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Pink Noise Machine - Everything You Need to Know

Do you struggle staying asleep because of noises in your environment?  Earplugs are not comfortable to wear while sleeping and often causes more irritation than help.  You may have heard about pink noise machines that help mask other sounds.   I have personal experience in using pink noise to mask out unwanted neighborhood noises and provide uninterrupted sleep.  VJ Pillow has done extensive research into the science of pink noise machines.

The Science behind Pink Noise:

Pink noise consists of a mix of low and high frequencies that are often consider more smoothing and easier to listen to than the well know white noise. (Boynton, 2020) 

Okay we now know that pink noise is more soothing than white noise, but what exactly does it sound like?

Pink noise has significantly more bass than white noise and if often compared to the roar of a waterfall as white noise sounds more like a hissing sound. (Nave, 2000)

Have you ever experienced the calming effects of relaxing near a waterfall?  The heavy constant crashing of the water has a soothing effect on our minds.

The Power of Sleep: The Four Sleep Cycles:

There has been a ton of research that indicates just how important sleep is to our body and mind.  Getting through the sleep cycle every night isn’t as easy as it sounds for a lot of people who struggles with sleep disorders.

The four cycles of sleep include wakefulness, light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.  We will only cover these in a short summary, but will include a link for more in depth reading if need more information.

Wakefulness is the first cycle as your body starts to prepares you for sleep or the time if you are awakened during the sleep cycle.

Light sleep your body prepares you further by dropping your temperature, slowing breathing, relaxing your muscles, and lower heart rate.

Deep sleep your blood pressure drops, your body starts making promotes muscle growth and repair, releases growth hormones, repairs cells and tissues.  Also, the brain gets rid of wastes and slow brain waves exist.

REM is when your heart rate can increase, temperature regulation is shut off, body controls are shut off to keep you safe during dreaming.  Benefits of REM sleep have been linked to improved memory, learn and problem solving.

Want to learn more about the four sleep cycle above follow this link to “What are the Stages of Sleep?”.  What Are The Stages Of Sleep & What Does Each Stage Do? (

How Does Pink Noise Affect Sleep?

Pink Noise is a constant background sound with more bass that filters out other noises that may startle you awake like a slamming door, a car horn, or loud neighbors.

These are the type of sounds that will not only awaken you but startle you so abruptly that you can’t get back to sleep.

Pink Noise is a much deeper and lower sound that provides a more smoothing experience.  Basically Pink Noise reduces the differences between those louder noises that could awaken you.

Benefits of Pink Noise:

There is tons of research that indicate that Pink Noise increases deep sleep and dramatically improves memory in older adults according to the Cleveland Clinic. (Cleveland Clinic, 2018)

Remember we talked about the healing properties of deep sleep above including tissue and cell repair and how the brain gets rid of wastes and slow brain waves exist.

Also in a Penn State article they stated ““During deep sleep, the brain clears toxic metabolites which, if allowed to accumulate, contribute to the neuro-degeneration associated with aging”. (Maney, 2021)

As you can see there is considerable evidence that getting better deep sleep is important to our healing and memory improvement.

Northwestern University found a “significant relationship between the enhancement of deep sleep by sound and memory, meaning the greater the deep sleep enhancement, the better the memory response”. (Paul, 2019)

The University of California Berkley’s study showed that steady pink noise made significant impact on the reduction of brain wave complexity that produced more stable sleep time improving overall sleep quality. (Mackenzie, 2020)


 TaoTronics Sound Machine (white & pink noise) Alexia Controlled

The Tao Tronics Sound Machine (pink & white noise) is our top pick for these reviews.  We will cover the advertised features, pros and cons, and our expert reviews.

If you don’t need that level of detail and looking for a quick review this is a top rated product, expertly reviewed and recommended. 

It plays both pink and white noise along with 23 other sounds and can be controlled with Alexia or Google Home.

Advertised Features:

  • Soothe Fussy Infants: Seamless looping of 25 high fidelity soothing sounds (10 nature sounds, 7 animal sounds, 8 sleep sounds) mimic the natural environment to calm anxious infants and help them sleep
  • Establish a Healthy Sleep Schedule: Create programs to train your toddler when it's time to sleep or rise with multiple light colors and sound modes so the whole family can enjoy a healthy sleep routine
  • Reassuring Soft Light: Night light emits a comforting glow to help during late-night diaper changing and feeding; the light is so gentle, it won’t irritate your baby or disturb their sleep 
  • Convenient APP Control: An easy-to-use TaoTronics app (available for Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher) gives you total control to customize the sound, volume, RGB light color, brightness, set a timer, sleep schedule or child lock via 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • Smart Voice Control: Sleeping sound works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allows you to turn on/off light, and adjust the light brightness with your voice from anywhere in the house

Expert Review:

There is a lot to love about this noise machine starting with the fact that it has 25 different sounds to choose from including both pink and white noise.

