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Weighted Blanket For Couples & Single

You may or may not be familiar with weighted blankets. Over recent years the shear amount of weighted blankets introduced on the market is overwhelming. Fortunately, you have come to the leading expert on all things sleep. We will answer the questions about weighted blanket for couples, weighted blanket for anxiety, how to use a weighted blanket, weighted blanket pros and cons, what is a weighted blanket chart, and do weighted blankets work, along with many more.

Realizing not everyone on the internet is looking for or requires the same level of information we have everyone covered in writing this article.

Weighted Blanket For Couples & Single

You may or may not be familiar with weighted blankets. Over recent years the shear amount of weighted blankets introduced on the market is overwhelming. Fortunately, you have come to the leading expert on all things sleep. We will answer the questions about weighted blanket for couples, weighted blanket for anxiety, how to use a weighted blanket, weighted blanket pros and cons, what is a weighted blanket chart, and do weighted blankets work, along with many more.

Realizing not everyone on the internet is looking for or requires the same level of information we have everyone covered in writing this article.


Weighted Blanket For Couples:

When asking the question can a weighted blanket for couples work?  The short answer is yes it could but only under the right conditions.  There are two main factors to consider when buying a weighted blanket for couples.

First, weighted blankets should be sized for your body weight.  The rule of thumb is that the weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight plus an extra couple of pounds if you are close to the next range (see weighted blanket chart below).

Therein lies the problem when selecting a weighted blanket for couples.  If both persons weight is not close to the same then neither of you will get the full benefits intended.

Secondly, during out testing of weighted blanket for couples came this important discovery.  Depending how many times one of the person needs to get up in the middle of the night moving these weighted blankets can wake the other person.

Other minor considers to take into account in asking the question weighted blanket for couples can the work should include these thoughts.  Not all weighted blankets are created equal and some sleep warmer than others, while some are designed to stay cool.

This is why my wife and I cannot share the same a weighted blanket for couples.  I am a very hot sleeper and she is cold all the time, even during summer months.

I need the coolest weighted blanket for couples and she needs the warmest weighted blanket for couples.

Solution To The Weighted Blankets For Couples:

Okay here at VJ Pillows we solve sleeping problems all the time and well this problem with weighted blankets for couples has a very obvious solution and I am sure you have figured it out.

Yes, the best answer we have found to the deal with the problem of weighted blankets for couple is buy two smaller blankets.

Buying two weighted blankets to solve the weighted blanket for couples puzzle is a great approach.  Each of you gets a weighted blanket that is tailored to your body and sleeping conditions to meet both partners’ needs.

Author Top Pick For Weighted Blanket For Couples:

If you need more information on how weighted blankets actually work to improve sleep, proceed down to the FAQs at bottom of this page.

Otherwise if you are looking for a recommendation you have come to the right place.  VJ Pillow is the leading experts in getting a good night sleep.

We take extreme care in recommending products to our reader and have done hundreds of hours of research on weighted blankets.

VJ Pillow also put a lot of thought and testing into the weighted blanket for couples question along with the other of dozens of questions about weighted blankets.  The author top pick for weighted blanket for couples is Luna Cotton or the Luna Bamboo.  I recommend the Luna Bamboo Weighted Blanket if you are a hot sleeper and the Luna Cotton if you need a warmer blanket.

Now all the blankets recommended in this article at the time of writing come with a free return policy.  With that in mind you might try the king size Luna weight blanket as a first option for weighted blanket for couples.

If that doesn’t work for both of you then send it back and go with the two single Luna Weighted Blanket option.  Either way this is a risk free option with the free return policy.

After reading the article you can rest assured when asking the question “do weighted blankets work”, the short answer is yes as indicated by the research we conducted and the creditable sources we have cited.



Quick Selection Table - Couples & Singles

In need a some quick help deciding which weighted blanket best fits your needs?  This handy table gives you the answer.

In Depth Review – Weighted Blanket Reviews For Couples & Individuals

First I will give you a summary of weighted blankets and which are the tops picks and why.  Rest assured we at VJ Pillow are expects and have invested hundreds of hours in reviewing, testing, and researching weighted blankets.  Proceed to table of contents and get what you need quickly.

