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Smart Pillow The Ultimate Guide

The Smart Pillow can perform a wide range of duties including moving your head with air bag gently in order to stop your snoring, playing sounds to help you asleep, gather data to analyze your sleep, and wake you up depending on the model you select. Some will send data to an App and also be controlled by an Echo.

What Is A Smart Pillow?

The word “SMART” refers to “self-monitoring analysis, and reporting technology” as pointed out by Netlingo. (Netlingo, 2021).   This smart technology can collect data to analyze and make decision or just inform the user of current conditions.

Most of the time this smart technology is controlled by an App from a smart phone, tablet, or computer while the trend is moving to voice controlled smart devices. You can see the advantages to the smart pillow concept as quality sleep is the key to great health.

These smart devices are good at collect and storing data to provide a historical view of conditions allowing the user to see improvement over time. This can be a real motivator in the field of health and fitness.

Just look at how the fitness trackers are used to improve your health. I personally have made huge improvements to my health by using a Fitbit.

Embracing The Future:

If you haven’t embraced smart technology yet and you’re holding out because you think it unnecessary or a luxury you may be missing out.

Consider this argument, I don’t want to buy this device today because it will improve next year and I will need to buy another. Well that might be true indeed, but consider this buy waiting you are losing out on the learning experience and everyone else around you is growing

Why is that a big deal? I see it all the time in the work place, people that resist technology ends up becoming a dinosaur and can’t adapt as well to changes in the work environment.

I am not telling you to run out and buy every new gadget out there, but look for the ones that will improve areas of your life that you need help with.

There are three areas that I look for in regards to new technology. First, will this new technology solve an existing problem that I have?

Secondly, could this new technology improve an area of my life that would free up my time so I can invest that time in doing in something more productive or enjoyable?

Lastly, I am very health conscious and if a new piece of tech can solve or improve a health issue or concern then I want to give it a try.

The smart pillow falls into the area of improving my health by aiding in creating a better sleep environment.

REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow:

There’s a lot to like about the REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow. We have done thorough testing, research and interview of sleep subjects in writing this review.

We will supply pros and cons of this smart pillow along with some explanations on the features we love and things we wished were better.

Let’s list the features and talk through them first. This smart pillow can wake you when snoring so you change position, stream music and audio files through your pillow without disturbing your partner.

Advertised Features:

  • Stops Snoring – Detects snoring and gently vibrates to adjust sleep position without waking you up.
  • Streams Music & Audio – Wirelessly plays sleep music and other audio tracks from ZEEQ app and popular apps without disturbing your sleep partner.
  • Sleep Tracker – Measures sleep motion and snoring decibel, resulting in a Sleep Score and detailed daily report of sleep duration and restfulness. Smart Alarm – Set an alarm clock time range and the smart pillow will tailor your wake-up time to best suit your sleep cycle for increased morning energy and less grogginess. Customizable Comfort – Tencel Botanic Fabric pillow cover regulates temperature and wicks away moisture. Adjust the memory foam cluster fill to suit your preference.

Also, it can track and analyze your sleep, tailor a custom alarm for you, and also you can adjust the fill of the pillow from soft to firm.

In Depth Look At The Features:
Stops Snoring:

This pillow monitors you snoring level with built in decibel tuned microphone and when it detect snoring the pillow will vibrate slightly so you move you head to a different position without waking you up.

The pillow is equipped with 2 adjustable vibration motors along with a 3-axis gyroscope for tracking sleep motion.

What a great functional feature, this help the sleeper and your partner will enjoy more restful sleep as well if your snoring keeps them up as well.

Streaming Music Or Audio Files:

Wirelessly plays sleep music and other audio tracks from ZEEQ app and popular apps without disturbing your sleep partner.

This smart pillow is equipped with 8 precision placed wireless speakers for optimal sound experience.

This is a nice feature and one that has a few practical applications.  First, if you want to play music to help you get to sleep this is a great way to do that without disrupting your partners sleep.

Secondly, and I played a white noise audio track through the pillow to create an exceptional sleep experience.