I am a firm believer in the health benefits from getting a good night’s rest and also have personal experience with using pink noise to help me sleep.

The science behind pink noise is well documented and I have included those research links above and will not repeat them here.

My wife and I started using pink noise because of the amount of construction that was going on in our neighborhood so early in the morning.

The pink noise not only mask the construction noises but actually help me fall asleep faster and stay asleep without be suddenly awakened by other noises.

My favorite feature on this device beside the pink noise is that I can control it with Alexia, which runs a lot of our house hold functions.

If you haven’t started using Alexia around the house I would highly recommended doing so by starting out small like the night on your bed.

This device also has a night light function and can be controlled by an APP or even Google Home.  This is a simple device and doesn’t require much to learn how to use.

No need to look any further, this is the best pink noise machine, order today and get the rest you deserve.


  • 25 sounds (pink and white noise included)
  • Alexia and Google Home controlled – control sound & lights
  • APP controlled as well
  • Night light as well
  • Great for all ages
  • Works well for babies
  • Great price
  • Free returns


  • No cons – risk free order one today

Buying advice for the best pink noise machine for sleep:

This unit tested very well with our sleep subjects and scored high on functionality and voice control.  I love this unit and have made it our top pick.

The company offers free returns and when you see the price it will be a slam dunk purchase for you.  Order one today and get the quality undisturbed sleep you deserve.

Yogasleep Duet Sound Machine 

Yogasleep have been making sounds sleep machines for over 50 years and have some amazing products and features in their product line.

We will be covering the advertised features, pros and cons and our expert review of the Yogasleep Duet Sound Machine.

If you are looking for the quick answer and want to skip the details then this is a great machine and company, however if you want these same features but with voice control (Alexia or Google Home) then I would recommend the (TaoTronics Sound Machine - our top pick).

Advertised Features:

  • Can function as an wireless speaker
  • 30 non-looping sounds plus sleep timer: fan sounds, white noise, brown noise, pink noise, 9 nature sounds, relaxation tracks, and calming classically-inspired lullabies
  • Set the sleep timer to 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours
  • Unbeatable quality & guarantee: For over 50 years, Yogasleep has been the gold standard for white noise machines
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty and exceptional Yogasleep customer experience, we stand behind each product and offer you a 101-night trial to try it out risk-free
  • Warm night light: Soft amber night light with gradient brightest
  • Modern look: Streamlined unit combines sound machine, night light, and wireless speaker


Expert Review:

There is a lot to love about this product and the company.  Yogasleep has been making sleep noise machines for over 50 years and they stand behind products with 101 night trial and free returns.


The list of 30 sounds that are available on this pink noise machine is amazing and it includes pink, white and brown noise with host of relaxation tracks as well.


From a functionality standpoint this pink noise machine is easy to use and doesn’t require a steep learning curve as all buttons are clearly marked and self explanatory.


The unit does perform as advertised and it very helpful at masking noises while providing a relaxing environment.




Personally I am getting spoiled by voice activated technology and use Alexia daily to make my life easier and more productive.

This device as great as it is still needs you to press buttons in order to turn nose or night light on, which is not as convenient as laying in bed and asking Alexia to turn on the pink noise machine. 

Is this a big deal?  Well if you are currently not using voice activated devices then the answer of course will be no.   Or maybe it is a big deal and you should look at it like this.

Buying a device that has voice activated capability and not using it right now give you the change to expand to it in the future without having to buy a new noise machine.

For the same money you can buy the TaoTronics Sound Machine that is Alexia and Google Home ready.  This will set you up for the future even if you are not ready for it today.

The other issue I have with this device is the timer setting choices, you get 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours.  On the weekends I like to sleep in and I get lucky and pass that 8 hour mark which is my goal then I don’t want the machine to turn off and wake me up.

The TaoTronics sound machine lets you run as long as you like.





  • Great list of sounds (pink, white, & brown noises) other relaxing sounds as well.
  • Company has been around for 50 years
  • Night light
  • Can function as a wireless speaker
  • 101 night trial period
  • Free returns



  • Not voice activated
  • Limited timer application

Buying Advice for best pink noise machine:

Bottom line this is a great product that is made by a company that stands behind their work with a 101 night free trial.

With the lack of voice control and the limited timer application of this device I would recommend for the same money that you take a look at the feature rich TaoTronics Sound Machine.


DreamEgg Noise Machine 

The DreamEgg is a powerful feature rich noise machine that plays pink, white and brown noise and offers a vast library of other useful and relaxing noises.

We will dig down deep into this product by reviewing the advertised features, list the pros and cons, and give our honest and expert review on this product.