For those of you looking for all the details rest assured this article is very thorough and if you are like myself and want all the data then you have come to the right spot.

You will find everything from the science of weighted blankets to summaries of clinical studies from scientists, doctors, universities and the government.  All sources of information have been cited at the bottom of this page. Click here for menu.

If you are a person somewhere between those two groups please you the table of contents directly below to jump to the information you need.  Our readers are important to us and we are here to serve you with the best information from leading experts.

Luna Weight Blanket Review: Author Top Pick

The Luna Weighted Blankets are an amazing high quality weighted blanket produced by a company that truly cares about people.  Luna displays social responsibility in the polices and actions while making a difference in people’s lives by producing products that have a positive impact on our health and well being.

In this Luna Weighted Blanket review we are going to focus on the Luna Weighted Blanket and review it’s effectiveness at improving sleep, quality of the weighted blanket, materials the blankets are made of, and what are test subjects comments after using the weighted blanket.



The Luna Weighted Blanket Review revealed that the 100% cotton exterior made the blanket warm yet breathable.  This design allows for air flow throughout the night aiding the sleeping by reducing the heat buildup.

An important factor in all weighted blankets designs as the weighted material can be like an insulator causing heat to become trapped under the blanket.  This will cause some sleeper discomfort from the extra heat.

We found absolutely no issues with heat buildup during our Luna Weighted Blanket Review.

Luna Weighted Blanket Review Of Options:

The Luna Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket is my personal favorite as I am a hot sleeper and I found this weighted blanket best for me.  Made from 100% bamboo lyocell this is the most breathable weighted blanket that I have tested and it truly has a silky smooth feeling against your skin.

We also uncovered (pun intended) during the Luan Weighted Blanket Review the Luna blanket for kids which is a huge seller for them. 

It is also made of 100% cotton and very breathable and the weight of the blanket is designed for children.  Please follow the weight chart provided and as always with children check with your pediatrician before buying a weighted blanket for children.

The Luna Cozy Shepa Weighted blanket has a soft fabric that includes fleece and a very soft exterior.

During the Luna Weighted Blanket Review we extensively reviewed their main product the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket.  We will spend some time explain the materials, quality, and sleep subjects review of this product as well below.

Luna Weighted Blanket Review Summary: Cotton Model

The Luna Cotton Weighted Blanked is constructed of layers that include air channels that provides paths through the blanket for air to circulate.

This is a nice feature for people who live in warmer climates or just people who are hot sleepers like myself that need to be keep cooler at night to keep from getting restless from the heat.

The secret is the 100% cotton shell that adds the breathable explained above enables this heavy weighted blanket to stay cooler.

Made from certified OEKO-TEX cotton this product is free of any harmful chemicals, which is a huge selling point for me and my family.

Luna also uses only natural’s dyes making this an excellent choice for sleepers who are sensitive to chemical or synthetic dyes.  Everyday more and more consumers are realizing the dangers of all the chemicals used in the processing of textiles.

Luna Weighted Blanket Review Of Fill Weight Materials:

Luna Weighted Blankets are filled with medical-grade glass micro-beads that are sewn into the fabric of the interior of these blankets.  Distribution is kept evening by placing these micro-beads into sewn pockets of the blanket.

This enable the micro-beads to stay in place providing a even pressure across your body which is the purpose of weighted blankets in reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia by simulating deep pressure touch therapy (DPT).

Luna Weighted Blanket Review Of Options:

During the Luna Weighted Blanket Review we found that Luna provide the widest range of colors, sizes, models, and weights than any other company we have found.  Luna offers cotton and bamboo models and available in blanket sizes from kids to king size with the best blanket weight selection I have seen in any company.

Luna Weighted Blanket Review of Pro’s & Cons


  • Machine washable - best to hang dry or tumble on low heat
  • The best selection of models, sizes, weights, & colors
  • Sleeps cool at night
  • King size can work for couples
  • Even weight distribution
  • VJ Pillow Top Pick
  • Free Returns


  • If buying for a couples blanket - different blanket weights needs may require 2 smaller blankets

Luna Weighted Blanket - Cotton

 Luna Weighted

Blanket - Bamboo

Chilla Weighted Blanket Review:


Assuming you are like most people and jump around articles and get to the parts you want to read like I do, let me assure you that these blankets do help the vast majority of people who fall into the sleep disorders listed above.

