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Replacement Couch Pillows

Do you love your sofa but find that it’s looking like its seen a little too much love?  Rather than buy a new couch look at replacement pillows for couches, slipcovers, and repairs. We will show you how to save money and make your furniture like new again.

Depending on the type of couch you have, there may be ways to get rid of that worn, slouchy look and fix it up so it looks a little more respectable.

When your couch looks tired, it’s not always the pillow covers that are the issue. It’s more likely that you need to do something to address the filling of the cushions.

Beyond simply flipping the pillows, there are some things you can do to make the couch sturdy and stylish again so it can not only fit into your lifestyle but your decor as well.

DIY Options Instead of Replacement Pillows for Couches

If the large back pillows on your couch are worn and beginning to sag.  You may be able to add some additional filling to make them sturdier and more supportive for your back.

While many people only look at the cushions that go under you, the back pillows take a lot of pressure as well. 

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    Replacement Couch Pillows Covers

    Kevin Textile Decor Burlap Natural - replacement Couch Pillows Covers

    This is our top pick for replacement couch pillows covers.  These are top of the line and come in 7 different sizes (we loved the largest 26×26 inch) and 20 different colors.

    We went with the largest size, which transformed our old couch into a new comfortable place to lounge.  Remember these are just the covers so you will need to reuse your old stuffing or buy new pillow fill below. 

    I personally lover the shredded memory foam or the down fill, which ever you chose these new covers will bring life back to your couch.

    Let’s take a look at the advertised features for these premium replacement couch pillows cover:

    • SIZE: Include 2 pc 26×26 inch /66x66cm (1-2cm deviation) linen cushion cover. No Cushion Insert.
    • FEATURES: Compared with the traditional monochrome linen pillow cover, we add 2 Tones Weave, let you have a better visual experience, let your home is no longer monotonous.
    • DESIGN: We use the same as the fabric color invisible zipper closure for an elegant look, easy insertion removal and washing. Hidden zipper design can be opened around 54-56 cm for the cushion insertion.
    • USAGE: Wide applications, perfect for sofa, bed, couch, car, chair and bay window. Also can be used as gift.
    • WASHING: (separately from other articles) Machine Wash Cold Separately, Gently Cycle Only, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low.

    Buying advice for replacement couch pillows covers:

    This is are top pick for replacement couch pillows covers.  This company offers the best selection of sizes and colors, which enables you to match your existing couch better.

    Lastly, this is a no risk option as the company offers free returns, so pick out you color and size and give it a try. 

    Please remember these are cover only and will require you to use your old pillow fill or buy new fill (see our review below on pillow fill if needed).

    YOUR SMILE Solid Color Cotton Linen Replacement Couch Pillows Covers

    These are a great economical solution for replacement couch pillows covers, these come in 5 different sizes with 22 colors to choose from when updating your couch.

    There are lots of things to love about these covers as seen by the list of features below.  Keep in mind these are the covers only and you will need to reuse your old fill or purchase new fill.

    These really can spruce up an old couch and even add additional comfort if you choose to upgrade the pillow fill to a shredded memory foam or down.

    Here are the advertized features:

    • Concise Style,Comfortable and Modern,Super soft,More Thick,Durable Cotton Linen Blend,Great Quality.
    • Both Sides Have Same Design,Invisible/hidden zipper Closure In One Side.
    • Easy to Change,Super smooth invisible zipper closure for easy insertion and washing. Invisible zipper closure can be opened 18 inches for the cushion insertion.
    • Brand New 2 PC Pillow Cover/Shell 18″ X 18″(45cm X 45cm),No cushion insert.
    • Machine Wash Cold Separately, Gently Cycle Only,No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Iron

    Buying advice for replacement couch pillow covers:

    This is are top pick for replacement couch pillow covers.  This company offers the best selection of sizes and colors, which enables you to match your existing couch better.

    Lastly, this is a no risk option as the company offers free returns, so pick out you color and size and give it a try. 

    Please remember these are cover only and will require you to use your old pillow fill or buy new fill (see our review below on pillow fill if needed).