Another thing I do is to listen to audio books before bed, so I tried putting this through the pillow as well.  This worked out well as not to disturb my spouse.

Sleep Tracker And Alarm:

The sleep tracker on this smart pillow measure the motion while you sleep and snoring decibel, which then calculates a sleep score.

In addition to tracking sleep it gives you a daily detailed report of sleep duration and restfulness.  The smart alarm clock time range will custom tailor you a wake-up time to best suite your sleep cycle based on the data it has collected.

This will increase the amount of energy you have when you wake up in the morning and suppose to feel less groggy.

Customizable Comfort:

The Tencel Botanic Fabric pillow cover regulates temperature and wicks away moisture.

You can adjust the memory foam cluster fill to suit your preference which is a nice feature as not everyone has the same preference in the softness or firmness of their pillows.

Authors View Point:

I do enjoy using this pillow as I like to incorporate helpful technology into my daily routines especially when that technology can solve a problem or make my life easier.

The verdict on this smart pillow is simple; if you just love tech and smart devices then you will enjoy and use this pillow.

I think this pillow’s main objective is to help you sleep better by stopping your snoring.  In addition your partner will be grateful as well.

The secondary feature of the smart pillow that I really enjoyed more because I don’t snore is the speakers inside the pillow and the silent alarm

Overall I would give this pillow a 4-star and looked forward to what future innovations this company will come up with for improving sleep.

  • Great to help people with snoring issues
  • Nice speaker system for music and audio files
  • Alarm that doesn’t wake your partner
  • Pillow is comfortable and adjustable
  • Priced reasonable
  • Tracks Sleeps
  • App tracks data
  • If you are a hot sleeper this pillow sleeps a little warm

Purchasing Advice for Smart Pillow Reviews:

This is one of those products that may not be right for everyone.  I believe it may be a solution for snoring and if you like smart tech then this is a cool device.

My advice is to check the current return policy and buy one to try and make sure you decide within the window of opportunity to return.

ISense Sleep Smart Pillow:

Let’s start this Casper Pillow review with their Casper Sleep Pillow which, comes in standard and king sizes.

The iSense is a nice pillow however when you compare it to the REM-Fit above it comes up short in comparison.

Let’s take a look at what core features it has to offer. The iSense smart pillow comes with an advanced sleep tracker pre-installed in the middle of the inner pocket.

Advertised Features:

  • Remove/add foam to adjust height for ideal spine alignment and comfort
  • Premium Dacron Aqua fiberfill cover to allow for quick moisture absorbency
  • Maximum comfort and support with precision cut memory foam that won’t bunch or fall flat
  • Advanced sleep tracker pre-installed in the middle of the inner pocket
  • View your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycles, overall sleep score, and more - Compatible with an Compatible with an iPhone 6, 7, 8 or iPhone X


You can view your heart rate, sleeps cycles, respiratory rate and overall sleep score and more.  It is compatible with an  iPhone 6,7,8 or iPhone X.

It offers no aid for reducing snoring nor does it have any speakers, or alarms let the REM-Fit above.  This pillow is twice the price of the REM-Fit at the time of writing this article.

I don’t see the value of this pillow and therefore cannot recommend it at this time.  Here is the pro and con list for your consideration.

  • Sleep tracking and data analysis
  • Removable foam for adjusting pillow firmness
  • iPhone App for data review
  • Can view/track important health data
  • Does not aid in reducing snoring
  • Has no speakers for playing music or audio tracks
  • No alarms
  • Twice the cost as the REM-Fit smart pillow
Smart pillow isense
Purchasing Advice:

From our results and interviews I cannot recommend buying this pillow at this time.  If you want a smart pillow take a look at the REM-Fit above.

AirRadio Anti Snore Pillow With Smart Snoring Solution:

This smart pillow is designed for one thing, to detect your snoring and adjust your head to a position to stop your snoring without waking you up.

Okay, that just sounds cool.  So how does this smart pillow work?  Well once the snoring is detected there are air chambers inside the pillow that slowly and very quietly inflate moving your head to the side.

Once that happens the soft tissues in the back of your throat straightens out and prevents vibrations that cause snoring.

