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Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion Review

The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion has made a marketing splash on TV and has now had just as big an impact on the online market. This seat cushion is made of a blend of shredded memory foam and polyester microfibers held in a removable polyester liner.

The cover is constructed with a blend of polyester and viscose from bamboo which complements the cushion itself.

This cushion is specifically designed to help with posture and support and is said to lessen aches and pains while helping those who are sitting for long periods of time, lessening the pressure on the spine.

The idea behind the design is that, by reducing spinal pressure, the aches and pains from long periods of sitting will be reduced. The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion is a fairly new product that debuted in 2015 and continues to gain popularity in the market.

This cushion is meant to be used anywhere you’re sitting for long periods of time, particularly if you have a tailbone or lower-body issue.

Whether you sit at your desk in the office all day, drive a semi across the country, or spend a lot of time sitting in the bleachers cheering on your favorite sports team, this is a great cushion for you.

Reviews say the Miracle Bamboo Cushion supports and provides comfort to your entire body, putting significantly less stress on your back and spine. You should feel less tiredness, discomfort, pain, and numbness.

Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion Design

miracle bamboo seat cushion reviewAmazon

he Miracle Bamboo seat cushion has two parts that need to be considered when assessing usability, the inner cushion and outer cover.

If you have recently shopped for bedding or seating in your home, you probably already know about the wonders of memory foam.

It was created in the 1960s by NASA for use in seats in the US space program and was then adopted into the mainstream marketplace for use in many products such as mattresses, pillows, seats and more. 

The memory foam used in this cushion is a polyurethane foam that molds to the shape of the person sitting or laying on it which is why it’s ideal for mattresses and seat items.

It contours to the body, relieving pressure, offering comfort and support, and often preventing aches and pains. While this cushion uses shredded foam, it works in the same way. 

Some people find that memory foam products tend to be a little hot when compared to other materials but, thanks to the injection of cooling gel and the use of breathable covers, newer items have much better airflow and can feel significantly cooler.

The Miracle Bamboo inner orthopedic cushion has a cutaway shape that supports the sitter’s tailbone above where they are sitting, relieving the normal pressure on the spine and tailbone that occurs from sitting all day.

While it conforms to your body, it also bounces back when you are not using it. Because it is made of memory foam, it can hold heat but this particular cushion is designed to dissipate heat naturally, regulating body temperature and increasing comfort.

The outside of this cushion is made of rayon-bamboo fabric that is said to be revolutionary according to the manufacturer.  It is made from the softer interior portion of the bamboo trunk and is collected through using steam or enzymes.

Once extracted, it is then crushed, processed, and woven into lengths of fibers to create a type of yarn. The Miracle Bamboo seat cushion is said to be soft yet strong and is extremely durable so it won’t need replacing after prolonged use.

This durability is important is this cushion is going to be your go-to seat.

The seat cover is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial which is ideal when you are using the cushion in various places and want to avoid allergens and germs.

It wicks away any moisture or and is easy to clean. Simply remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. A quick tumble in the dryer and it’s ready to go again. This bamboo viscose material is very breathable and dissipates heat from the interior pillow.

It also has the practical benefit of keeping the pillow in place when you are sitting on it. The cover prevents the cover from slipping and you can maintain good posture since it doesn’t shift around. 

While not a new technology, the combination of memory foam and the bamboo cover is certainly ideal for a seat cushion as it provides back support while promoting good posture.

In an age where more and more people are sitting for extended periods at work or at home, this cushion provides a comfortable place to rest. Transport is easy and you can take it with you pretty well anywhere to help with your seating comfort.

The Miracle Bamboo seat cushion is one-size-fits-all and suitable for most body types, whether you’re light or heavy, short or tall. It comes in colors such as grey and navy blue and can be often bought in a one or two-pack.

They’re very affordable and can be found for as little at $19, more if you are buying a two-pack to share with another family member or if you want to keep one at home and at work. It comes with a carrying handle but is light enough to put in a suitcase, shopping bag, or backpack for travel if needed. 

If you read reviews about this cushion, you’ll see that people who may have the same issues with posture and pain as you do have enjoyed the cushion and seen good results.

If you do decide to buy the Miracle Bamboo seat cushion, it comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a refund if you are not happy with the product. Just pay return shipping and they’ll refund your money.

It’s a pretty safe product to try considering its low price point. 

Comparing The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion To Other Brands

miracle bamboo seat cushion reviewAmazon

The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion is one of the newer brands out there and certainly seems to hold its own in a crowded market.

All you need to do is enter “bamboo seat cushion” into the search bar to see how many options are out there. Some have even started copying this one in hopes of cutting into their market share. 

There are plenty of options out there that are comparable in design and price range, ranging from cheap to expensive while all claiming to do the same thing. 

The Miracle brand seat cushion is different. It’s a superior product at a good price with a unique cutaway design and a handle for easy transport.

Through a good online and TV marketing campaign, it’s become quite well known and is not difficult to find from many reliable retailers such as Amazon.com.

The good thing about buying online is you can read reviews to show you how many people were really happy with this purchase.

This is especially true for people with tailbone issues who need a protective, comfortable seat. Other bamboo cushions may be cheaper but Miracle Bamboo offers a well-made product for a good price.



Final Thoughts

While there are hundreds of bamboo products on the market, its good to go with one whose name is known and that other people have raved about using. The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion is one of those.

There are other cushions with a similar design that are either cheaply made or cost a fortune. You may not get an actual miracle when you use this seat cushion, but you will get a much more comfortable way of sitting and improved posture that can relieve your aches and pains.

Comfort can only get better with this seat cushion.

Knowing that this seat cushion’s manufacturer, Ontel, specializes in bamboo cushions is comforting. They do other items, too, including pillows to enhance your sleep and clothing made for both style and comfort.

They know and understand the bamboo industry well and make sure that each customer gets the most benefit out of their product and the quality of the product they paid for.

The low price is an attractive reason to buy this cushion because it fits into most people’s budgets. Because you can buy two at a cheaper price, it’s affordable to buy one for someone else or to have one at home and one in the office. 

The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion offers superior comfort whether you are watching TV, reading a book, working long hours, or spending a long time on the road.

It helps make those long hours more comfortable. Many people have touted this product’s ability to get rid of back pain and protect tail bone fractures along with saying it’s just a really comfortable seat.

The durable material should last for a long time no matter frequently it’s used. The Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion is available online at a reasonable price.

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