    Home Brilliant Burlap Lined Linen - Replacement Couch Pillows Cover

    This is a great economical way to bring life back to your old worn out couch or sofa.  These replacement couch pillows come in a set of 4 and offer 14 different colors to choose from.

    Remember these are premium replacement couch pillows covers only and will require you to use your old pillow fill or replace with new pillow fill.

    This would be a great opportunity to upgrade to a memory foam shred or even a down fill to add extra comfort to that old couch.

    Here are the advertised features of these replacement couch pillows:

    • Easy to change: Super smooth invisible zipper closure for easy insertion and washing. Invisible zipper closure can be opened around 32-34cm for the cushion insertion.
    • Color: Brown. Measures: 18×18 inch, tailored for 18×18 inch insert.
    • Package include 4 PCs cushion covers. No cushion insert. Matching table runner and palcemats are available at Home Brilliant.
    • Machine Wash Cold Separately, Gently Cycle Only, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low.
    • Supersoft, thick and durable faux linen fabric. 100% polyester

    Buying advice for replacement couch pillows covers:

    Lastly, this is a no risk option as the company offers free returns, so pick out you color and size and give it a try. 

    Please remember these are cover only and will require you to use your old pillow fill or buy new fill (see our review below on pillow fill if needed).\

    Add New Fill to Bring Life Back

    A lot of couches have pillows stuffed with a fill insert. When they start to lose their shape, you can perk them up with a little extra fluff.

    This filling is usually loose poly fiber wrapped in a shell to keep it from shifting. You can create your own shell or add it to the pillow as it if there is already one there.

    If your pillows have zippers, adding fill is extremely easy to do. If not, you may have to do a little seamstress work.

    Start by cutting a slit in an unseen side of the pillow. Then, add more filling and sew the pillows closed again.

    Replacement Couch Pillows Covers – Insert and Fill choices

    Replacement Couch Pillow Insert – the easy way to stuff a pillow

    Instead of buying pillow fill just buy these premium pillow inserta (they are available in 10 different sizes) and come in a set of 2.

    This is by far the easiest way to stuff a new pillow cover.

    Fairfield The Original Poly-Fil Premium Box, 20 lb, White
    • Ideal fill for stuffing animals and decorative pillows to give it that squishy and comfortable feeling
    • Wonderful fill for hand-made dolls and toys
    • 100% Polyester fiber fill
    • No added chemicals or flame retardants


    Bulk Goose Down Filling (3/4 lb.) – Natural White Down and Feather
    • 80% Natural WhiteGoose Down and 20% White Goose Feathers – Sourced from Hungarian geese, ultra-soft, and hypoallergenic making it perfect for beds and sleeping bags.
    • Create Pillows and Crafts – Make the best homemade goose down pillows for your bed, craft stuffed animals, or DIY bedding projects and home décor.
    • Light and Fluffy Comfort – Natural white goose down is a warm, efficient insulator that’s super plush and comfortable no matter the weather.
    • Replacement or Repair – Add additional fluff to your pillowtop comforter, puffy winter jacket, or personal items that have fallen flat due to age or use.
    • Large Fill Bag – Each Dream Solutions down filling bag comes with a 3/4 lb. of 80/20 Hungarian down/feather in every order, giving you plenty of down for every project!
    Linenspa Shredded Memory Foam – Craft Foam – Replacement Fill for Pillows
    •  This bag of mixed memory foam is moldable, versatile, and comfortable. It’s perfect to enhance the comfort of your living spaces
    • Shredded memory foam is perfect for bean bags, pillows, throw pillows, pet beds, stuffed animals, cushions, and a variety of other arts and crafts projects
    • Linenspa uses only the highest quality memory foam in our mattresses and now you can use the same memory foam for projects in your home. All foam is certified for the highest quality
    • Available in a 2.5, 5, or 10-pound bag so you can get the right amount of foam for your specific project

    Replacement Pillows for Couches – Adding Memory Foam

    Not all well-loved couch back pillows are salvageable or easy to repair.

    In this case, figuring out how to replace the entire pillow without having to get a new couch is the next step.