Advertised Features:

  • Design Inspiration :-This smart pillow is designed to detect snoring and move your head to an optimal position in order to eliminated obstructions.
  • Smart Snoring Solution :-Once snoring is detected, the air chambers within the pillow slowly and silently inflate, moving your head to the side. Thus, it straightens the soft tissues in the back of your throat and prevents vibrations that cause snoring while also creating a greater distance between your throat and your tongue. This allows air to flow freely through the oral cavity and minimizes or completely eliminates snoring.
  • Functional Testing - Anti-Snoring Pillow is clinically tested. It has proved to be highly effective in several trials. The results of a field-test conducted on 100 patients have shown that this smart pillow reduces snoring levels by 87% on average.
  • Attention - smart pillow yields the best results if you sleep on the back or the side. 
  • Little features - The control box has a human body sensor function, and the night lighting will automatically light up and last for a period of time after sensing human activities at night or in dim light, in order to facilitate customers to get up at night.

The company states that this pillow provides the best results for back and side sleepers.  There are not a lot of other features other than a human sensing night light to aid you when you get up at night. 

From our testing and interviews we did find this pillow to work with most people.  It’s truly a pillow that only people with a snoring pillow would want to buy.

  • Will work for most snoring sleepers
  • Pillow is adjustable
  • Easy to set up
  • Human sensing night light
  • Free returns – check policy before buying
  • Pillow can be hot for some sleepers
  • Not a lot of users yet
  • Price is high


smart pillow reviews
Purchasing Advice:

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this smart pillow due to the high price and the limited units that have sold.  More extensive testing is needed before making a recommendation as our test subject were not totally confident in this smart pillow.

See our top recommendation that is a better solution for less money.  Now since there are free returns if you do think about trying this out make sure you understand the return policy before buying.


Withings Sleep - Sleep Tracking Pad:

This is a smart pillow review, however this sleep tracking pad that slides under your mattress is simply amazing and is smart technology.

Even though it not a pillow it is still worth a short review if you are looking for sleep data and don’t want to wear a device to bed to track you sleep and movement.

What does this pad that sides under your mattress do? 

  • Monitor your sleep – sleep cycles, detects snoring, breathing, heart rate, disturbances, uses algorithms to analyze the data
  • Detect sleep pattern interruption
  • Wake up to instant data on the app
  • Enhances your sleep environment – can act as switch to control lights , thermostat and more
  • Can manage with Alexa

Okay all our team members were very impress with this strip.  It slides under your mattress and you not even aware that it’s there, but it can detect you breathing, heart rate, snoring and more.

This is amazing technology that provides a ton of sleep data that you can use to make adjustment to get better quality sleep.


Advertised Features:

  • MONITOR YOUR SLEEP - Delivers sleep cycles, tracks heart rate, detects snoring and breathing disturbances. Algorithms used to analyze the data have been validated with a team of sleep experts
  • BREATHING DISTURBANCES - Detect sleep pattern interruptions which can impair the restorativeness of your sleep
  • LEARN WHAT MATTERS - Wake to a daily Sleep Score to understand what makes a good night's sleep and how you can improve
  • ENHANCE SLEEP ENVIRONMENT - Sleep is a sensor that can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Easy one-time setup under the mattress makes Sleep fit seamlessly into your life. Wake to all data in the app via Wi-Fi
  • “ALEXA, ASK WITHINGS” - Now your voice can help you manage your health with an Alexa Skill that works with Withings Health Mate
  • Withings products on Amazon must be “ships from and sold by” Amazon or Withings to be eligible for warranty/replacement by Withings
  • Work flawlessly
  • East to setup
  • App is great
  • Provides tons of useful sleep data
  • You don’t have to wear anything
  • Works in background you forget it’s there
  • Excellent price and discount if you buy two (great deal)
  • Advanced sleep cycle analysis (deep, light & REM
  • None we found if you are just looking for sleep tracker
  • If you don’t mind wearing a watch to bed then take a look at the next review on wearable sleep track – get more functions for your money

Buying Advice for Smart Pillow Review:

Okay, first off this is not a pillow its a pad you put under your mattress and use your own pillow.  This has its pros and cons as seen in the above review.

