of the cover is hypoallergenic and helps with reducing motion transfer for better sleep.

The high-density gel infused foam offers better edge support than most and increases overall comfort due to its higher density. It helps an older mattress feel more comfortable and may help it feel closer to its original firmness. The memory foam is durable, too, so the topper should last a long time.

Sleep Position & Body Weight

Sleep Position & Body Weight

This ComforPedic Mattress topper is good for almost all sleep positions and body weights.

Taking Care of your ComforPedic Mattress Topper

Every bed product needs proper care to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the ComforPedic loft 5.5” memory foam and reversible mattress topper is one of the best out there when it comes to helping you sleep better. It is often impossible to come up with cash on the spot for big-ticket items like a new bed and box spring. A mattress topper like this one can bridge the gap temporarily or on a long term basis. There are lots of online reviews that speak to its quality. If you think this mattress topper can help solve some of your sleep issues, it’s well worth the investment.