    If your pillow needs to be replaced, it usually means that the couch is pretty well used so you may need something a little bit sturdier than a simple foam replacement.

    If you want something durable that will last for a long time, look for memory foam based filling.

    There are various products made of layered memory foam or you can get shredded memory to fill whatever size pillow is needed.

    Memory foam offers comfort, back support, and longevity. It holds its shape with repeated use and you can add more as needed.

    Don’t use your old cushions as guides when choosing an insert. Remember, they’ve lost their original shape which is why you’re replacing them in the first place. 

    Make sure you get the correct size 

    When replacing your sofa cushions, you have to measure them to make sure you have the right dimensions for the new ones.

    Measure the width first, from inside of the sofa from left to right and then from back to front. Knowing the depth from back to front helps to make sure you do not purchase or create a replacement that is too thick to sit on properly.

    Match your measurements to the other couch pillows if you are only repairing one as you want them to match. If you are replacing all the pillows, you have a little wiggle room to adjust since you don’t have to try to match the size of an old cushion.

    Once you’re done measuring, add the fill make sure that all the cushions match and fit back on the couch together to create a comfortable and supportive pillow that refreshes the look of your couch.

    Cover Damage

    It’s easy enough to replace couch pillow filling but the covers are a little trickier.

    Some wash well and others are just too worn to do anything with and need more work than just replacing the filling or washing the exterior.

    A lot of people get stuck on trying to find an exact replacement but it may be worthwhile to think outside the box.

    Create a new style for your couch! In the process, you may even be able to increase back support and comfort.

    There are some interesting trends that might help you replace these large couch back pillows while giving your old couch a new look.

    Replacement Pillows for Couches – Other Options

    Clean rather than Buy

    If your couch is in a high traffic room, it may take a bit of a beating when it comes to its cleanliness.

    Dogs, kids, food, and drink can all lead to dirt and odor. Couches are central to our relaxation at home and tend to get pretty messy.

    While replacing pillows is a good option for a total couch refresher, cleaning may let you use your pillows to remain a little while longer.

    If they’re removable, you can spot clean it or wash the pillow covers. Cleaning is a simple way to spruce up the back pillows before having to replace them altogether.

    • Machine wash – Take off the pillow cover and put it in the washing machine. Usually, it goes on a cold setting in the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Do not put it in the dryer as it may shrink. Line dry in the sun or simply put it on the pillow while it dries so it holds its shape and fits properly once again. Do not put the pillow on the couch until the cover is completely dry. 
    • Dry cleaning or couch cleaning – You can take the covers to a dry cleaner or bring people in to do a deep clean. Either way, this makes sure your couch is clean and free of dirt and smell. 
    • Use fabric guard to protect your back pillows. It increases their ability to resist stains as well as helping them hold their colors. Fabric guard is a good way to ensure long-lasting durability.

    Add Extra Pillow Support

    If you are replacing your couch back pillows, you may also want to look at adding some support pillows.

    Throw pillows are a great addition style-wise but can also be used in conjunction with the back pillows for further support.

    There are also some great lumbar support pillows that can help if you sit on the couch a lot.

    With new back pillows and lower back support, your couch will be even more comfortable.

    Do a Complete Revamp

    If you are replacing your couch back pillows, you may want to consider revamping your whole couch.

    You don’t need to get rid of it but a do-over is something to think about. Reupholstering the couch can give the pillows a new life and a new look.

    You can attempt to do it on your own or have it done by a professional. Either way, you not only give your back pillows a new life but the whole couch, too.

    Couch Cushion Lacking Support or Sagging?

     This is a common problem with older couches, love seats and chairs that seen heavy use of the the year.  When the cushions  sag when you sit in them there could be a couple of causes.

    First it might be the supports under the cushions, in that case the KEBE Furniture Cushion Support system could relieve the problem.

    replacement pillow for couches

    These cushion wood support panels measure  (17″ L x 67″ W).  The will fold or unfold to fit your couch, loveseat, or chair in incremental widths from 9″ to 67″.

    Constructed of thick wood with a layer of black vinyl over them makes cleaning them easy and durable.

