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The Top 5 Pillows For Bad Backs

A lot of people experience back pain. As a society, we have increasingly sedentary lifestyles with desk jobs and not enough exercise which leads to obesity and other conditions that affect our backs.  Discover the top 5 pillows for bad backs below.

Pain in our backs can be alleviated in various ways but using the wrong pillow when we sleep can make back issues worse.

If the wrong pillow makes it worse, then the correct pillow can help to improve the way your back feels.

Your pillow may not be the cause of your back pain but it may be exacerbating it.

If you think that your pillow is part of the issue and to help you get a good night’s sleep, there are a few things you should check. 


Causes Of Back Pain

pillows for back painAmazon

If you are looking for the best pillows for a bad back, knowing the cause of your back pain is helpful.

Many people have acute pain that shows up suddenly and disappears in under six weeks.

Back pain can result from tweaking your back awkwardly and pulling your tissue or ligaments.

Pain can also come from repeated bending and lifting, especially if you are not doing it correctly and putting excess pressure on your back.

Back pain often means inflammation as well. Restful sleep and spinal support can help alleviate some of these pains and swelling. 

Chronic back pain is different in that the pain is ongoing and could be due to disease, disc issues, or other things aggravating the back.

Again, good sleep and proper support can help reduce pain over time and, while it may not solve the problem, it can help reduce it and maybe keep it from getting worse.

To choose the right pillow for back pain, look for one that offers good spinal alignment.

Alignment helps your muscles and other tissues in your back relax, reducing inflammation and pain.

You will also get a better sleep which is healing to the body overall. 

Characteristics Of A Good Pillow

The best pillow to help relieve back pain should keep your head in line with the rest of your spine while you sleep.

If the pillow is too short or too thick, your head will be at the wrong height causing your spine to be out of alignment which can mean that you’ll wake with pain.

The solution is to use a single good quality pillow designed specifically for people with back pain You may also opt to use a second pillow for your lower back or knees. 

When you start searching for a good pillow, don’t automatically assume you’ll have to buy the most expensive one.

There are many styles available with different features and specifications that may work for you. 

All depending on your sleep position or if you also need support in your neck, hips, and shoulders. 

Top 5 Things To Consider When Shopping For Pillows For Bad Back:

Types Of Pillows Of Pillows For Bad Backs

When looking for the best pillows for bad backs, you need to know the different types available. Who knew there were so many? Take a look at some of the options out there:

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination with Adjustable Fit and ZipperAmazon

This pillow is perfect for easing back pain it’s made of a shredded memory foam core.

Biogreen & CertiPur-US that won’t go flat and has a micro vented cover that keeps your head cool if you are a warm sleeper.

The cover is removable and machine washable for easy care. You can adjust the thickness of this pillow to make it work for you.

It conforms to the shape you need no matter what position you sleep in, whether on your side, stomach, or back.

This pillow is also hypoallergenic so there are no worries about sneezing and itchy eyes.  The foam doesn’t contain any ozone depleters and is eco-friendly.

It has a 120-night in-home trial with no additional costs. 

Fine Pillow

Sleeping Bed Pillows for Neck & Back Pain ReliefAmazon

This pillow is good because you can choose between different levels of firmness.

This pillow is made from microfibers so it can be fluffed to make sure it is the perfect comfort level.

It is designed to adapt to the way your neck and shoulders are shaped and offers solid support to help bad backs as well as relieving neck and shoulder aches.

It cools the head while you sleep and wicks away any moisture as well.

This pillow aligns the spine and fits right into the space between your head and the mattress.

If you don’t love this pillow, you have a 30-day window to return it for your money back. 

Spring Bed Pillows

spring pillows for bad backsAmazon

This 26” x 16.5” pillow has 40 pocket springs showing that this design is not just for mattresses.  This amazing designs makes our top list of pillows for bad backs.

These pocket springs are wrapped separately and move on their own so the pillow conforms to your head while supporting your neck.

The pillow keeps your spine aligned to help with any back pain you may be having plus it’s soft and has great breathability.

It helps take away the heat from your head allowing for better sleep and less stress and tension.

The cover has a percale weave that features 3D spacer mesh and smooth fibers. Overall, this pillow is designed not to go flat and holds up after long term use.

It has been extensively tested to show that it keeps 91% of its volume and 94% softness after 50,000 cycles of pounding.

The form-fitting pillow works for all types of sleepers, including side, back, front, and those who are pregnant.

It can help various conditions such as back issues, spondylitis, arthritis, migraine, or stress in general.

This product comes with a 90-day refund guarantee plus a 20-year warranty against defects.

Tempur-Neck Pillow

best pillow in the world - neckAmazon

This pillow is specially designed for spinal support and alignment for those who sleep on their backs and sides.

The Tempur-Neck ranks high in pillows for bad backs.

It’s perfect for addressing back pain as it helps neck and shoulders relax.

The Tempur-Neck pillow comes in three different sizes and has two different heights so the pillows can meet individual needs and sleep requirements. Pillow sizes are gauged by position.

A soft memory foam core offers great neck support and helps open the airway to help alleviate snoring and sleep apnea.

It has a washable and removable cover and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. 

I Love My Pillow

pillows for bad backsAmazon

This may look like a standard pillow but it’s specially designed by engineers who work with foam and know how to use it to address any issues of the spine.  Making this a good choice of pillows for bad backs.

It can help alleviate back pain, headaches, and more and offers a good night’s sleep, reducing stress and pain.

The pillow is made of memory foam that contours to your head and neck providing firm spinal support.

It has a loft of 7.5 which helps align your neck and keeps the airway open.

It is covered in micro mink for breathability and a cooler sleep, especially if you are a warm sleeper.

The warranty offers a 100-night trial period so there is lots of time to try it to see if it’s the pillow for you. 

Final Thoughts About Pillows For Bad Backs

No one wants to wake up with back pain. Finding a good supportive pillow is one way to try and avoid this problem. Some people may have even try floor sleeping with their pillow.

Choosing a number one pick for pillows for bad backs depend on your sleep position and body.

Consider our Top 5 above and your sleep factors when choosing. You will end up with a great pillow that makes your sleep all the better.

Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

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