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The Best Gift

Weddings, Anniversary, Valentine's, Birthdays, Home Warming And Christmas

Getting someone the best gift can seem like an impossible task. I am going to give you the secret to buying the best gift that will get used 365 days a year.

When selecting the best gift that will get used all year long you have to ask yourself what interest or activities does the person have that they frequently do throughout the year.

Most people have hobbies or interests and when they are passionate about these activities they usually have very specific knowledge on that subject and particular in the things they use making it harder to buy gifts unless you are knowledgeable about that subject as well.

I am going to give you the best gift idea for just about anyone that most people do not even think about. What does everyone do every single day for 6-8 hours? The answer is sleep, and getting quality sleep impacts our health in many ways.

So why not give the perfect gift that will be used 365 days a year 6-8 hours a days. The perfect gift is a luxury goose down pillow and comforter set. Think about it a gift that gets used 365 days, 6 hours a night, that is a minimum of 2,190 hours a year that the best gift will be used.

What other gift have you ever bought that even comes close to getting that kind of use? Here a VJ Pillows were are experts in quality sleep products.

Below are the best gift sets for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, House Warming, or any other occasion.

These pillows and comforters will last for years.

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The Best Gift - Top Choice

Best Hotel Pillow setAmazon

The Lincove Goose Down Bundle - Give The Best Sleep Experience

If you want to give the ultimate gift this Lincove goose down bundle is the best gift. You receive two luxury down pillows along with a down comforter. This set comes in standard, queen and king with different firmness (soft, medium, firm) ratings available for the pillows.

Click on this button to view on Amazon. If you want to read the full review on this product keep reading.

The Best Gift - 2nd Place Pick

Best Hotel Pillow 2 pillow setAmazon

The Best Gift - Budget Pick

Lincove luxury best goose pillow pillowAmazon

The Best Gift – Lincove

This is hands down the very best pillow and comforter in the world!   I discovered the Lincove down pillow on a recent cross county trip.

My wife and I stayed at small boutique inns on this trip instead of well know & rated hotels.

During this trip, we stayed at some amazing places with fine amenities.

I slept on some truly nice pillows that I want to share with you my experiences.  First, let me tell you I am always delighted to try any down pillow.  Now, just like most pillows, not all down pillows are great.

The most expensive pillow aren’t always the best as well as the cheapest pillows are not always the worst.

You have to judge a pillow from your perspective as to what features are most important for you.

For instance with me a pillow needs to keep me cool, offer support for my head, neck, and keep my spine aligned while I am sleeping on my side or back.

I prefer that pillow be constructed from toxin free materials and non allergenic as well.


I admire companies that stand behind their products with a solid warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or even a no risk trial period. 

That makes it easy to lay out the cash for a nice pillow if you know the company is standing behind their products.

I always look to see if companies are being socially responsible as well.  As you can see there are a number of factors that go into choosing the best pillow in the world

The Best Pillow In The World:


The Lincove Pillow Review:

I have never slept on a cloud before, but when I put my head on this pillow, I imagined that this is what a cloud must fell like.

This pillow screams luxury from the moment you lay down.  It is ultra smooth 100% cotton sateen with a 600-thread count shell and stuffed with 800-fill power goose down (remember this is the best quality).    

Lincove advertises this pillow as the gold standard and they are not kidding around with that statement. This pillow lives up to that remark and then some making this a solid choice for best hotel pillow.

Naturally crafted with goose down to provide superior support, head, neck and back.  I have neck pain caused by arthritis (from a couple of car wrecks) so getting the right support from a pillow is critical.

The Lincove down pillow gave me the best four nights sleep that I needed on this road trip.  It made me forget I wasn’t in my own bed.

This Inn actually had the king firm and king soft on the bed. Lincove actually offers standard, queen and king sizes.  In addition, they offer soft, medium and firm in all sizes.

I do tend to like my pillows on the soft thin side.  I absolutely loved the king soft feeling and support.  This is a five star pillow without a doubt.

Cool Sleeping:

The Lincove provided me a cool night sleep on the hot summer night.  It supported my head and neck while properly aligning my spine.

It worked well for me while lying on my back and times when I shifted to sleeping on my side.

I cannot put into words what an awesome night sleep this pillow provided.  I highly recommend you try this pillow out.

After all it’s easy to do with Lincove’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and no risk purchase policy.

Cleaning The Pillow:

This pillow is an investment and with proper care can last years.  With that said please, follow the cleaning instructions carefully as not to damage or shorten the life of the luxury pillow.

You can place the entire pillow in the washing machine and machine dry.  There are specific instructions included with this pillow for washing and drying.

This is a great feature of the down pillows as I regularly like to clean my pillows as I suffer from allergies.

Also see our guide on pillow cleaning.

About Lincove:

Let’s talk about Lincove as a company.   We know they stand behind their products with this awesome guarantee, but let’s dig a little deeper.

I did the extra research into Lincove and found the follow the “RDS – responsible down standard”.  

This ensures that the down they use doesn’t come from animals that had been subjected to any unnecessary harm, force fed, or live plucking. 

The RDS provides traceability of the supply chain and helps validate the down products used in the manufacturing process from the farm to the finished product. 

This certification help rounds out all the nice features making the list of the best hotel pillow reviews.


When I got home from this trip I ordered this pillow for myself in the King-soft.  This is a pillow that dreams are made from.

When the box arrived, I unboxed and was amazed at the care Lincove takes in packaging their products.

The pillow I ordered from them came with a carrying case for the pillow for traveling or storage

Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.