There is so plenty of research from universities, doctors & the government list at the end of the article with cited sources that show the success of these blankets.

The information is below you would like to read or just jump into the review and know that we done the research for you.

Let Get Reviewing:

Being a hot sleeper myself this is one of the blankets that I couldn’t wait to test. There is only a few weeks out of the year that I am cold enough that I want a hot blanket on

As you can tell by this thoroughly research article there are hundreds of choices for weighted blankets on the market today. Here a VJ Pillow we put the time in the research, testing, and interviews to do all that work for you.

There is a ton of good news to share with you during this Chilla Weighted Blanket review. Let’s start with the obvious about the Chilla Weighted Blankets, they are designed for both winter and summer.

They come with a lighter duvet for the summer and a heavy one for the winter to cater to both hot and cold sleepers.

A lot of the weighted blankets we have tested have been too much on the warm side for the sleep subjects like me who get hot at night. In our Chilla Weighted Blanket review I was pleasantly surprised at how cool this weighted blanket slept.

The blanket gets it’s weight from the pouches of glass beads that are sewn into pockets (120 to be exact) on this weighted blanket.

Every element of this blanket is high quality and all test subjects noted the quality in each weighted blanket. They also appreciated the choice between the summer and winter duvet.

Sleep Results:

What we have seen in all the sleep results of all the weighted blankets are nearly the same. The majority of sleep subjects that have trouble with insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, and other sleep disorders found they fell asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

This has been the case in every weighted blanket we have tested. Now that is not saying that all these blankets are created equally. The difference is finding the blanket hat is best suited for you and especially in the area of blanket size and weight.

Both of these measurements are determined from you own body weight; please see the weighted blanket chart in this article for proper sizing. We loved the Chilla Weighted blanket and would recommend it to everyone, however put some thought into this if looking for weighted blanket for couples.

The reason for the caution around couples is for the limited weight selection.  The other biggest question to answer, are you a hot or cold sleeper? Minor factors are color of texture of the blankets.

Okay, it’s time to list the pros and cons in this Chilla Weighted Blanket Review next.


  • Summer & winter duvet included - awesome!
  • The best weighted blanket for hot sleepers
  • Even Weight distribution
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Twin, full, queen & king sizes
  • 15 & 20 lbs. available on twin, full & queen
  • 25 lbs. on King
  • Duvet is machine wash/dry
  • Free Returns



Buying Advice:  Are weighted blankets worth it?

This a great question and you can tell from this review the answer is a solid yes, give this blanket a try you won't be disappointed.

With the free returns this company offers this is a risk free opportunity for you to give a weighted blanket for couples a try.

Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket Review: Author #1 Pick

The Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket tested well with our users it was comfortable and provided sleepers with a calming night sleep. Lets list the full features before we get into the pros and cons:

This Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket it packed full of features and seeing it did make the cut to end up in our final list says a lot about this weighted blanket. However, it does have some draw backs compared to others on our list and it’s our job to inform you the reader of our findings.

This is a luxurious blanket that looks like a high end comforter coming in navy, grey or white. This weighted blanket is perfect to leave our on the bed or across a back of a couch or chair.


The design of this blanket uses a cooling fabric to aid in wicking away moisture and leaving you feeling cool and rejuvenated. This blanket comes with a premium duvet cover and is made our of breathable fabric.

Gravity’s inner blanket is made of pockets filled with fine-grade glass beads, which provides the weight for the blanket

The breathable duvet cover is machine washable (wash in cold water only and tumble dry on low setting. No with the inner blanket that is another story you have to hand wash and dry this part of the blanket and air dry.

The stitching is precise and gridded to ensure the glass beads remain evenly distributed throughout the blanket providing a even pressure across your body as you sleep.

A new upgraded zipper system holds the blanket in place inside the duvet cover keeping the inner blanket secure.

What Are Sleepers Saying In Our Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket Reviews?

The sleep subjects we interviewed reported better consistent sleep than they were use to getting with a regular blanket. Most reported waking up feeling refreshed and rested. The majority stated if they did wake up there were able to get to sleep much faster.