    The wood supports the cushions and extends the life of your couch by offering much need structural support.

    This product is easy to install by folding or unfolding to the proper length.

    Repairing Leather Furniture:

    Do you have torn or possibly a hole poked into your leather couch?  You don’t have to live with it and you can’t afford a professional repair.

    Before you give up here is a miracle product to use in leather and vinyl repair kit.

    A few years back we got a used leather couch and love seat.  We were thrilled to get such a good deal on a used set.

    We hadn’t had it a year when we noticed a hole in the arm rest.

    Though we couldn’t figure out how it got there we were crushed to have it happen.

    We are DIY’s by necessity because we are frugal.  I researched and fond this product and gave it a try.

    This stuff is simple to use and really amazing.  You need to be patient mixing it to get the right color.

    replacement pillows for couches

    It’s not hard just follow the direction and you will be fine.  We fixed our leather couch and no one would every notice.

    Once you done one you will be a pro at this repair.  Seen then we have fixed worn seats in our car along with other minor blemishes on the couch from time to time.  

    Saving your leather couch cushion is why this made it on this article on replacement pillows for couches.

    Slipcovers – The Easy Way to Replacement Pillows for Couches:

    replacement pillows for couches  

    If you are still looking for ways to revamp your couch back pillows, try slipcovers to replace the covers rather than the insides.

    This is a good choice when you are dealing with stains versus wear and tear. You have lots of options to choose from if you know what size and style you like.

    The bonus of replacing pillow covers with slipcovers is that they are removable and washable.

    You can switch them up as you like to change the style or simply to wash them to freshen them up.

    Slipcover Review:

    Now days you will pay will over a thousand dollars for a low priced couch, add a love seat or chair and you could shell out two thousand.

    However, there are lower cost alternatives that most people don’t consider. 

    We have become a nation who disposes things just because they are dated or we don’t like the color any longer.

    This is not the mindset in our home; we look for bargains, fix things that are broken, and keeps cars for over fifteen years.

    If saving money interest you then read on, and as a bonus, I will tell you how we make money as well with used things.

    Saving Money:

    Don’t discard that old couch or chair because of torn cushions, weak springs, or just outdates look.  Here’s your answer to saving some cash.

    Slipcovers have come a long way over the years.  This particular company offers them for couches, loves seats, chairs, and ottomans.

    There are many colors to choose from and they are simple to install with video instructions to help (see video clip on ease of installation).

    I know you are thinking I bet they don’t look good.  Well that is where you would be mistaken. 

    These quality slipcovers really make a difference in turning an old ugly couch into a new couch again.

    If you have structural damage, worn out foam, sagging cushions due to broken springs there are answers in this article as well for those conditions as well.

    But for now let’s finish talking about the slipcover.


    Crafted from luxurious velvet plush fabric including one base cover and three pieces for the cushions.  Other furniture covers offered as well as mentioned above.

    I was amazed at the ease of which these covers install.  My fear was they would be noticeable wrinkles giving away the secret that I had slipcovers.

    I watched the video and to my amazement, you just pull and tuck the extra into the crevasses and pull up straps.   Wow, couldn’t be easier.

    The bottom straps really pull these slipcovers tight and stretch the fabric to look smooth and wrinkle free.

    A word to wise, please ensure your measurement of your furniture before ordering to ensure correct fit.


    These slipcovers are slip resistant so when in place they stay in place.  This makes for a nice attractive look and feel and why they made the list of couch replacement pillows.

    Don’t fear when you first pull these out of the package, they look small but they will stretch.  This is the secret to not having any wrinkles.

    Another great feature these are machine washable, so if they do get dirty just take them off and wash. 

    Please wash in cold water on gentle cycle for best care of these slipcovers. 

    In most cases it’s the cushions that get dirty or soiled and those extremely easy to remove and wash.


