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If you are not aware of my obsession with Purple, you should probably check out my reviews of Purple mattress and Purple pillow. This Purple powerbase review is another episode of my unconditional love for Purple products (I am not a big fan of their pillows though). Let’s dig down further and find out what makes this adjustable bed stand out.

What is Purple Powerbase?

Purple PowerbaseThe Purple Powerbase is the most advanced high tech adjustable bed that allows you to adjust your bed into different positions for maximum comfort. For example, if you want to watch TV or read a book in bed, you can simply elevate your back with the press of a button and put yourself in a comfortable position. Without the powerbase, you would probably need to adjust 2 or 3 pillows to get yourself some comfort when reading book in bed and still get some neck pain after reading for few minutes. The Purple adjustable bed adjusts itself to an excellent position that improves blood flow and reduces the chances of neck and back pain.

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Not only this, it has got USB ports as well so you can easily plug-in your laptop or phone and work right from your bed. The Powerbase has anti-snore, anti-gravity and massage settings as well that I’ll explain in detail. You will experience the real benefit of Powerbase when combined with Purple Mattress.

The Purple Powerbase has gone real popular since it’s launch and all I have read about it is positive reviews. Don’t believe me and take a look yourself:

Purple Powerbase Reviews

Please note that the above screenshot shows the average user rating at the time of writing this post. There are new reviews continuously being added as more people try this adjustable bed. Click below to read latest Purple Powerbase reviews.

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Size and Pricing

The Powerbase is available in 3 sizes at extremely affordable prices as compared to other similar products in market. Take a look:

Twin XL 38” x 80” x 7.11” $1399 Buy Now
Queen 60” x 80” x 7.11” $1499 Buy Now
Split King 76” x 80” x 7.11” $2798 Buy Now

Oh. And I have some good news for you:

  • Since it is a high-end product, Purple also allows you to split your purchase into easy monthly installments.
  • If you bundle a mattress with the Powerbase, you can actually save up to $500. (While supplies last)

Key Features

The Purple Powerbase has some awesome features that got me excited in first place. Let’s take a quick look at some key features of this high tech adjustable bed.

Anti-Gravity Setting: Sleep Like an Astronaut

If you are already using Purple products, you must know that Purple is a No-Pressure brand. The Zero-Gravity setting in the PowerBase allows you to sleep weightless without any pressure on your body. This setting is extremely useful for people with high blood pressure, lower back pain and swollen feet. You can actually use it during pregnancy as well to give yourself a good nights’ sleep.


What power base does is that it elevates your body to an optimal position to reduce G-Force pressure. This position is best known to offer maximum comfort and stress relief. It can actually soothe your stomach aches and cramps as well. This position takes pressure off your heart and lower back and improves blood flow and breathing.

Replaces your Alarm Clock

Do you hate waking up to annoying alarm clocks as much as I do? I understand and it’s actually bad for your health. Studies have shown that people who use alarm clocks have a higher chance of high blood pressure and increased heart rate as compared to people who wake up without alarm clock.

The Purple powerbase solves this problem by gently waking you up so you will never need to hit the snooze button again. Your bed will slowly vibrate and build up to a more stronger motion until you wake up, but I promise this is way better than your loud alarm clock.

Before I forget, I’d like to tell you that they have a limited supply right now. So make sure you grab yours while they are in stock. Otherwise, you’ll have to backorder which means another couple of months.

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Built-in Massager

Unlike other adjustable beds that merely shake your bed in the name of massage, Purple’s Powerbase uses patented resonant-frequency massagers that actually relax your blood vessels, hence promoting easier blood flow. Better flow of blood is the key to a healthy and stress-free life. This allows you to relieve tension using the full-body massagers with 5 comfort levels. With the built-in massager, you can get back, butt and foot-massage with the single push of a button.

Customize Your Position

The Power base is customizable to almost unlimited positions to give you maximum comfort. You can elevate your head for watching TV, reading a book or just to sleep in a comfortable position. Not only back but you can also elevate your feet that helps reduce back pain and improves the flow of blood. You can also program your 4 favorite positions for one-touch access. Going flat isn’t a problem either as it’s just one-touch away. You don’t need to long-press for adjusting it flat.