Sleep subjects that suffer from insomnia also reported better performance at getting to sleep faster and staying asleep longer.  Tall sleep subjects 6-foot and over complained the Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket was too short to cover the whole body.

The sleep subjects where split on the decision whether or not the Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket actually felt cool.  Other sleep subjects stated that the blanket is too small for a king size bed.


  • Quality made weighted blanket
  • Worked well for reducing anxiety & sleep disorders
  • Most sleep subject woke up feeling refreshed
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Free returns - always check current policy before ordering


  • Wouldn't recommend for couple as blanket is only 48" x 72"
  • Recommend 2 smaller blankets for couples
  • Expensive for size of blanket
  • Gravity Cooling Blanket not suited for taller people over 6 foot

Buying Advice:  Why are weight blankets so expensive?

We get asked this question often and the answer is these are high quality blankets and there are a lot a materials going into each blanket which accounts for the weight.

This blankets really do work to relieve stress and anxiety, with the free returns this is a risk free opportunity so order one today and give it a try. 

Hush Weighted Blanket Review:

The Hush Company has been busy in the last three year growing their line of weighted blankets, which now includes four different blankets at my last count.

In the line expansion they added a variety of sizes, additional weights, eye mask, hoddies, sheets and even a pillow.

They do make quality products so let’s dig down into the details and give that full review of the Hush weight blanket.

The entire line of Hush weighted blankets are filled with non-toxic glass micro-beads and come with a high quality duvet. We will be comparing all Hush weighted blankets in this review to enable you to make the most informed decision.

The Hush weighted blanket classic is a good option for the sleeper who requires a weighted blanket that is heavier or lighter than found in others brands.

What Are Sleepers Saying In Our Hush Weighted Blanket Reviews?
Let’s get to into the details and hear what the sleep subjects are saying about the Hush Weighted Blankets.

There has been a positive response to the Hush Weighted Blankets, with sleepers making comments after only one night that the blanket is amazing. Users feel asleep faster and stayed asleep longer using the Hush Weighted Blanket.

Very similar to other weighted blankets reviews in this article the majority of people suffering from insomnia, anxiety and ADHD who gave this blanket a try received better night’s sleep using the Hush Weighted Blankets. Weighted blanket for couples recommendation go with the king size.


  • If you are a hot sleeper opt for the Hush Iced 2.0
  • Range of sizes and weights
  • King size is great for couples who have similar body weights


  • The inner blanket is hand wash only
  • Limited color options
  • Some users said blanket was too hot
  • If buying for couples with different body weights recommend 2 separate blankets

Buying Advice:

We have answered all the questions submitted by our readers regarding weighted blankets and the only way for you to know for sure if they will help is to try one out.

There are free returns with most of these blankets so please check current return policy before ordering that way it will be a risk free opportunity.

Layla Weighted Blanket Review:

We have been talking about the benefits of weighted blankets through this whole article. This has been one of the most thoroughly researched articles the staff here has ever written. There is just not airing that these weighted blankets are amazing.

Now with the hundred of choices you have in the market place that can make choosing the right one for you even harder. Well just sit back and relax we have you covered, pardon the pun.

If you are skipping around the article like most of us do, then rest assured there is plenty research to show that these blankets work for most user and the Layla Weighted Blanket is no exception.

Let’s Get Reviewing:

Let’s cover off on some important features that the Layla Weighted Blanket has to offer the restless sleeper.

The Layla Weighted Blanket is offered in three different weights (15 pound – twin), (20 pound – queen), and the (25 pound king). Weighted blanket for couples opt for the king size blanket if the weight will work for both of you.


Now if you didn’t see the weight chart in this article go review it and make sure you find your body weight and then the recommendation for blanket weight.

This is one of the issues that I have found with the Layla Weighted Blankets they don’t offer nearly the range of weight choices needed. Layla Weighted Blankets in the king size only comes in 25 pounds. So happens my wife and I are small frame but have a king bed and the king blanket is too heavy for us.


That issue a side the Layla Weighted Blanket is a fine quality weighted blanket. It has a hexagon quilting pattern that even distributes the glass beads ensure you get even pressure across you entire body.

