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The Top 5 Mattresses That Keep You Cool – No More Waking Up In A Sweat!

Waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat not only disrupts your rest but also leaves you feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Maybe it’s your partner who’s waking up in the middle of the night because it’s just too hot, which is almost just as bad.  Join us in discovering the top 5 mattresses that keeping you cool at night.

Some people are just hot sleepers which always makes is a little difficult to get a good night’s sleep. A broken night of sleep leaves you feeling tired in the morning, affecting your mood, your way of thinking and, if it’s an ongoing problem, your short and long term health.

If you or your partner is a hot sleeper, one of the first things you should do is assess your current mattress. Finding one that is designed to help you stay cool can make a significant difference in how well you sleep. Some mattresses are specially designed for people with temperature issues overnight. By choosing a mattress to help you stay cool, you and your partner can sleep more soundly so you feel more rested in the morning.

Finding the right cooling mattress is important. There are lots of options out there but the one you chose has to be right and that’s not always hard to find in the current market.


Materials That Keep You Cool

If you want a mattress that keeps you cool at night, you need to know what materials to look for. Once you understand the mattress’s makeup, you can make an informed decision about what works for you. There are lots of great options on the market that fit into most budgets.

  • Coils And Springs –
    This is the oldest type of mattress on the market but just because it’s a traditional design doesn’t mean it is not one of the best choices for keeping you cool. Each coil is either wrapped individually or they are all connected. Some have two rows of springs, too. The coils are usually housed in the support layer with various types of foam on top for comfort. Coils are excellent for heat reduction because they allow a lot of air to flow through the mattress.
  • Latex –
    Latex mattresses may sound rather odd but they actually have a lot of good qualities including durability. The best thing about latex is that it does not transfer heat which means you can sleep coolly and comfortably throughout the night. While most people do not know a lot about latex mattresses, it is good to know it has holes that help with airflow to make it more breathable and cool to sleep on.
  • Bamboo –
    Bamboo is another material that’s new to the market but has been getting more and more popular. It’s naturally breathable and incredibly soft. Bamboo is somewhat like latex in that it does not conduct much heat. Aside from cooling, bamboo is durable and naturally sourced. It is hypoallergenic and is usually good for people with allergies and other breathing issues.
  • Gel Foam –
    There are a lot of gel foams on the market these days. The gel used in cooling mattresses basically works the same as water does. It takes a long time for the gel to produce heat. It slowly gathers your body heat over time but you can’t actually feel the temperature rising. Gel mattresses take a bit of extra research. Some have gel beads and others have the gel injected into the foam help with the heat dispersion.
  • Memory Foam –
    Memory foam is not known for its cooling properties but new technology is helping. There are several new types of foam, such as open-cell and gel-infused, that help with cooling. Older style memory foam mattresses then to hold onto heat instead of dispersing it at night but the newer models have come a long way in helping to change how the material copes with heat.


Reasons You Are Are Not As Cool

mattresses that keep you coolAmazon

When looking for the best mattresses that keep you cool, understanding why you get hot at night in the first place can help. Once you enter REM sleep, the cells in your body that regulate temperature turn off so your body temperature usually begins to cool. This is why you might get the chills at night and need more blankets but, in reality, being cool is a good thing. Lowering the room temperature may help with certain hot sleeping issues so you won’t wake up in the night and your sleep will be more satisfying. A cool bed gives you more solid sleep.

Some people also get hot flashes that come on fast and with intensity. Hot flashes are mot caused by external factors but rather internal ones.  This is something that is an issue for many women in menopause. A cooling mattress can help with these cases, too.

Alcohol can also affect body temperature. It dehydrates you and plays with your internal thermometer. If you notice increased sweating while you sleep, then fewer drinks and a good cool mattress can be a big benefit.

Brooklyn Aurora

Stay Cool MattressAmazon

This cooling mattress is one of the best. Not only does it keep you cool, but it also offers support and comfort. Brooklyn made this mattress with phase changing technology so it’s good for those who tend to sleep hot.

It is considered a hybrid and includes an innerspring base with foam layers on the top.