It’s a blessing for people with acid reflux, arthritis, and lower back pain as you can adjust it in multiple comfortable positions and get cozy. With Purple PowerBase, you can expect faster recovery as compared to recovering on traditional beds. Here is a Purple Powerbase review from a real user:

I absolutely love my Purple mattress but when coupled with the power base, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. The antigravity setting is amazing. I sleep like the dead and wake up with no back pain whatsoever. I’ve had lower back pain for years and since sleeping on my Purple with the power base, my back pain has improved immensely.

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Anti-Snore Position

Anti Snore Setting PowerbaseDo you share bed with your partner who just keeps snoring all night long?

Beside adjusting your bed to different comfort levels, Purple has introduced a preset anti-snore position. When turned on, your bed automatically elevates your (or your partner’s) head to a snore-free position. What it does is it elevates your head to a position that allows better airflow. The anti-snore position ensures that your room is no ore in an uproar while you enjoy your blissful sleep.

USB Ports

These allow you to work in the comfiest place in your house while lying in a comfortable position. You can adjust your bed in any position where you feel comfortable and continue to work on your laptop, iPhone or iPad without worrying about losing power. The USB and power outlets are compatible with most of your daily use devices so you can work from your bed without any worries.

The USB ports and power outlets can be easily located on your remote, so you really don’t have to bend down on your knees to find those ports in your base.

The Purple PowerBase Smartphone App

You can not only control your PowerBase with the remote control but with your smart phone as well. You can access all the basic controls with the app. But other than that, this app has some awesome features as well. The app allows you to set a sleep timer that will actually adjust your bed to your favorite position and then put you to sleep with a gentle massage. Then you can configure alarm clock feature to help you wakeup from the deepest sleep by gently vibrating the bed and then adjusting bed to a sit-up position slowly. With the app, you can also connect your bed to Bluetooth surround sound bed speakers (purchased separately).

Payments in Easy Monthly Installments

Since this is a premium product with a higher price tag, Purple has made it convenient for their customers buy offering easy monthly installments plan. If you don’t have enough cash to pay upfront, you can go ahead and split your purchase into easy monthly installments. Their financing option is supported by Affirm which is an excellent alternative to all other credit options.

Purple wants you to sleep better. And they don’t want you to wait while to manage to save a big amount. You can pay as you go and start sleeping better now.

Do I Qualify?

Should I Buy this?

Now this is really a subjective question. I personally am a big fan of the Purple PowerBase but I understand that people have different opinion and experiences. Since there is no trial period or returns for this product, you need to make sure you spend your money carefully.

This is for YOU if:

  • You want to be productive in bed, watch TV or read books.
  • You want to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • You or your partner has a habit of snoring.
  • You have developed a chronic back pain and are done with all other beds.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You DON’T want to sleep better.

I want to sleep. BETTER.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any mattress with this base?

Yes you can use most mattresses with this PowerBase but you will need a mattress that is flexible and adjusts to the shape of base. Otherwise you will end up spoiling your poor mattress as well as the quality of your sleep.

Is there a trial period or return policy?

Due to the nature of this item, there is no trial period for Purple PowerBase. There isn’t even a return policy like their mattress and pillow, which is understandable.

Can I customize the height of my PowerBase?

Yes you can. It comes with a set of 3-in-1 leg attachments that offer 3 height settings for your bed: 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25” off the ground. It’s really easy to install those, you just have to screw them into place.

How much weight can it support?

Purple PowerBase can support a maximum weight of 850 pounds, including the weight of mattress.

Is there a warranty period?

Yes, the PowerBase comes with a 20 years limited warranty. You need to check their official website for more information on this.

Do I need any box springs?

No you don’t need any box springs for this PowerBase. All you need for a royal sleep is the Purple mattress and the base itself. The base fits to most bed frames, in case you want a fancy wooden bed.

Does this base support headboard attachments?

Yes it does, but they are NOT included in the purchase. You can order them directly from Reverie by calling them at (800) 973-8374.

If you’ve any questions about Purple PowerBase, feel free to ask in the comments section below and I’d love to answer. If you are already a user, let me know how you like it.

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