These hexagon quilted shapes keeps the glass bead from bunching up all in one spot on the blanket. We have also found some weighted blankets can be a little noisy from movements, but did not experience that with the Layla Weighted Blanket.

Once of the nice features of the Layla Weighted Blanket is the dual texture as one side is as soft as cotton while the other side is plush and cozy.  One of the most important features I found in the Layla Weighted Blanket review is the fact that the whole blanket is machine washable.

Just in case you haven’t read all the review on this page this is a rare as most weighed blankets have a button on or zip on duvet which is machine washable , while most inner part with weights are not.

In this Layla Weighted blanket Review I am giving a 5-star rating in wash ability – great job Layla for not making cleaning harder than it had to be.

Lastly, here are the pro and con list for you to take a look at a quick reference to compare to rest of the weighted blankets on this page.

Layla Weighted Blanket Review – Pros & Cons


  • 2-side fabric construction
  • The easiest to machine wash
  • Twin, queen, and king sizes
  • Noiseless glass bead containment
  • King size is great for couple - if you have similar body weights
  • Free Returns


  • Limited weight options - can be harder to find the right weight for your body size
    If buying for couple with different body weights recommend 2 small blankets

Buying Advice: Weighted Blankets for Couples

We have answered all the questions submitted by our readers regarding weighted blankets and the only way for you to know for sure if they will help is to try one out.

There are free returns with most of these blankets so please check current return policy before ordering that way it will be a risk free opportunity.



What Are Weighted Blankets?

This is by far the best question to start with an understanding of weighted blankets.  A weighted blankets sometimes referred to as a gravity blanket are filled with materials to give the blanket extra weight.

This fill material is often glass beads sewn in pockets (sections) of the blanket to keep the beads from bunching up in one spot.   Other fill materials used are cotton and polymer pellets.

Weighted blankets come in a variety of weights as determine by you own body weight as indicated in this medical news today article.

There are endless choices for size, weight and cover types.  That is why this article is so thoroughly researched.  The work has been done for you so rest assured you will be able to find the right weighted blanket in these weighted blanket reviews.

What Are Weighted Blankets Used For?

Stress can cause your heart to beat too quickly.  When this situation occurs lowering your heart rate can bring on feelings of calm and peacefulness according to Penn Medicine health and wellness article titled “More Than Just a Fad: 4 ways weighted blankets can actually help you.”

The pressure of the weighted blanket calms you down by activating the parasympathetic nervous system in your body.

The four main conditions that the weighted blankets can aid with are anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, and autism.

Penn Medicine states the following.   Anxiety affects 40 million people in the United State every year.  There are 50-70 million people in the US that suffers from sleep disorders.  One in ten children suffer from ADHD, and one in sixty children have autism.

What are weighted blankets used for? Alleviating and treating symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorder, ADHD and autism.

Why Are Weighted Blankets Good?

As you can tell from the last question above “what are weighted blankets good for?” they are used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD and autism according to Penn Medicine.

They do have a positive calming effect on most people as seen in the clinical study conducted by Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders. [1]

In this study it was state that insomnia is common and can often lead to negative impacts on you mental and social well-being.  A simple but effective solution is needed to solve the problem that is plaguing one-third of the industrialized population of the world.

This study found that objectively sleep time increased with the use of a weighted blanket.  Movement of the sleep participants decreased also during the use of the weighted blankets.

Subjectively the sleep participants liked the feeling of sleeping with the weighted blanket finding it much easy to get comfortable and settle down which improved their sleep.

Sleep participants also reported they had a better feeling of being refreshed in the morning after using the weighted blanket.  Overall the experience was positive for the sleep participants and the weighted blanket may have aided in reduction of insomnia.   This is just one of hundreds of studies that have been done on why are weighted blankets good.

In conclusion with all the fact presented in this well researched article we can say when ask the question “do weighted blankets work?”, the answer is yes in the majority of people.

So answering the questions “why are weighted blankets good” the main reason is they are good because the work to help people get the best night’s rest possible.

Weighted Blanket Pros And Cons:

Plastic micro bead is the most common material used for weight in weighted blankets.  They provide the weight to create the deep touch pressure stimulation.

There have been numerous clinical studies on the subject of weighted blankets that prove they have the same effect as a human hug.

