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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

There just doesn’t seem like there is enough hours in the day.  Most of us have a combination of these responsibilities daily including work, school, taking care of kids, cooking, cleaning, yard work not to mention kids activities and even bringing work home.  Revenge bedtime procrastination seems like a perfect tool for creating some "me time".

With all these things going on most of us just wants a little me time.  But where does me time fit into that busy schedule we listed above.

For a lot of us that me time comes in at the end of the evening when all the above activities are complete and now we finally have some time to ourselves we think.

But hold on it’s already 10:00 pm and I have to get up and to get ready for work at 6:00 am the next morning.  We think oh well it won’t hurt to stay up for a couple of hours and catch up on some me time.

Unfortunately that me time in most cases gets stretched out more and more till you are staying up to 1:00 am in the morning and not getting enough sleep.

The scientific name for this behavior is revenge bedtime procrastination and it will add up quickly night after night often exhausting people.

Why do people do it?

Revenge bedtime procrastinators always have great justifications to why they are not getting enough sleep.  They say they are different than most people because they don’t require as much sleep.

But when we dig deep and look for a root cause we usually find a life that is out of balance for any number of reasons.

Sometimes this is entirely self inflicted do to taking on too many tasks and not setting any priorities.  Often on the other hands it could simply be an over worked single parent that is trying to make ends meet and just wants some me time.

Health Effects:

A pattern of poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy. (NHS, 2018)

The cumulative long-term effects of sleep loss and sleep disorders have been associated with a wide range of deleterious health consequences including an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke. (Colten & Altevogt, 2018)

As indicated by these credible sources listed above there can be serious long term health risk for depriving yourself of sleep by practicing revenge bedtime procrastination.

Improving Sleep: Putting a stop to revenge bedtime procrastination

When you set out to improve something there is something that you need to know in order to be successful.  You have to be able to define current state and know exactly where you are in order to improve.

Peter Drucker always said “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, this is by far one of the most important things that everyone should know.

Okay, so some of you may be asking who is Peter Drucker and what makes him and expert in sleep.  Mr. Drucker wrote 39 books on the subject of business management and is considered one of the great business management thinkers of all times.

Now that does not make him an expert in sleep, but he was an expert in improving processes and his techniques can be used to improve anything.

How to track sleep:

We now know that in order to improve sleep we must track it somehow.  Old school thought would be just count the number of hours you are in bed.

For instance I went to bed at 11:00 pm and woke up at 6:00 am, therefore I got 7 hours of sleep.  Well a better description is that you were in bed 7 hours, as you might have been a wake part of that time.

In order to accurately track your sleep I would tell you to turn towards technology that is available.  For instance there are fitness trackers that can track sleep with the Fitbit being my favorite.

There are even smart pillows or small pads you slide under your mattress that will even track your sleep.

All the above mention devices are sensitive smart devices that can track all your REM cycle sleep and even give you a sleep score every morning.

Now that you have this kind of data at your finger tips you can now make small changes to your sleeping habits, behaviors and even sleep equipment and see what is helping.

End Revenge Bedtime Procrastination with a Routine:

The best way to combat revenge bedtime procrastination is to establish a bedtime routine and stick with it nightly.

This is easier said than done and it will require discipline to accomplish.  The first thing you have to do is find your motivation as to why you want to stop these behaviors.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see what the long term health effects will be when you are currently not feeling any of the symptoms or they are just mild and you feel that for the extra me time you are getting its worth the lack of sleep.

What we don’t see when we are younger is how important your health is or how quickly it can deteriorate as we age. 

Once you start aging and you may realize you haven’t done the best job at taking care of your health.  Then for some of us its take extraordinary efforts to turn or health around or worse case it’s too late.

You would be surprised that most people live in the moment and don’t think about what their health might be like in 20 years.  They would rather live for today as tomorrow may never come.

Changing Behaviors:

Here is a link to a great resource on how to get great sleep and is a must read for someone who is looking for ways to improve their night’s sleep.


Changing behaviors is hard and if you can make it more than three weeks you have a great shot at sustaining these new behaviors.

Sleep equipment:

Having the best sleep equipment will aid you in getting quality sleep and I would start by recommending the best pillow.

If you want to give yourself a luxury hotel sleep then check out these 5-stars pillows that high end hotels use.

Stress can make it difficult to sleep and if you have anxiety or stress at night I would suggest trying a weighted blanket.


Practicing revenge bedtime procrastination once in a while may not be a bad thing, however if you are making a habit of it you could be hurting your health in the process.

Your health is your greatest asset and you must invest in taking care of it as when it’s gone you may not be able to get it back.

Me time is important, but I would recommend finding others was to accomplish this instead of cutting into your sleep.

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Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

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