Brooklyn uses something called TitanCool foam to disperse heat. Copper and titanium infusions make sure the heat is kept away from you as your sleep while the innersprings keep the air flowing naturally throughout the mattress.

The bed is specifically designed to cool and support so you won’t sink too far into the bed and the cooling layers can do their thing. It comes in three firmness levels, giving the buyer lots of options.

Advertised Features:
  • Advanced fabric on the market to deliver cooling benefits on contact on a mattress expertly crafted with breathable materials.
  • Constructed with immediate response technology and individually encased coil support for exceptional pressure point relief.
  • Available in soft, medium, or firm comfort levels to fit your individual sleep style.
  • Compressed and rolled for easy and convenient parcel shipping and set-up. Please allow up to 24 hours for your mattress to expand and potential odor to dissipate.
  • 10-year warranty, proudly made in the USA, CertiPUR-US certified. Fits most bed frames including box springs, slats, platforms and adjustable foundations.

The Purple Mattress

cool purpleAmazon

Purple is a newer mattress manufacturer and has been impressive so far. They have created a new design using a polymer grid that is cell-like in style (the Purple Smart Comfort Grid) and offers great pressure relief and motion isolation.

The grid bends and moves according to whether the body needs relief from pressure or extra support in a particular area. While this grid is good for support, it is also designed to remain temperature neutral. It does not absorb heat from the sleeper or the room.

The open grid has good airflow and the mesh side panels are breathable as well. This mattress is ideal for all sleep positions and you stay cool. It comes with a 100-night trial so you can make sure it’s a good fit for you.

Advertised Features:
  • DELUXE FULL SIZE MATTRESS - Our full mattress distributes equalized pressure and supports proper spine alignment.  Please note: This listing is for Mattress only. This item does not include the bed frame
  • MOTION ISOLATION - Purple Innovations designed this deluxe full sized mattress using sleep science and leading technology to create a special motion isolation so you don’t feel movement from others sleeping near you.
  • FREE-FLOW AIR CHANNELS - The Free Air Flow technology with breathable channels neutralizes temperatures and won’t trap heat like memory foam or latex. Our mattress neutralizes temperatures to keep your body perfectly comfortable
  • 100 NIGHT TRIAL - Applies to Purple mattress purchases made exclusively through Amazon seller Purple Innovation!

Arctic Dreams 10" Cool to The Touch Hybrid Mattress

best mattress to keep you cool at nightAmazon

While many of the cooling mattresses on the market tend to be a bit pricey, this one is a little more affordable.

This in an amazing mattress for the money, it comes in a variety of sizes and models.  The Arctic model sleeps very cool at night and it great for hot sleepers.

The Arctic sleeps very comfortable and I would rate this a medium firm mattress that offers great support and comfort.

I would recommend this a my top budget pick for cooling mattresses and recommend it to my family, friends and readers.

Advertised Features:

  • The Arctic Dreams 10" Cooling Gel Mattress is a medium comfort level on our scale
  • Triple layer mattress comprised of 6" of individually pocketed coils, 2.5" of Energex Gel Infused Memory Foam and .5" of soft quilting material that completes the mattress
  • Product Dimensions: 75" x 60 x 10"
  • Designed with a gel infused, breathable foam is in the comfort layer and up to 1024 individually pocketed coils for better reactivity, pressure point relief and motion isolation- providing you with an extraordinary nights sleep
  • Compressed and rolled into a box for easy and convenient parcel shipping; please allow up to 24 hours for mattress to fully expand and any potential odors to dissipate
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty, Proudly Made in USA

Casp Nova - Sleep cool at night

mattresses that keep your cool at nightAmazon

Casper’s hybrid mattress is a great blend of springs and foam. It has four layers of premium foam with special areas that target your shoulders and pelvis for improved spinal alignment.

The open-cell foam is breathable with small pores that let the hot air escape so you stay extra cool at night. They offer a 100-night in-home trial so you can make sure that this is the best cooling mattress for you.

With a 100 night free trial this is a no risk opportunity to try out this great mattress, you will not be disappointed.