The pressure from the weighted blanket causes the stimulation of the nerves which triggers a switch in the nervous system.

When under a weighted blanket the grounding or hugging sensation activates the parasympathetic nervous system. [2]

This results in the secretion of hormones that make us happy, oxytocin, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

These hormones all play a major role in regulating the sleep wake cycle, calmness, relaxation, protection, sleepiness and the feeling of satisfaction.

Pros And Cons Of Weighted Blankets

Pros – Improves in most people

Cons – effects on some people

Why Are Weighted Blanket So Expensive?

The main reason for that weighted blankets are so expensive is the higher cost of the materials and more manufacturing steps involved.  You have the glass/plastic beads, also the extra cost of sewing them in all the pouches.

Additional material and labor along with more weight increases shipping costs as well.  Combine all these things together and you can answer the question why are weighted blanket so expensive.

But even when you ask the question why are weighted blankets so expensive the cost is offset by the best night sleep you will get with a weighted blanket.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be?

According to Medical News Today weighted blanket manufactures say that the weighted blanket should weigh 10% of your body weight, with an extra 1-2 pounds if their weight falls between recommended weights on chart.  When asking the question “how heavy should a weight blanket be?” follow the advice from Medical New Today stated above. [3]

Or follow the guidelines of the manufacturer of the weighted blanket you are looking at when asking the question “how heavy should a weighted blanket be?”.

Are Weighted Blankets Warm?

If you read the above description you will no doubt understand with all the extra insulation that some of these weighted blankets can indeed be warm.  Which is great if you want to be warmer, say in the middle of winter?

But what if you don’t want to feel warm in the summer, what do you do?  Well that is when this question “are weighted blankets warm” can be answered in a different way.

They do make weighted blankets that have a cooling effect and can be comfortable during hot summer nights.

So if the questions are weighted blankets warm is making you consider whether or not to purchase one don’t be alarmed.

Read the reviews above and select the right weighted blanket for you based on your sleeping preferences and temperature.

Don’t forget to check the weighted blanket sizing chart to ensure you get the proper weight for your body size.

Are Weighted Blankets Worth It?

My friend that is an excellent question to ask the experts here at VJ Pillow.  We will respond to that question with a question.   If you could get the best night sleep every night with the right weighted blanket would you spend the money?

Most of our readers and test subjects answer the question are weighted blankets worth it, say absolutely “YES”.

For people that are struggling with anxiety, insomnia, sleep disorders, and even autism all say without a doubt that yes weighted blankets are worth it.

That is why we are here and why we have put the hundreds of hours into researching, interviewing, and testing products to answer the question.

One last thought is this, buy a weighted blanket on our review as they all offer free returns, try it out and you can answer the question “are weighted blankets worth it”.   If not send it back and get a full refund.

How Does A Weighted Blanket Work?

Weighted blankets do work as proven by the clinical studies reference throughout this article.  They work as a type at home therapy and provides the same type of benefits as deep pressure therapy.

These weighted blankets have show positive results for conditions including sleep disorders, anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, autism, and insomnia.

The science behind the question of how does a weighted blanket work relies on the design and construction of the weighted blanked.  Weighted blankets have been show to significantly decrease the activity in the body’s central nervous system.

Vagus Nerve:

This is because of the effect it has on our vagus verve which supports the regulating of our heart rate and blood pressure.  This study shows that weighted blankets help reduce anxiety in the dental chairs during procedures. [4]

Another weighted blanket study found that physiologically, one out of three people who slept using a weighted blanket had decreases in their central nervous system activities for the night.  This included blood pressure and pulse rate.

Another 63% stated that they were have decreased anxiety.  With overall 78% of the sleep subjects reporting they preferred the weighted blanket to taking over the counter medications to sleep better.


Anxiety is one of the biggest problems with sleep disorders,  This can come from not being able to relax and calm down as well as not being able to stop your mind with those endless thoughts.  We researched another article that found that sleep subjects who used weighted blankets have much calmer and relaxing nights of sleep with the reduction of movement from the weight on them.[5]

The sleep subject reported they had a more comfortable and deeper sleep experience than before.  This is linked to the increase in serotonin levels.  Serotonin is linked to melatonin which is a produced by your body that regulates our sleep and wake signals.  This shows how does weighted blankets work.