    They currently have ten different colors available to choose from in the couch, love-seat, and ottoman models.

    replacement pillows for couches

    • Very low cost option for a makeover
    • Super stretchy material make for a smooth look and feel
    • Easy installation with a video to watch online
    • Machine washable
    • Base & cushion covers include
    • Couch, Loveseat, & Ottoman models available
    • For the price and how well these function I have no cons 
    Easy to install video

    How to Make Money:

    Okay, I told you up front I would let you in on a secret to make some extra cash now and then.

    You won’t get rich but we have picked up a few extra bucks now and then.

    We have an old couch, chair and ottoman in our basement.  The set was old but hey the kids used if for years watching TV and playing video games.

    The furniture was still sound structurally but, had seen better days cosmetically.  We started out looking for replacement pillow for couches just to spruce it up a bit.

    I came across these slipcovers and decided to try the set.  I spent less than one hundred dollars on all three pieces of furniture.

    We were shocked at how well these looked and felt.  Therefore, we enjoyed a new couch feel for fewer than one hundred dollars.

    The Details:

    All right, I know you are waiting for how did I make some extra cash. 

    Fast forward, a few months and my wife and I were at a garage sale it was in the last hour of the last day.

    There sit a couch and love that had seen better days.  I sit down they were solid and foam still good in cushions. 

    Very similar to the condition that my basement furniture was in when I bought the slipcovers.

    Okay, I am sure you figured out the rest of the story.  I ask them how much they said one hundred dollars for the set.

    I offer them forty dollars and reminded them they would have to haul them back into the house in a few minutes if they didn’t sell.

    They took the offer we bought the slipcovers set out the set at our garage sale and sold for two hundred forty dollars. 

    Since then we have bought numerous things to fix up and sell.  This all happened because we wanted to replacement pillow for couches.

    Options: Buy Replacement Couch Pillows / Clean / Repair / Donate

    In today society everything seems to be disposable, use it till it wears out or you don’t want it anymore then toss it away. 

    Here are a couple of thoughts to consider rather than just take it to a land fill.  First, you could donate it to a second hand store ran by a charity.

    This second hand stores provides jobs and help to people in the community that are in need. If you itemize on your tax return if you are donating to a charity in most cases it may be tax deductable.

    The other options are to clean and or repair the old items and bring them back to life.  Here are a few examples.  One is to buy replacement couch pillows.

    You can even add support panels if your couch has bad springs and the cushions are sagging. There are leather repairing kits if your leather is torn or ripped.

    There are slip covers which can transform an old looking couch into a new couch.  There are sewing kits if you need to make a repair.

    Lastly, you can reupholster if you have the skills, if you don’t I would encourage you to try a couple of small projects.  You will be surprised how easy it is to reupholster and there are plenty of YouTube videos that can teach you how.

    Replace sofa back cushions with throw pillows:

    Replace sofa back cushions with throw pillow can take a little more research as you have to find the right color and size to match your sofa.

    This is another are that you can skill up fairly easily.  If you can sew or want to learn it’s not that hard to make the custom size throw pillow to replace sofa back cushions with throw pillow you can make.

    You can head down to the local fabric shop and search for just the right fabric to match your current sofa.  Again there are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to make a throw pillow.

    Don’t just limit your thoughts to replace sofa back cushions with throw pillow instead you could just make new cushions for the sofa instead or even just buy replacement couch pillows.  Any of these options are much cheaper than buying a new couch.

    Final Thoughts on Replacement Pillows for Couches

    In this day and age of being eco-friendly and doing our best to recycle and reuse, we need to look at the ways we can repurposed or restyle our furniture.

    You must decide is it a question of comfort, style, or even if the couch pillows are worn out.  That along with your budget will help you set your direction.

    My wife an I in the last few years have taken to re-upholstery.  We started small with bar stools, then pillows and even whole couches.  

    This strategy has saved us large amount of cash and has allowed us to gain new skills.  This has given us great satisfaction when projects are complete.

    Replace items instead of throwing a whole couch away is hugely beneficial. If you think you need a new couch, consider replacing the back pillows first to save money.

    There are some easy and inexpensive ways to do this while still getting a great looking piece of furniture.

    New replacement pillows for couches add a little bit of style, flair, and back support without breaking your budget.

    Replacement Foam

    for couches