This is an amazing device that works to provide you with an impressive amount of data about your sleep.  The greatest feature I love about this product is you don't have to wear anything, its under your mattress doing the work and you don't feel anything.

The company offers free returns so this is a risk free opportunity to try this smart device out for yourself and start tracking you sleep so you can work on improving your rest.

More On SMART Technologies:

SMART Technology is moving into every aspect of your lives while some people embrace it and other run from it, one thing is for certain it’s here to stay.

My belief is simple if a person doesn’t embrace new things then they will be left behind to become a dinosaur themselves a relic of the past.

Like I mentioned earlier in this article that doesn’t mean I run out and buy every SMART device that is made.  But I do take this approach I look for ways that new technology can solve a problem that I have, make my life easier and save time, or can make a positive impact on my health, fitness, or mental well being.

SMART technologies have been embedded into wearable’s, home devices, agriculture, and medical devices to aid people with disabilities to name a few. [1]

Benefits Of SMART Technology:

There are number of major benefits from SMART technologies and not just Smart Pillows that we discussed in the above paragraphs and reviews.

Some other big areas of opportunities come in the providing consumers help in managing the reduction of their energy usage in their homes. [2]

An area that is closely related to managing the energy in your home is also using smart technology to manage the relation to the power grid operators, utilities companies and the home owners.

Smart appliances can be set up to respond to communications from the utilities provided to minimize their energy usage when the power grid is under peak demand.[3]

Other types of smart devices that are invading our homes include smart appliances.  There are refrigerators that have cameras built into the sides so you can view the contents while you are at the grocery store shopping to see what you need.

Benefits To Your Health:

This article’s focus was on the smart pillows, but when we are really talking about talking better control of our health with smart technologies.

One big area for the new smart technology for health is wearable’s.  There is a lot of overlap in the data that these wearable’s collect.

How many devices do you need to be tracking your heart rate, breathing, calories burn and even sleep cycle time?

Sometime one must decide on which device or wearable make the most sense for the type of user and lifestyle.

There is simply no guarantee that the user will continue to wear or use the wearable devices over time.  After all the novelty of the device might wear off and be less exciting.

study has shown that around 30 percent of people stopped using them because they didn’t find them useful or simply grew tired of them.[4]

That is the great thing about the smart pillow.  If you do start to use the data less often you still have a great pillow.

The smart pillow is a great example of a smart device with a dual purpose it doesn’t just collect data it also a pillow and you use it every day.  It’s easier for me to justify a smart device that I will be using daily.

Especially when it’s an add on to a current device I already on or if I am upgrading to a new device and smart technology is being offered then I will look into it every time and weigh the pros and cons

Do These Smart Pillows That Track Our Sleep Really Work?

Let’s break down this question with another question first.  What sleep data do these smart pillows collect?

Now that is a great question to analyze first.  These smart pillows track your three stages of sleep along with heart rate and breathing.

According to John Hopkins Health the typical sleep tracker looks at these four areas of the sleep cycle below.

During a typical night, you cycle through various stages of sleep which the sleep trackers record data.

  • Stage 1 – Light sleep, which only lasts a few minutes and is easy to awake from
  • Stage 2 – This is also fairly light sleep when your brain waves begin to slow down
  • Stages 3-4 – You will move into deep sleep that is much harder to a wake from. This is the time your body repairs and grows itself to boost your immune function

REM (rapid eye movement) – During the last stage of the sleep cycle the brain is more active and dreaming will happen.  The brain is processing information and storing long-term memories.

This 4 stage cycle repeats itself every 90-110 minutes as we sleep progress and the REM cycles increase in the length of time.[5]

Sleep tracking devices can definitely be useful for helping you recognize patterns in your sleep habits, says Alan Schwartz, M.D. , director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Schwartz also says the sleep trackers are not as accurate as a medical sleep study but they can be directional with the data they supply, which is valuable to reflect on and make changes to your sleeping habits and environment.

Stress Keeping You Up At Night?

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Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.


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