It doesn’t really matter where your anxiety arises from, it appears that a weighted blanket could help you reduce it and get better sleep. Whether it’s autism, restless leg syndrome, PTSD, OCD, or bipolar, using DTP to increase serotonin can have a very positive effect on those health conditions.

This should give you a summary of how does weighted blankets work.  Please feel free to follow the links supplied throughout this article to the works and experts we cited to get into more details if you like.

How To Use A Weighted Blanket?

You are smart to be asking the question how to use a weighted blanket.  Too often people make product purchases and don’t read the instructions or do any research.  The fact you are asking the question or came across this and reading shows your intelligence.

These weighted blankets for most people replace their comforter, but really depends on how hot or cold the sleeper.  Some prefer is as an extra blanket and some replace their heavy outer blankets with the weighted blanket.

When asking how to use a weighted blanket, simply cover your body from the neck down ensuring that the weighted blanket covers your chest and legs.  Covering your feed is optional, I don’t like my feet covered with the heavy blankets, but I have interviewed plenty of others who do.

For optimal results you should lie on your back while using the weighted blanket.  The back sleeping position ensures the blankets weight is evenly distributed across you body.

Also when you ask the question how to use a weighted blanket please don’t forget the most important fact is choosing the right weighted blanket.

Please use the weighted blanket chart to determine the right weight for your body size this is the biggest factor and should not be overlooked when asking how to use a weighted blanket.

Do Weighted Blankets Work?

This seems to be the most ask question we get here at VJ Pillow.  Let’s start by stating yes they do for a lot of the people who fall into these categories (sleep disorders, insomnia, ADHD, and autism).  Now that is not saying they will help everyone in those groups.

If you are in one of these groups or trying to help someone in that is in a group listed above then what is the harm in trying one of these weighted blankets that have a solid return policy if not satisfied.  Let’s get back to the question at hand “Do weighted blankets work?”.

Hours Of Research:

The staff at VJ Pillow has spent hundreds of hours researching, interviewing and testing different products.  There are thirteen sources cited in this paper (see cited works at bottom of page) mostly universities, some doctors and government sources.  Each of those sources list multiple sources they cite in their articles as well.  All these sources point to the similar conclusions, that yes these blankets do help a lot of people in with falling and staying a sleep.

As mentioned above when we first talked about the question “do weighted blankets work”, the answer is yes they do, but not every person will have the same experience.   Just like any other product you buy, but the over whelming conclusion here is why you wouldn’t give it a try if there is no risk.

It’s not like you are trying a untested medicine with potential side effects.  It is just a heavy blanket try it for a couple of weeks and see for yourself.  If it doesn’t work send it back, it’s that easy.   The question do weighted blankets work, should be reworded like this.  Will a weighted blanket work for me?

If you fall into one of the groups with sleeping issues listed above then there is a good chance that you will see positive results.

At VJ Pillows one of the most important things that we look for in products that we recommend is the willingness of the company to stand behind their product.   What does that mean?   Well it simple can you send the product back if you are not satisfied and get a full refund.

At the time of writing this article every weighted blanket in the above reviews offered free returns.


Weighted Blanket Chart - Body Weight

Other Factors To Consider In Getting A Great Night Sleep:

Other factors to consider in getting the best night sleep of your life is finding using the best pillow in the world.  Check out are this article to help you find the best pillow for you.

Also you may want to check the thermostat at night there is a lot of scientific studies that indicate sleeping in cooler temperatures makes for a better night sleep.  Also lowering the thermostat in the winter months can help pay for the new weighted blanket.


Check this article out on “Why is My Room so Hot” for tips on sleeping cooler.


Finally if you are a really hot sleeper and always trying to find that cool spot on your pillow take a look at this cooling pillow article


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Robert Frontier

Robert Frontier

Getting quality sleep is important to people of all ages and is just one of many areas of our health we need to be maintaining. When I was younger, I didn’t understand that my health was my greatest asset and took it for granted. I have spent the last twenty years of my life in the pursuit of a healthier life style. I am a parent, grandparent, author, and entrepreneur. My desire is for you and your family to get the best possible sleep and that starts with quality sleep products. Welcome to VJ Pillow.


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