If you are looking for a quick information then I would recommend our top pick (TaoTronics Sound Machine), cost are very close and has similar sound features but has voice control which I personally think is a must have.

Advertised Features:

  • 29 sounds, including 7 white noise, 7 fan sounds, and 15 nature sounds (Bird, Sea Wave, Gentle Surf, Lullaby, Music Box, Solid Rain, Thunder Rain, Brook, Campfire, Cricket, Drip, Pendulum, Train, Shushing, and Fetal Tone - ALL-NATURAL sleep aid for babies and the whole family.
  • Plug it into a wall outlet OR take it on the go with fully charged. This cordless noise machine has rechargeable 1200mAh battery for 12 hours continuously running on a single charge. Besides, the sleep machine also comes with a convenient wall plug and USB cable for electrical outlets or recharging. No worry at all about Not sleeping well while you travel.
  • You can choose the sleep machine’s duration of the sound or just have it go all night. It has a headphone input if you need some your time
  • The adjustable volume allows you to select appropriate volume for you and your baby, so new baby sleep in peace while everyone else is active. Besides, the noise machine stays on the last setting for instant setup.
  • Great gift for all ages

Our Expert Review:

The Dreamegg noise machine does a great job with providing a wide range of sleep noises including, pink, white and brown noises.

As far as functionality goes I have no issues with this machine, it will provide you with great background noise to give you the best night sleep.

It does provide a customizable timer which is better than most noise machines that only offers a few preset choices.  It does have a memory of the last noise you played so you can go back to what you used before with just one button.

If you are looking to travel with this pink noise machine then you will be happy to know that is does have a rechargeable battery.  

For me personally I don’t see that the battery is a big benefit has it only last 12 hours, so it’s one night use and then you will need to charge it up again.

If you are traveling more than one night you will need to bring the AC cord to charge this unit up again.


My biggest dislike of this machine is the lack of voice control by either Alexia or Google Home.  When climbing into bed it so nice to just tell Alexia to turn on the pink noise.

Summary of Pros & Cons


  • 29 different sounds including (pink, white and brown noise)
  • Great sounds from speaker
  • Rechargeable battery (provides 12 hours)
  • Excellent volume range
  • Works for all ages
  • Customizable timer
  • Free returns


  • No voice control by Alexia or Google Home

Buying Advice for best pink noise machine for sleep:

The Dreamegg provides a great variety of sounds, and the quality of the speaker is amazing.  The customizable timer work well and meets the needs of any user.

However, for the same money you can get the TaoTronics Sound Machine which offers similar features, but has the voice control by Alexia or Google Home making it a better purchase.

Snooz Go


The Snooz go is a portable pink noise machine that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.  We are going to review the advertised features, cover our expect reviews, and list the pros and cons.

If you are looking for the short answer to the Snooz Go then I would recommend you pass on this pink noise machine.  For less money you can get a more functional machine with voice control – check out the TaoTronics Sound Machine

Advertised Features:

  • 6 Soothing, Non-Looping Sounds: Choose from white noise, pink noise, and fan sound settings
  • No Looping Recorded Tracks: Sound is generated in real-time by a microprocessor
  • Bluetooth Speaker Mode: Switch to Bluetooth Mode to listen to music or podcasts during the day
  • Ultra-Portable Design: Lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (3.8 inches in diameter
  • High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery: Up to 20 hours of runtime on a single charge will get you through the night and then some


Expert Review:

I will cut to the chase on this review.   This pink noise machine delivers a good experience and produces quality pink noise.

The claim to fame on this device is that it’s portable.  Let’s ask the question do you need your pink noise machine to be portable?

I personally don’t see the need for the device to be portable and the battery is good for only 20 hours so must likely if you are traveling for more than 2 days you will need to bring the charger with you anyway.

The biggest issue I have with this device is the cost and features.   This is way more expensive than our top pick and has less sounds available and no voice control.


  • Small design
  • 20 hour battery
  • Doubles as Bluetooth speaker
  • Plays pink and white noises
  • Free returns


  • The price is higher than our top pick
  • Only 6 sounds
  • If you travel more than two day you will need to bring charger with you

Buying advice for the best pink noise machine:

This model only makes sense if you for some reason need a portable pink noise machine that has a 20 hour battery.

If you are looking for a pink noise machine to use at home I would recommend the TaoTronics Sound Machine instead, as it have more features, voice control and costs less.

How to sleep great at night:

A pink noise machine is excellent to take on trip and essential for masking out those unwanted hotel noises.  Speaking of hotels check out the information on luxury hotel pillows here. 

I personally wouldn't worry about whether your pink noise machine is rechargeable as the most of the unit that have batteries only last one night.

If you need total darkness at night in order to get great sleep check out this article on sleeping masks.

Worried about EMF radiation:  Discover how to measure and block EMFs.


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