Advertised Features:
  • Zoned SupportTM Pro: Seven zones of targeted support for healthy spinal alignment. Softer foam around the shoulders provide more relief to the upper body.
  • Multiple ergonomic points provide pressure relief under shoulders, hips, waist and lower back. More support where you need it, with the plushness you crave.
  • AirScapeTM 2: Two layers of perforated breathable foam help reduce heat.  Tiny holes move hot air and body heat away. Air channels allow heat to escape. Double the airflow to help you stay comfortably cool all night.
  • Base: Resilient springs add a little lift, support and airflow to the mattress of your dreams. A firmer border provides edge support to help you get in and out of bed easily.
  • 100-night risk-free trial on products sold by Casper

The Ghostbed Classic

GhostBed Mattress-Queen SizeAmazon

Ghostbed is specially designed for hot sleepers. It has three types of foam for perfect comfort. There is a two-inch layer of high tech cooling gel memory foam along with a layer of 1.5 inches of aerated latex foam that keeps heat away.

The base is 7.5 inches of high-density foam that supports proper alignment and comfort throughout the night. This mattress has a medium-firm rating and features a zippered cover that is removable and easy to clean

It will not only keep you cool but will also give you full-body support. You get a 100-night in-home trial and a 20-year warranty so you can make sure it’s perfect and does everything you need it to.

Advertised Features:
  • SLEEP IN LUXURY - The GhostBed is a mattress dream come true. Crafted from high-quality cooling gel memory foam, high-density support foam and non-allergenic aerated latex
  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT AND SUPPORT - The GhostBed is a great choice for side, back and stomach sleepers, and those with back or hip pain. 
  • SLEEP CLEAN - Our queen size memory foam mattress and removable plush cover are 100% CertiPUR-US certified
  • JUST OPEN THE BOX - The GhostBed mattress in a box is compatible with box springs slats adjustable bed frames and more
  • MADE IN USA -  The GhostBed was invented by our CEO after his struggle with neck pain led him to seek a better mattress

SnugglePedic Mattress

cooling mattressAmazon

The SnugglePedic Mattress is a quality mattress that is great for keeping you cool. It uses a patented airflow system for extreme breathability by using both ventilation holes and channels.

Flex support technology offers the same or better pressure relief as memory foam or gel. It is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites, too, so it helps with breathability and reduction in allergies. It comes with a four-month trial period and a 20-year warranty.

Advertised Features:
  • Pressure Relief; Whether you're looking for a full mattress, a queen mattress, or even a California king, you'll get the same amount of support. Our memory foam/gel mattress is perfect for side, back, & stomach sleepers
  • Soft Yet Firm; Find your bliss with this queen size mattress! With 10 inches of thick memory foam and gel padding, this bed will give you the firm & luxurious support you've been waiting for
  • Kool-Flow Tech; Don't risk overheating! The breathable ultra-luxury hybrid mattresses use a micro-vented bamboo cover to keep you sweat-free even on those hot summer nights
  • Allergy Friendly; Don't sneeze while you snooze! Our queen mattress is rolled and vacuum sealed to protect your bed and keep it clean. (Plus, it stays odor-free!)
  • Zipper Cover; Your mattress, your way! Make any adjustments you need to our hybrid mattress with the easily removable Kool-Flow knit bamboo zipper covering

Final Thoughts On The Top 5 Mattresses That Keep You Cool

No one wants to wake up at night soaked with sweat. It disturbs your sleep and makes you uncomfortable. The same goes for your partner. If they are tossing and turning, you’re not going to get any sleep either.

The best thing you can do is try to keep the bedroom cool and find a mattress to help. There is nothing worse than waking up and feeling like you have not slept a wink. Do your research and find the best cooling mattress that suits your needs.

There are lots out there to choose from that can meet most people’s budget needs.

These five cooling mattresses are great quality products and are specifically designed for hot sleepers while offering full-body support and comfort.

While the mattress alone may not solve your temperature issues, it can certainly help in changing your comfort level. So, read some reviews, assess your sleep needs, and you’re on your way to choosing the best cooling mattress and getting a cool, good night’s sleep.

Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.

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