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Why People Love Staying At Marriott Hotels


Who doesn't like the comfort of luxury bedrooms?

We all do and this is why people pay hefty amounts for spending just 1 night in luxury hotels. People stay in hotels for different purposes.

Some stay at hotels during business tours while some just want to enjoy their wedding night in a luxury hotel.

Why Marriott?

Marriott is one of those luxury hotels where people, including me, love to stay.

It's not only the luxury bedding and pillows used in Marriott hotels that fascinates us but a lot of other things as well that we are going to discuss below:

1. Cozy Bedding

Marriot Typical Bedroom

The more I praise their bedding, the less it is. The feeling of sleeping in a bedroom of Marriott is no less than the feeling of sleeping in heaven.

I am such a big fan of their bedding that I've even got myself those pillows and bed sheets at home. So my bedroom at home looks no less than a Marriott hotel bedroom. I've a few friends who would go spend at-least one night at Marriott every month just to enjoy the royal sleep.

2. Hospitality

Their customer service is great and they really value their guests. The staff is highly professional, well-trained, friendly and welcoming.

Everything is just a push-of-a-button away. They take care of your luggage as soon as you check-in and you don't need to pull your muscles carrying it upstairs.

Their room service is exceptional and it feels like you are at home. I personally know a lot of people who prefer Marriott over any other just because their staff is highly professional and hospitable.

3. Food

I am a big fan of food and I love to eat. Marriott has got one of the finest chefs in the world and they can cook almost anything you can think of.

Asian, American, Chinese, Indian, Italian. You name it, and their professional chefs will bring it on the table. I am personally a die hard fan of spicy Indian dishes and their chefs never fall short of.

Many people are conscious about what they eat out of home. Eating unhealthy food isn't just their choice and they prefer staying at luxury hotels like Marriott to get good quality and more importantly hygienic food.

4. Everything In-House

This is another reason why people love staying at Marriott. When I am making a reservation for a hotel room whether work or leisure purpose, I make sure it has got a swimming pool, spa and indoor games.

A lot of people I know love taking a swim in the morning and Marriott has got awesome pools. Their pool staff is very friendly and co-operative.

They've got professional trainers as well if you or any of your kid doesn't know how to swim. They can teach you and help you enjoy in the pool.

I also love playing table-tennis in my spare time. Marriott has got a decent arrangements for indoor games where people can come enjoy and spend their free time.

Things listed above are only a few reasons why people love staying at Marriott. It's a never-ending list though and I won't be able to write enough for this awesome place.

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